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25 Easy Jobs That Pay Well $50K Without Experience

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Some people are worrying because they don’t have an excellent qualifications for working. Then, they choose to be jobless. But, don’t worry because here are the lists people can take to tackle being jobless.

25 Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience

Easy Jobs

Part Time Tutor.

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Being a part-time tutor does not require the tutor to have high qualifications. A part-time tutor is welcome for everyone who has a willingness to work with students. A part-time tutor is an easy job that pays well without experience.

Independent Event Organizer

If you are good at managing the event, this easy job is recommended for you. This job needs the creativity and the ability of the decision-maker to decide the concept of your work. Then, these independent event organizers are easy jobs that pay well without a degree

Tour Guide

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Tourism attraction has an endless challenge to develop. Then, working in a tourism center as a tour guide is one of the opportunities created. The ability of good communicate is the only prominent requirement. As long as you have it, tour guides are jobs that are easy to get hired.

Baby Sitter

This easy job is referred to the people who have the patience for taking care of the baby on behalf of helping the parents. Baby sitter is also asked for having creative ways in assisting the baby. Thus, baby sitters are easy jobs that pay well without a degree.

Parking Keeper

The parking keeper is the choice for easy jobs to get with no experience. The parking keeper is open to everyone who has willing to control the vehicles.

Front Desk Officer

As the officer, there is no specific requirement to fulfill. As the front desk officer, the officer is not asked to give hard requirements but to give the service to the customer. To face, the customer, good communication skills are the necessity that is needed. Thus, this job involves easy jobs that pay well without experience.

Recycles Collector

The recycles collector has responsible to take the dust from everyone then collect them for sale. Being a recycling collector does not need a particular specification for this job, but you can make it for financial aid. Even, if you have high creativity, being a recycles collector is worth enough through preceding the dust for better necessity. Thus, recycles the collection business even could be the choice of easy jobs from home.


The big companies, private villas, private houses are the place where security is needed to avoid insecurity at that place. To work as a security, there is no certain requirement. The ability to control the circumstance of criminals is the hard core for choosing these easy jobs. The body shape might be suggested to gain ensuring performance as security.

Cleaning Service

The clinical condition is the required factor from business to private houses. Later, a cleaning service is frequently needed by everyone. Through public necessity, these easy jobs involve a job that is a job that is easy to get hired.

Personal Care Aide

A personal care aide is needed to assist the clients in fulfilling their self-necessity due to incapability to tackle the situation by themselves. Personal care aide is usually needed by adults to accompany their personal necessary. These easy jobs do not require high qualifications to consider. As long as the person has the ability to take care in assisting someone, this job is applicable for everyone. Therefore, as long as you have the qualification, the choice of being a personal care aide is a considerable job that is easy to get hired.

T-Shirt Designer

This job requires creativity to work within the computer, sketch, and illustration. For having this job for your financial aid, there are no high requirements you have to fulfill. This job only needs art as a sense of art always has high values. Thus, if you have the capacity and capability for creating art, this job involves as easy jobs that pay well without experience.

Startup maker

Startup maker needs the ability to create the startup for competitive business. The business of startup has remarkable profit as the job. As long as the person has ability to build the code for their own startup, this job can be tackled for your comfortable zone. Therefore easy jobs from home are mentioned to the businessman of startup maker.

Drop Ship Business

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This business does not ask people for having high modal to build in business. Drop ship business allows people as the branch for other’s brand. By selling other’s brand, this job is recommended to try. Even, this easy jobs could be the media to build your own brand.

Motorcycle Rental Business

By having a few motorcycles, people can provide business of rental motorcycle through their home. Else, if your home is closed to tourism attraction, this business pumps your financial aid. This rental business is considerable job as easy jobs from home.


Skill of taking photographs thorough different angles is the only requirements for having this job. Each photographer has different taste of photography, and then all kinds of beautiful pictures are acceptable for customer. By having camera, lens, and thorough practice of photography, this job makes photographer has their own character photograph. Thus, the more practice the photographer has shown their skill, then the art of photography will come out. Therefore, photographers are easy jobs from home.

