Food Business Ideas for Beginners

10 Best Food Business Ideas for Beginners in 2021

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Food Business Ideas for Beginners are one of the most contemporary businesses. Many beginners have opened a food business.


Even if you charge a high price, the food business can still be busy. It’s just that you always have to pay attention to the quality side, be it the quality of food, raw materials, or service.

What is the culinary business?

A culinary business is a business that sells food or drinks. There are two types of culinary businesses that you can choose from, namely traditional culinary businesses and innovative culinary businesses.

Traditional Culinary Business

In a traditional culinary business, you will have no trouble getting customers because they already know what it looks like and how it tastes.

What makes the difference in traditional culinary business is usually about taste or price. The disadvantage of a traditional culinary business is that you will have many competitors so you have to be smart in choosing a place to sell and have a selling point that can be highlighted so that customers will prefer to eat at your place compared to other places.

Innovative Culinary Business

For an innovative culinary business, you will depend on trends or things that are viral. You can just modify traditional culinary delights and add something new or create foods that other people haven’t thought about before.

If you want to do an innovative culinary business, you must be able to provoke the curiosity of potential customers with their names and shapes so that they are interested in trying. In addition, you also have to be observant about trends that are or will be viral so you don’t fall behind the competitors.

Here are the 10 Best Food Business Ideas for Beginners.

Top 10 Most Profitable Food & Beverage Business Ideas

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Old school snacks

Whether it’s adding a flavor that has never existed before, changing the packaging to be more modern, or providing contemporary toppings.

One example that successfully combines traditional with innovative culinary delights that you can imitate is your grandmother’s hair or noodle sticks that have penetrated into supermarkets or gift shops in several cities.

For the taste, nothing has changed, but the seller packs the food with completely new packaging so that it still has a selling value.

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Boba Topping Food

This contemporary Food Business Ideas for Beginners is in demand.

Even though the existence of boba or tapioca flour which is formed into these small balls has been around for a long time. There are even several vendors that use boba, it’s just that at that time boba is considered normal.

You can also add boba to foods or drinks that previously didn’t use boba. Call it like ice mix boba, ice with boba, or something like that.


The popularity of K-Pop makes all things Korean to sell, one of which is corndog.

If you often watch Korean variety shows, Vlive idol K-Pop, or Korean dramas, you must be familiar with a corndog.

This dish is covered with flour and has several versions of the filling, the first is a sausage-filled corndog, a mozzarella-filled corndog, a sausage-and-mozzarella-filled corndog, and a corndog with a potato added on the outer layer.


Onigiri or rice balls are one of the typical culinary delights of Sakura Country. One of the advantages of this food business is that it is practical and can prop the stomach up.

This meal consists of rice, dried nori or seaweed, and various fillings such as chicken, tuna, salmon, beef, mayonnaise, chili powder, or dried prunes.

Making onigiri is quite easy, all you have to do is clench the rice and put the stuffing in it. After that, wrap the rice with nori.

If you are confused about looking for references regarding shape and taste, you can visit a convenience store that sells onigiri. For the recipe itself, you can see from various videos on the internet and adjust the recipe to your taste.

Ice Cream Snack

If you want to come up with something innovative but still easy to do, try making an ice cream snack.

For the naming, you can adjust it later with the snacks used.

One of the reasons for using snacks like those mentioned above is because in terms of taste you won’t be wrong because many people like these snacks. Of course, make sure that the original taste of the snack is not lost when you process it.

For its manufacture, you can look for recipes for making ice cream as in general. After that, crush the snack and sprinkle it as a topping.

You can also immediately crush the snack and mix it with the ice cream dough that you are using. After that, you just put it in the freezer and pack it.


street food business ideas

Have you ever thought about trying a lunch or bento food business? If you want to try bento, whether it’s kids or adults, you have to really pay attention to the quality of the food, especially if you want to make a bento business for children because children’s digestion is not as strong as adults.

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Contemporary Drinks

The mushrooming of coffee shops in various regions have made the variety of contemporary drinks more and more. Such as red velvet, matcha latte, iced coffee milk, regal latte, to drinks with a cheese foam topping.

The continuous development of types and variations of contemporary drinks means that you will not be considered too late even though you are just starting out in this food business. This is because the innovations that continue to emerge can be applied immediately.

Fruit Bakpao

Who doesn’t know bakpao? You can find this food easily in various parts of the area. Its soft texture and delicious filling make it a great food to eat whenever you want.

There are two types of bakpao fillings, namely sweet and salty. For sweet stuffing, there are usually green beans, chocolate, or jam and for salty stuffing, there are usually chicken or beef.

So, so that the buns that you sell can be more attractive, you can shape the dough to resemble the shape of a fruit and fill it with jam that matches the shape of the fruit.

For example, you make strawberry-shaped buns, then you can put strawberry jam in the buns. These fruit buns are suitable for direct eating or as souvenirs.

Ice Brownies Frozen

Brownies are one of the favorite foods of chocolate lovers. Especially for brownies whose chocolate still melts when eaten. Feel like you are in heaven on earth.

For this ninth culinary business, forget about the mainstream brownies that you usually find in your local cake shop or gift shop.

You can upgrade these brownies to something more unique without compromising on taste. The brownie variant is frozen iced brownie.

The making of frozen brownie ice is the same as brownies in general, the difference is that you have to put the brownies in the freezer once they are cooked. You can chop these brownies to the size of ice cream before poking them with ice cream sticks.

If you are still unsure about this idea, maybe you could try buying a regular brownie, putting it in the freezer, and eating it after a few hours. That’s more or less what it feels like.


As a reference, a few moments before, there were viral fish skin chips with salted egg seasoning. This shows that the potential for these chips is huge if you can process them.

You can also combine it with current seasonings or toppings that are currently booming or viral. For example, you can make Nutella flavored cassava chips or banana chips covered with Ovaltine. Please explore and experiment to find the right alloy.

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So, those are 10 recommendations for Food Business Ideas for Beginners that you can try.

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