Easy Way to Deal With a Lost Credit Card

Easy Way to Deal With a Lost Credit Card

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Easy Way to Deal With a Lost Credit Card? You may already know that a credit card is a type of card that is used as a means of payment in buying and selling goods or services that allows users to buy these goods or services by way of debt, where payment or repayment can be made at once or in installments. a certain nominal amount. Today, in addition to cash and personal identification cards, there are probably many people’s wallets that contain credit cards, at least one, and most of them more than one. Are you one of them?

In storing a credit card, you have to be extra careful because if it gets lost and an irresponsible person is found, your credit card is at risk of being misused. Although the security in credit cards is layered, credit card criminals are now more sophisticated. As long as they know the three vital information on your credit card, namely the card number, the 3-digit number on the back of the card, and what has been enforced in recent years, namely your credit card PIN, then they have the opportunity to use your credit card for their personal interests, which is, of course, will be very detrimental to you as the legal owner of the credit card.

But sometimes disaster is unavoidable, and if you do lose your credit card, what should you do? Not to mention if you find out that your lost credit card has been used by someone else for transactions. How to solve this? Please read on to find out the answer.

If Credit Card Lost

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If you find out that your credit card is not where you usually keep it, for example in your wallet or in your bag, make sure first that the credit card is really lost. If it’s definitely lost, either because of your own negligence, for example, it is suspected that it fell out of your wallet or you lost your bag or wallet, or maybe you just got pickpocketed or stolen, what you have to do is as follows:

Immediately Block Your Credit Card

The first thing you should do is contact your credit card issuing bank as soon as you find out your credit card is lost, to request that your credit card be blocked to avoid misuse by irresponsible people.

When reporting a lost credit card, you will usually be asked a number of things, including your credit card number, when it was lost, and the date and nominal amount of the last transaction you made. It is therefore important that you save your credit card number just in case.

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Check Your Credit Card Recent Transactions

When calling your credit card issuing bank, you also need to check the last recorded transaction for the credit card before it was blocked. This is to ensure that your credit card has not been misused by others. If it turns out that there is a transaction that was not made by you, report it to the bank for follow-up. If there is no such transaction, you can immediately request a card replacement.

Report to Police

To take care of making a replacement credit card, the bank usually requires you to submit a letter of loss from the police. For that, you need to come to the nearest police station to report the loss of your credit card and a certificate of loss will be made later.

Close Card and Request New Card Replacement

After that, you can ask your credit card issuing bank to close your lost credit card to make sure it can’t be used again. Then you can ask the bank to issue a replacement card. Usually, the bank will verify some of your data, and if approved you will be issued a new credit card for a certain fee.

If the Lost Credit Card Is Used by Someone Else

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Now, what if after you ask the bank that issued your credit card, it turns out that there was a transaction that you didn’t do or it was proven that there was a bill for a transaction that you didn’t do that you only found out when you received the billing statement? the use of a credit card is entirely your responsibility as the legal card owner, so when a bill appears that was never made by you, all the bank knows is that you are the legal user of the credit card and you are required to pay the bill.

Of course, if that were to happen to you, you wouldn’t be willing to pay the bills for a transaction you didn’t make, would you? However, you should not just refuse to pay the bill because as mentioned earlier, the bank only knows that you are a legitimate card user. If you ignore the payment of the bill, interest and late fees will arise which of course you have to bear as well.

However, on the contrary, you as a consumer also have an obligation to keep the credit card in your hands and not change hands.

So, if your credit card is lost and someone else uses it, in addition to the steps mentioned above, you can do the following:

Report to Credit Card Issuing Bank

This time, in addition to blocking your lost credit card, you are also reporting transactions that were allegedly carried out by the person who found your lost credit card.

Make a Written Complaint to the Credit Card Issuing Bank

If your report is not followed up or the results are unsatisfactory, for example, the decision is that you are still required to pay the bill that you did not do, you can make a written complaint addressed to the bank concerned.

Make a Complaint to the Related Institution

If the written complaint also does not get a response from the bank, you can submit a complaint to the relevant institution.

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Take Care of Your Credit Card

Hopefully, the problems that arise as a result of your lost credit card being used by someone can be resolved properly and you will not be harmed. After you get a new credit card as a replacement for your lost credit card, then take good care of the card, don’t lose it again. Pay special attention to your credit card by always putting it back in its place after using it for transactions. Also, don’t show or share your credit card in front of other people because this can invite people to steal your credit card.

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