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30 Best Websites to Earn Money on Internet With Your Hobbies

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Freelance job has to gain more popularity in the past few days. The flexibility to work anywhere you are and a good income makes this type of jobs quite tempting. If you want to work freelance and make money online fast, that the first thing to do is to know the websites offering jobs where you can earn money on internet.

Since there are a lot of ideas to make money online, we will divide the recommendation of the websites you can visit into several parts.

Websites List to Earn Money on Internet

Writing Jobs

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Writing gigs seems to be one of the common recommendations if you want to try working online. It is flexible because you can work anywhere you want. If you are skilled in writing, here are some recommended websites you should visit to look for writing gigs.

1. Contena

The first website to try if you want to earn money on internet through freelance writing jobs is Contena. Any kind of content-writing type articles are available on this website, be it writing, editing, or proofreading. The writing jobs posted in this website is usually set at high rates too, so this can be a great alternative for you who want a career as a freelancer.

2. Blogging Pro

Do you want to know how to make money online for free? If so, try the Blogging Pro. In this day and age, more people want to have their own site but sometimes they need helps to write articles or copywriting for their website. Some of them will come to Blogging Pro for help, so this is a great site for you to start. Different from many other common freelancer marketplaces, this site is totally free!

3. Media Bistro

This site presents many writing gigs for your freelance writers and categorizes it for easier search. You will be able to find writing to editing writing gigs in this site. The list of jobs offered here includes book editing, PR content, and many more that can fit into your niche.

4. Paid to Blog

The next place to try to earn money on internet is Paid to Blog which was thought up by a freelance writer. This site has a well-curated list for writing jobs. However, this site needs a subscription with a cost of $30 per month. This can be a little investment if you want to be serious with your freelance writing career. But if you think this amount is too much for you, there are many other similar websites available that you can try.

5. Contently

The last recommendation for a website that providing writing gigs is Contently. It is a high-quality agency-style platform where you upload your portfolio online and start to look for potential clients. The account management team will connect you directly to clients according to your uploaded portfolio. They usually offer very well-paid freelance writing projects, so it is definitely worth to try.

Customer Support

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If you like helping people but doesn’t really want to work outside your home and prefer to work online, there are customer support jobs available for you. These are some of the websites you can try to look for such jobs.

1. Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations is a great place to start if you want to try working as a customer service online. In fact, this website provides tons of customer support jobs for you to apply.

2. We Work Remotely

It is exactly just like its name suggests. This site is actually providing many types of remote jobs. However, you will find a lot of customer support jobs on this site.

3. Support Driven

The last website recommendation for this category is called Support Driven. Just like its name suggests, this web site is focused on support jobs. Therefore, if you are interested in this type and field of job, you should really keep an eye for jobs opening that might be suitable for you.


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The next category is for those of you who wonder how to make money online if you are interested in photography.

1. Photography Jobs Online

This one is more like a marketplace for your photos, not for jobs. So, if you have photos you previously shoot, you can put them online on this website and make money from them. People who are interested in your pictures will purchase them.

2. Photography Jobs Finder

This is the target market for those of you who are trying to find photography jobs. First, you need to sign up and then upload your resume on this website. Therefore, clients will be able to find you when they are searching for a photographer. When they like what you shoot, they will immediately contact you.

3. Freelance Photographer Jobs

The next place to earn money on internet through photography is the Freelance Photographer Jobs. This is an aggregate job board of postings around the web. The job is well-curated so you should be able to easily find photography gigs online.

Design Jobs

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The last recommendation to earn money on internet is through Design Jobs. This type of jobs is another common gig for those people who want to work online remotely. Here are the websites you should try.

1. 99 Designs

99 Designs are pretty popular for freelance designers to get a design gig in the last couple of years. This website has a quite different system from other usual freelance marketplaces. In 99 Designs, clients will post a design competition where the designer then submit their version of designs. Only the one selected by the client will get paid, the others, unfortunately, do not get any payment. However, this might be a great way to build your portfolio especially if you are new in this business.

2. Coroflot

Coroflot is a great option for you who wants to jump into the freelance world quickly. In this setup, you should create a portfolio and post it in this site, and clients will post projects they need.

3. Working Not Working

It is an extremely high-quality freelance community that only accepts very few applicants who request to join their platform. However, the type of design gigs you can receive in this group is quite high-quality with high-price too. If you continue to work for projects from big clients in this group, you should be able to earn a lot in a short time.

4. CrowdSPRING

This website comes with a clean design for easy navigation. If you are experienced in designing, you might want to try this site because it is highly selective in approving the applicants that want to join their platform. However, the designing gigs offered on this website pays really well, so it is worth to try to join this website.

15 Best Websites for Earn Money on Internet Without Blogging

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  1. GlobalTestMarket
  2. CashSurfers
  3. SurveySay
  4. Clickbooth
  5. Vindale
  6. Earn Money on Internet With DonkeyMails
  7. SurveySavvy
  8. LinkWorth
  9. SurveyScout
  10. ClixSense
  11. Earn Money on Internet With RakutenMarketing
  12. AWSurvey
  13. Tutor
  14. Earn Money on Internet With CafePress
  15. PrintFection


1. GlobalTestMarket

The Global Test Market is a web survey that has real and proven payer members.

