social media calendar content of october 2020

Free Social Media Calendar October 2020

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Social Media Calendar October 2020

  1. Inspirational Quotes
  2. 3 Get to know me facts
  3. Offer a Freebie
  4. Share a Business tip
  5. Share a boomerang or video
  6. Behind the scenes of your work
  7. Ask advice or a opinion
  8. Answer a FAQ
  9. Share your brand values
  10. Promote your newsletter & lead magnet
  11. Share a fun fact about you
  12. Cross-promote your other social platforms
  13. Who or what inspire you?
  14. Where in the world are you? Ask your followers
  15. Share how you stay organised
  16. Career throwback, what did you do before
  17. Share how you unwind after work/at the weekend
  18. Promote an exclusive offer for Instagam followers
  19. Who is your business hero?
  20. Share your favourite business resource
  21. Share your workspace
  22. Talk about your favourite product
  23. Tell the story behind your brand name/logo
  24. Shout-out your favourite influencer
  25. Share a business lesson learnt
  26. Recommend a fellow small business to your audience
  27. Thank your followers for their support
  28. Best & worst pieces of advice you’ve been given
  29. Share something great that has happened lately
  30. Share a testimonial from a client or customer
  31. Share a happy customer story

social media calendar content of october 2020

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