Community Service Consultant

Working on social is inseparable situation from people’s life. Then community service is close to people’s life. Being community service consultant is the enjoyable work could be taken from anywhere. This work is the easy jobs from home.

Video Game Player

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When you are a child, parents will usually require you not to play games and study diligently in order to be smart and have a good future. But actually, with the ability to play games you can have a good future. An easy Jobs as a professional video game player is a dream job for many people, because all they have to do is very simple, which is playing games. But if you want to become a professional video game player, you must be ready to play games for 16 hours per day.

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For a true gamer, maybe this is nothing because it’s already a hobby. And there is one more thing that can make you more interested in doing this work. Usually the game that will be played by professional video game players is a game that hasn’t come out on the market yet, so you can be the first person to conquer that game. Cool, right?

Fitness Instructor

Do you like fitness and do a healthy lifestyle? Well, work as a fitness instructor might be suitable for you. As a fitness instructor, you have responsibility for your clients in terms of maintaining or making their bodies more fit. The work done by a fitness instructor is to listen to complaints and wishes of the client about his health, then provide advice and training programs that are in accordance with what they reveal to you. In some fitness centers, there are those that require you to have a special training certificate, but some don’t. So, you can be a fitness instructor even if it’s not certified.

Freelance Writer

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Are you a creative and writing person? And you are also a person who is lazy to leave the house but wants to have a lot of money? Only one solution, work as a freelance writer. As a freelance writer, you can work without having to leave home, not even needing to get out of bed. You can work anywhere and anytime. All you need is a laptop or computer or other types of technology that can be used for writing and creative ideas to write. With these two things, you can get a big salary by doing your hobby of writing. Relaxing but earning a lot of money, that’s the life of a freelance writer.

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There are many ways that people do when something emotional happens in their lives, one of which is writing beautiful writing or making songs. An example of a person like this is Taylor Swift. Did you know that almost all the songs he wrote were made based on his life experience? Yes, that’s Taylor Swift. Not everyone can do this, but if you are one who can do it, don’t waste your expertise. Keep sharpening your talent and get a lot of money from this job.

Power Plant Operators

Not many people know this job, but actually this job is a large-paying job by doing easy tasks. The task of a power plant operator is to be responsible for electricity to millions of homes and business premises.

They must ensure that electricity is always available so that community needs are met. To become a power plant operator, you don’t need a high degree, just by having a diploma and being good at math, you can work as a power plant operator.


Expertise in the arts is a skill that no one has. Therefore, people who have artistic talent actually have enough capital to have a bright future. As an artist, all you need to do to be successful is to build a good reputation through your artwork. When you have a good reputation as an artist, then the money will automatically flow into your account. Plus, work as an artist can be done anytime and anywhere, because you are the boss for yourself.


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The existence of social media increasingly encourages many people to have good quality photography, from buying DSLR cameras to action cameras that are willing to be performed to display good photos. Well, if you are one like this, you better use your hobby to be your source of income. Working as a photographer is an exciting and flexible job. You can adventure to new places to look for good photos and capture the moment with a photo. Not only that, the work of photographers can be done in various fields, such as wedding photographers, pre-wedding photographers, and other fields. Are you great at using a camera? Let’s be a photographer!

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Flight attendant

Everyone already knows that working as a flight attendant produces a big salary. But not everyone can be a flight attendant, because people who want to be flight attendants must go through special schools and strict auditions. There are even physical judgments that you must fulfill, such as minimum height, and ideal body weight. When you have become a flight attendant, you work as a servant for the passengers flying on the plane. Simple isn’t it? But you must always be mentally ready because the risk of this job is very large.

Professional Massage Therapist

Imagine this. You work somewhere with soothing music, fragrant aroma therapy, and a comfortable place. The work you do there is to provide massage services to people who come and you get a big salary. To do this work, of course you must be a certified massage therapist because if you already have a certificate, the quality of your massage is in accordance with the standards and recognized. Interested in doing this work?

Say No for Jobless

As you have the skill on your own individual, this is the time you can crave your creativity. You don’t need to worry the employment opportunities, but you can create the opportunities through your sill and creativity. Take these easy jobs as the way you build in your-self achievement and kill the matters of being jobless.

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