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3 Easy Ways to Earn Money from Google US $ 100 per Day

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Earn Money from Google – In addition to being known as a search engine or search engine, Google’s popularity is skyrocketing as it is rumored to be able to bring financial benefits for internet users with fantastic nominal.

Check out 3 easy ways in the following article!

Easy Way to Earn US $ 100 per Day from Google

Earn Money from Google

The term ‘nothing is impossible’ in this world is true. Who would have thought, with creative and innovative ideas you can get a free profit from Google advertising services.

As a giant internet company that provides various services online, Google opens up cooperation with any internet users around the world to earn money online from the internet.

Through Google AdSense, simple things that previously unpredictable even seemingly meaningless it can bring fantastic benefits.

You will earn commissions or payouts from Google if there are blog visitors who are interested in the AdSense advertising information you promote and visitors click on the ad.

So, for you who are still wondering how to use the service and how to start it, just check this out!

Before setting up the plan in such a way, here are some of the programs you need to take advantage of Google AdSense:

  • Google Mail account
  • Create a website or Youtube channel
  • List of services

After fulfilling the program, it’s time to monetize or manage so that you can get the profit from your website or Youtube channel.

1 Create a Website or Youtube Channel

how to earn money from google without investment

The first thing you can do is create a website or Youtube channel. Some testimonials say that the choice of making a Youtube channel is much easier when compared to creating a website.

Although the way of making fairly easy because you simply register an account owned to Youtube service, but the process of creating content on Youtube requires more skills.

Unlike the case with the website, if you choose to monetize the website then that needs to be learned is the creation of a website or blog. The easy way, you can take advantage of blogs such as Blogspot or WordPress, to become a blogger.

The main task of bloggers is to create a blog, publish quality articles and try to be consistent and do as much as possible to attract as many visitors to your blog.

However, you must do buy a domain, the address of the site as hosting is the place where all the content you have will be stored.

Some of these service providers, among others Hostgator, Bluehost, Godaddy, and so forth.

In addition to the option to become a blogger, you can choose the option to become Youtuber, which is a hobby of uploading videos through the site

Currently, Google has synergized with youtube so that every video they upload can make money with a record you must enable the monetization of each uploaded video.

As a YouTuber, you just have to make as creative and original videos as possible for the next video to be uploaded consistently at least one video every day.

The more videos then your chances of earning money from Google will be wide open as your video viewer will increase even more subscribers (subscriber video) will increase, so your video will be faster to make money.

2 Create Interesting Content

make money with google adsense without a website

Call it a website or blog or Youtube channel is ‘home’, then next you must explore the creativity and interesting ideas to package content that can distract the citizens.

The more analogy, the more interesting content you have, the higher the percentage of internet visitors who will enliven your website or blog, as well as Youtube channel.

Like domino effects, interesting content and able to bring many citizens to visit the website, blog, or Youtube channel, then the percentage of them to click on ads that are displayed also increasing. So from the ‘click’ that can bring benefits for you.

3 Promote Your Content

how to earn money from google adsense

Apart from interesting content, you should also try to ‘steal’ the attention of internet users by making other efforts. One of them is aggressively promoted.

Promotions that you can do also vary. Not just rely on paid promotions, such as investing money to earn more money. You can also use social media to share your content on websites, blogs, and Youtube channels.

Various social media that you have, can be a good means to promote. Especially in today’s sophisticated era, almost everyone is active in social media even not infrequently make it as the main source of information. Therefore, take advantage of these opportunities.

Do not be afraid and worry too much about a person’s boredom that can arise when they receive information over and over again. Because actually, you can grow curiosity so that they are interested to visit the website, blog, or Youtube channel you have by packing promotional language that attracts attention.

Other promotions can also be done through collaboration with the owner of the website, blog, or Youtube other channels are more popular for the channel that you have increasingly known to many people.

Third of the above campaign, of course, you should do consistently and continuously. Make internet users who initially are not interested in being interested, no matter being caring, and not knowing to know.

Everything in this world has nothing instant, including how to make money from Google. Therefore, you must pursue every step you set and do not stop exploring innovations in creating compelling content.

After the process, you run well, the nominal revenue from per click Google AdSense ads will increase along with the passage of time.

For information, typically the value per click of Google AdSense ads is about the US $ 0.1. So to get the first $ 100, you need to collect about 1,000 visitors who click on the ads.

Although not entirely from visitors who come to the website or Youtube channel will click on ads, for example, 10 percent who do it. Then at least you should get 10,000 visitors per month or about 300 visitors per day.

Difficult? Maybe initially it does look difficult but if you are serious then you can create interesting content then every day will be easier.

If you have managed to collect the US $ 100, be prepared to withdraw the funds. Please note that the minimum Google AdSense payment is the US $ 100.

Enjoy the Best Deals from Google

How? Are you interested in finding additional coffers from Google?

Do not say that how to make money from Google is impossible. Do it, grow it, and enjoy the benefits!

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