Easy Ways to Make Money 100 Every Day

8 Easy Ways to Make Money $100 Every Day

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Making money is something that almost everyone wants to do. This may be an easy thing for people who are already working and have a fixed amount of income (salary) each month. But what if it turns out that you don’t have a permanent job and also a salary, where will you find the money?

Even if you don’t work and earn a steady income, you can still earn money in various ways. All of this will certainly require effort and a high will because after all money will not come by itself. You need to try and do a number of ways that can bring in the money, of course in the way that is considered the most appropriate.

Here are some easy ways to make money $100 every day:

8 Easy Ways to Make Money Quickly

real ways to make money from home

Become a Freelancer

This has become one of the most popular and widely used ways lately, namely becoming a freelancer. Internet technology makes it easy and allows a number of jobs to be completed online, without having to go to the office or face to face with project owners, so they can do this work anywhere and anytime. There are many types of jobs that you can choose from, of course, the one that best suits your abilities and skills.

Become a freelancer and earn some money for each project that is done later. This will not be difficult, especially if you choose a number of jobs that match your abilities.

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Parenting Neighbors

You like children and can make them feel comfortable and at home to linger with you? It can also be used as a way to make money. Start offering services as a babysitter, where their parents can leave their child with you.

If you don’t want to be too bothered, then you can set the hours from the start, for example, parents can only leave their children for approximately two hours every day. This activity will not make you difficult, especially if you really like and can play with them. Some money can certainly be obtained from this one job.

Selling Cake

No need to bother making a number of cakes every day, you can even sell various kinds of cakes that are bought in the market or even pre-ordered to the maker. So in this case, you will only act as a seller.

This will not be difficult, especially if you are happy and able to sell the cakes to the right people. Choose the type of cake that is most in-demand and does not make it easy to get bored, so that buyers will not be lazy and easily get bored. If you want, you can sell the cakes easily and quickly, by visiting schools or places frequented by children.

Collecting and Selling Used Items

To get money the easy way, start collecting and sorting various items/furniture that is no longer used at home. Do it carefully, and don’t sell things that are still needed later.

This selling job will not be difficult to do, because you can rely on various online buying and selling sites available on the internet. Just take photos of the items, display them, and don’t forget to include a phone number that potential buyers can contact. Next, you just need to wait for the call and make buying and selling transactions easily online or offline.

Shoe Washing Service

You can also earn money by providing shoe washing services at home. No need to bother and look for customers to various places, just sell the service to the closest neighbors first, if the work is good, then a number of other customers will certainly come and use the shoe washing service.

Understand the technique and the right way to wash shoes, so this work can bring in a lot of money later. This is an easy ways to make money $100 every day, of course, if you do it seriously.

Participate in Contest / Quiz

There is nothing wrong with participating in certain competitions or quizzes that can bring in money. There are lots of competitions and quizzes that can be followed, starting from the easy ones or even the difficult ones, you can find them through internet services.

But make sure you only take part in competitions and quizzes that are not paid (free) only, so that the intention to earn money can be realized. If you take part in paid competitions and quizzes, the intention of getting money can actually end up with some money out there later.

Teaching Lessons

This can only be done if it turns out to have a fairly good academic ability. You don’t have to be extraordinarily smart, but in order to teach tutoring, you certainly have to master certain subjects that will be taught to the children of the tutors later. If you want, you can teach a number of children who are in the neighborhood where you live first, so it’s not difficult to get participants in this lesson.

Bike Wash Service

You can also earn money by providing bicycle washing services in your neighborhood. This is quite promising, especially if the children there really like cycling and of course feel they can’t wash their bikes themselves, right?

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Smart Seeing Opportunities

Even if you don’t have a steady income, you can make money in various easy ways. This will take a lot of willpower, especially if you’ve never done these things before. Start observant to see the opportunities around you, so you can choose one of the most appropriate Easy Ways to Make Money $100 Every Day.

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