30 Best Franchise Opportunities With Low Capital

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Not a few people have the desire to start a business but are still hesitant because of various fears that they are not suitable so that the capital is too large. If so, maybe you can try a Franchise Opportunities that is currently popular.

This one business is quite promising because you no longer need to start a business from scratch again.

If you are interested in starting this business, let’s get to know the tips first!

Tips before Starting a Franchise Opportunities business

best franchise business in india 2021

Choose the one that suits your passion

The franchise business consists of various fields, from culinary to a car wash.

To ensure this business runs smoothly, choose a business that suits your interests.

That way, this business will be carried out wholeheartedly so that you will be more enthusiastic in advancing your business.

Find a Strategic Location

A strategic location is an important factor in the progress or failure of the business you are in.

For that, adjust your business location to the appropriate target market.

Prepare Capital

The capital that must be prepared for a franchise business varies, depending on the business chosen.

However, in fact, the big and small capital required does not affect the success of this business.

An important factor that can make this business successful is the franchisor’s innovation and creativity.

Therefore, just prepare capital according to the type of business that suits your financial strength.

Learn First the Selected Franchise Business

Before starting a business, it is very important to learn about the payment terms and business systems of the selected brand.

In essence, the better and tighter a system of the brand is, the more it is worth choosing.

In addition, you also have to pay attention to how the payment system is because if you don’t study it first, you might end up losing money.


After reading the tips, let’s just take a look at the franchise business recommendations that are ready to “multiply” your money!

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The 30 Best Franchise Opportunities to Buy & Own in 2021

Fresh Tea Drink

franchise organizations

Iced tea drinks can be said to be a successful beverage franchise business by selling the main product in the form of iced tea. There are several tea modifications with interesting flavors and can be found in several strategic locations.

Bubble Tea

Apart from the various flavors of Tongji, tea modifications are now starting to develop. One of them is bubble tea or boba. This bubble is a tapioca grain with certain flavors such as fruit, chocolate, and coffee.

Coffee Shop Business

Talking about the beverage franchise business, coffee shops are also popularly chosen by the community and are able to generate a turnover that is certainly not small. You can either start your own coffee shop business or choose to buy a coffee shop franchise instead.

Kebab business

Even though kebabs are a typical Middle Eastern food, many people have started to like them and have become one of their favorite foods that must be tried. Therefore, it is not surprising that kebab franchises are mushrooming nowadays.

Grilled Donuts

Next is the Baked Donut franchise. This business, which was initiated by Iwan Chrismanto, began in 2008.


Japanese specialties have been a favorite in society since long ago now. Although there are many types of food in the land of Sakura, one of them that can be used as a franchise business is Takoyaki.

In Japan itself, Takoyaki is indeed a franchise for small businesses and is able to drive the economy of the people there.

Cheese Milk Corn

best low cost franchises

The business of selling food made from corn has actually been around for a long time. However, now it is increasingly varied. An example is corn milk cheese.

fried chicken

Franchise business for processed chicken such as fried chicken or chicken geprek is no less promising and can be said as a culinary delicacy that will never die.

Depo to Refill Drinking Water

In addition to providing great benefits for the community to meet their primary needs, refill water can also be a promising business opportunity. This is what franchise companies can at least see drinking water refill depot.


If previously there was Japanese food, East Asian food that people also like is Korean food. One of them is Kkuldak in the form of honey chicken which gives another taste and is added with rice flour toppings.

Churros Franchise

Spanish specialties may be a little foreign to some people. However, now you can taste it, like Churros.

Now the Churros franchise began to reach major cities. The package for this franchise consists of two types, namely using a mini booth and a mini island.

Grilled Sausage Business

The grilled sausage franchise business has also become popular in the community.

Crispy mushroom

In addition, there is also a crispy mushroom franchise that is tasty and crunchy.

Fruit Juice Business

In the beverage business, fruit juice is very popular among all people. The capital used for this business is not that big and you can sell it in strategic locations.


The last food or culinary business that can be tried is Crepes. This food is made from wheat flour with a sweet and salty taste.

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Service Franchise in the Community

In addition to the culinary franchise business, the franchise business is also engaged in community service. Here are some of them with a quite promising turnover.

Vehicle Fuel Franchising

Galaxy is a pioneer in modern fuel sales for small businesses.

Mini Market

Talking about franchising, our thoughts cannot be separated from the convenience store. This is very reasonable because this business has mushroomed.

Spa Franchise

The spa business is now starting to have a franchise business concept.

Pharmacy Franchises

The starting capital for this pharmacy business is $ 50,000 and must own 60 square meters of land. This cost includes building costs, training, and drug stocks.

Laundry Clothes

If you have a residence in a strategic place, then the laundry business is the right thing.

Tour and Travel Franchise

Another service sector that is no less interesting is tour and travel. Franchises of this type range from general purposes to those specializing in religious tourism.


As online shops proliferated, this had an impact on couriers and freight forwarders.

Franchising in the field of education

The education sector is also closely related to the concept of franchising which is currently booming.

Laundry Shoes and Bags

Not only laundry clothes, but laundry is also mushrooming for shoes and bags.

Car Wash Franchises

The car wash Franchise Opportunities business is no less mushrooming in society.

Agricultural Franchising

In the past, agriculture was underestimated. However, now agriculture can be a promising franchise business. Here you can sell organic agricultural products, for example, or other farmer needs such as fertilizers and so on.

Automotive Franchising

Franchising in the automotive sector is also quite promising. This is due to the increasing number of people who own motorized vehicles.

Beauty Clinic Field

Meanwhile, the beauty business also has a business base with a franchise concept.

Doll Laundry Service

Now there is also a doll laundry service that you can choose from as a promising franchise business.

English Language Course Franchise

English courses are needed by many people, both students, and the general public.

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That’s a review of the Franchise Opportunities business that you need to know.

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