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Top 15 Freelance Design Jobs for Creative Individuals

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15 Unique Places to Find Freelance Design Jobs

Freelance Design Jobs

Freelance design jobs mostly require creativity and a lot of experience to accomplish. While there are creative individuals who become employees for a designer or design business, some of the most skillful among them prefer to work independently as artists and freelancers. Freelancing also opens the opportunities for beginners to jump into the industry, to build their skills, and to earn a steady income before they decide whether to make a more permanent commitment with an employer. If you are looking for the best design jobs for freelancers, here are the 15 best design jobs that you can take.

Logo Design

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The logo design job is one of the most common freelance design jobs that you frequently encounter when you visit all freelance websites. Although a logo is the simplest design a product that is not as complex as, say, an illustration and concept art, it is essential for the existence of business because of its role as a unique identity. All businesses need a unique logo that identifies their philosophy and target market. They need a freelance designer who can create one.

Graphic Design

Graphic design covers a large assortment of jobs that require you to create various visual representations of certain ideas. Your creations include digital designs, such as infographics and online ads, and designs for print. Your creativity and experience, which are often represented by your portfolio, determine whether you will get a good and rewarding graphic design job.

Website Design

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Being a website designer is cool not only because website design jobs are among the most popular freelance design jobs available on freelance marketplaces. Website design jobs also test your ability in various subjects, especially image editing, typography, and scripting. As a website designer, you are often tasked to create a website template from scratch, to make a template for a particular CMS, or to improve the design of a website to make it load faster and more responsive.

Asset Design

Asset design is an important element of many projects, such as movie making and game development. Even the most rudimentary retro games need sprites and tilesets, which are regarded as core assets that can only be prepared by artists. Other examples of the asset include game or movie characters, props, and the environment.

Presentation Design

Presentations are frequently shown in conferences, in classrooms, and in front of customers. Although there are already many handy applications to create presentations, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, many professionals prefer to have their presentations professionally prepared by a skillful designer. You can this interesting freelance design job if you know how to unleash the true power of those presentation applications.


As an illustrator, your job is to create an illustration for children’s books, book covers, posters, and other printed and digital publications. You can take this freelance design job if you are good at manual drawing using pencil and paper, semi-digital drawing using a drawing tablet, or digital painting using graphics software.

Stock Photography

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If you are a good photographer with a large collection of high-quality photos, you can submit your photos to any stock photography marketplaces on the internet, such as Shutterstock and Getty Images. You will get awesome payment for every photo that you sell. Many artists and photographers earn their primary income from this freelance design business.

Stock Video

Similar to stock photography, stock video is also a promising job for people who know how to capture high-quality videos. Instead of storing your videos at the darkest corner of your hard drive, why don’t you upload and sell them and earn a substantial income from them? The rising popularity of vlogging will make every video that you have a marketable one.

Product Design

Companies try to release new and unique products to gain and maintain their market dominance. One element that ensures the uniqueness of their products is the design. They may hire people like you to help them design products like washing machines and toys.

Packaging Design


Instead of designing a physical product, you might be tasked only to design its packaging. For many people, the packaging of a product often tells about the latter’s quality, so if you are good at creating high-quality packaging design, apply for this freelance design job to earn extra income.

2D Animation

A 2D animation job is an interesting job to pursue because it allows you to bring your static image to life. You should be skillful in using 2D animation programs, such as Adobe Animate and Toon Boom, to be able to take such a job. 2D animation is particularly useful in projects like presentations, movies, and advertisements.

3D Modelling

If you are good at using 3D modeling and sculpting programs, you can take any freelance design jobs that effectively use your skills. Your employers might ask you to design an architectural model, a 3D model for digital publication, or a model for 3D printing. Because a digitally rendered 3D model is the nearest thing to reality that a computer can achieve, your skill will be useful for preparing an accurate representation of a real object.

3D Animation

You can exploit your skills one step further by taking a 3D animation job. Like a 3D modeling job, a 3D animation job also requires you to be skillful in using 3D programs, although the job requires the ability to manipulate 3D animation using bones and material physics more than it requires 3D modeling and sculpting. Like 2D animation jobs, 3D animation jobs will also be useful in a variety of projects that include moviemaking and advertising.

CAD Design

Although any freelance design job that uses computer software can be regarded as a computer-aided design job, CAD design job specifically refers to any job that requires you to use programs like AutoCAD with its precise measurement, mathematical calculations, and other essential CAD elements.

Fashion Design

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The fashion design job is another freelance design job that is quite interesting because it always deals with something that creates hype in the market. If you are good at designing clothes, accessories, and other fashion products, this job might be the best for you.

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