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7 Food Business Ideas You Can Start From Home

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Want to make money while staying at home? Come on, try opening a home food business. There are many contemporary home food business ideas that you can choose from. Check out the following article!

The culinary business is one business that is never empty of visitors.

The reason is, everyone needs to eat every day.

Hence, it could be a promising home business solution.

Especially if you are good at seeing opportunities and marketing products well.

So, as a reference, here are some Food Business Ideas that you can try!

7 Home Business Ideas for Food Lovers

Home Food Business in the form of Bento Catering

homemade food business ideas philippines

Bento catering can be one of your choices.

Not only targeting young mothers with small children.

You can pack the bento or lunch box that is sold with a cute appearance.

This is done so that customers are more eager to eat.

For example, print rice with cute animal shapes as decoration.

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Rice Bowl Food Business Ideas

The next promising home business option is the rice bowl.

The concept is like a bento, only for this business you use a paper bowl with a transparent lid.

Its compact form allows buyers to consume it anywhere and anytime.

It is suitable for those with busy daily activities.

If you want to serve the meat menu, make sure you serve tender meat so it doesn’t make it difficult for consumers, huh.

Healthy Food Catering for Home Food Business

This business idea is suitable for housewives, namely healthy food catering.

How is it different from catering bento or other foods?

The difference is, the menu that you serve focuses on the balance of the nutritional content in it.

It would be even better if you provide a table of the nutritional and nutritional content in food.

So that consumers don’t have to bother counting food calories by themselves.

This food business has a more specialized market, namely those who are activists of a healthy lifestyle.

Snack Home Business

online food business ideas philippines

Apart from heavy meals, you can also try the snack business like chips.

Almost everyone likes to consume chips on the sidelines of daily activities.

Therefore, you can take advantage of this as a home business opportunity.

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Food Business with Various Seasoning Packaging

Believe it or not, believe it, packaged seasonings can also be a promising home business.

However, not everyone can make their own seasonings.

You can sell spices in small bottles to make them easier to sell.

But, make sure you check the resistance first before it is marketed, huh.

Korean style donut home food business

The next Food Business Ideas is to sell Korean-style donuts.

Donuts are a snack that is loved by all people.

However, of course, you are bored, aren’t you seeing a round donut?

Therefore, braided donuts can be an option.

Even though it looks difficult, how to make this one donut is actually easy, really.

You can also add the garlic bread menu which is currently trending.

Dessert Box Home Food Business

food business from home

Finally, there is a dessert box business that is currently being loved by young people.

You can provide various types of dessert menu variations that will pamper consumers’ tongues.

Some menu variations that you can make are tiramisu, sponge cake with cream cheese, banoffee, and others.

Besides being easy to make, the capital for this business is also not too large.

So you don’t need to bother thinking about capital at the beginning.

Tips for Opening a Home Food Business

Opening a home business does look easy, but you have to be good at strategizing so that your business continues to exist.

The reason is, there are many new competitors that will emerge every day.

So, so that your food business continues to run well, here are a few things to note:

  • Calculate the fixed cost of the business precisely so as not to lose
  • Separate storage of groceries and ingredients for daily cooking
  • Provide a special space for business, either for storing packaging or other equipment
  • In the beginning, use a pre-order system so that you don’t waste a lot of food ingredients


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Hopefully, the information is useful.

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