2. CashSurfers

Is one of the Dollar-producing sites on the internet that has been proven to pay for all its members around the world. CashSurfers is an advertising company in the United States that has a good reputation and credibility.

The programs offered from this site are Money for online and Money for surfing, so your job is only online and surfing on certain sites that have been determined for approximately 1 minute.

3. SurveySay

SurveySay website is a site that aims to gather information about consumer opinions about companies, products, and services, which are used for market research studies. Your job after becoming a member is to give an opinion through filling out a survey whose notification is sent via email. In return you fill out a survey you will get paid in cash or coupons or other prizes.

4. Clickbooth

Clickbooth is one of the Internet Marketing models used to market a product. Companies that have these products (merchants) will give a commission to you as a Publisher or as an Affiliate Marketer if there are visitors who fill out forms. Whether it’s a complete data form or just an email or zip code.

For the list to the Clickbooth website, it’s easy but the hard thing is to wait for verification from the Clickbooth admin itself because it’s a strict selection.

5. Vindale

Vidale is also a money-producing web on the internet that is quite large in value. As the name implies Vindale Research Internet, this site is a company that specializes in evaluating online products and services.

To register on this site is free, but the payment every time filling out a survey from Vidale Research Internet is quite tempting, which can reach $ 15.00 per survey.

6. Earn Money on Internet With DonkeyMails

DonkeyMails is one of the money-producing webs on the internet that carries a PTC system (Pay To Click) meaning that you will be paid when clicking on an ad that appears in the View bar.

After registering at www.donkeymails.com you can download the View bar application to display advertisements that will later be clicked by you, while your browsing continues to run then when an ad appears in the View bar immediately click so you get dollars.

7. SurveySavvy

Survey Savvy is an international company that has been established since 34 years ago, so its credibility must be trusted. As the name implies this company is engaged in the field of market surveys that share surveys with each of its members. Every time you finish the survey you will be paid $ 3.00.

If you have joined then you have the opportunity to get referrals. When you get a downline and downline, take part in the survey and you are entitled to get $ 2.00. If your Downline gets a Downline again you are entitled to $ 1.00.

8. LinkWorth

LinkWorth is one of the web-making money on the internet that offers quite a number of ways to follow the program provided. There are 10 choices that can be followed by a variety of amounts and the amount of payment.

For registration via www.linkworth.com, when registering you can choose as an advertiser, partner or combo (as the advertiser and also a partner)

9. SurveyScout

Through the Dollar-producing site SuveyScout.com, you will only be paid online forms, especially if you take the line and conduct surveys, you will be paid between $ 5.00 – $ 75.00 for each survey.

You will get even bigger payments of around $ 150.00 in less than an hour if you participate in focus groups. In addition, you can also take a survey telephone which costs around $ 120.00 in just one hour.

10. ClixSense

This money-making site on the internet offers an affiliate program that is very simple and easy to run, and the most important thing to register on www.clixsense.com is not charged a penny or free.

11. Earn Money on Internet With RakutenMarketing

Many have proven the sweetness of the dollar from the Affiliate Marketing program from Dollar-producing sites on this internet. When registering you can choose to become an Advertiser, Publisher or both. For a list, please visit www.rakutenmarketing.com.

12. AWSurvey

AWSurvey is one of the referral and affiliate companies that invite members to take part in surveys or polls. This dollar-producing web is very strict in accepting survey results or polling from its members so that when filling out a survey there is a flaw, then it will be considered not filling in the survey and consequently, your survey is not paid. But it doesn’t hurt you to try, please visit www.awsurvey.com

13. Tutor

Tutor.com will pay you if you want to give a tutorial or if you want to teach online the people who become clients of Tutor.com. Besides you get paid quite well you also at the same time charity because you have shared knowledge with others.

Because it will teach people, your knowledge of certain knowledge must be truly qualified.

14.Earn Money on Internet With CafePress

The following money source sites are perfect for those of you who like design-designing such as t-shirt designs, posters, stickers, mugs, bags, and so on. Please offer the design of your work to CafePress, and if the design of your work meets the requirements then you will get a pretty tempting payment.

In addition, you can also sell merchandise from certain brands that are partners of CafePress.com, and if you succeed in selling their merchandise, you will get a decent commission.

15. PrintFection

PrintFection.com is almost similar to CafePress above, which is about selling designs, which is slightly different maybe only the rules and payments of each design received. To register please visit www.printfection.com


This is how to make money online for beginners, by utilizing the websites providing freelance online jobs. The places mentioned above is some of the trusted sites you can try to in order to earn money on Internet. Despite working freelance and remotely, you should keep your professionalism by trying to work on time and creating a great quality of work. Therefore, your client will be satisfied and keep doing business with you. All you need is setting up an account on these websites and signing up for a bank account or PayPal account for money transfers. This is how you can make money online PayPal.

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