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7 Great Tips to Find Freelance Medical Writing Jobs and Any Writing Jobs

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Ways to Find High-Income Freelance Medical Writing Jobs

Ways to Find High-Income Freelance Medical Writing Jobs

The reasons why people choose to be a freelancer is because they just need to use their skills and knowledge to find jobs and finish it. Let’s say, you have good writing skills and medical knowledge, you can find freelance medical writing jobs. It is the same case if you have enough knowledge about mechanics in which you can try to find a variety of freelance technical writing jobs. The information below explains how to get freelance jobs and earn a lot of money from it.

Introduce Yourself

As a freelancer, you have to be active to find jobs. One of the ways to be active is by introducing yourself. For example, you love sports and you often write articles about it. If it is so, you can find freelance sports writing jobs by introducing yourself. This trick is known as cold pitching. Find the email or contact of sports companies, businesses, newspapers, and magazines. Then, send an email that explains the way you can help the company to grow with your skills and knowledge. You can also explain the role of attracting articles or writings to attract more viewers or customers. Don’t forget to include your portfolio so they know your writing skills and experience. Last but not least is explaining that you are ready for an interview or test if the company wants it to make sure that you are a qualified freelance writer.

Check the Online Freelance Market Place or Board

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It is also a simple way to get a freelance job as a writer. Nowadays, there are several trusted online freelance market boards where so many entrepreneurs, small businesses, or start-ups post job ads there. Let say, you love to write about a variety of topics related to creativity. If it is so, you can go to one of the most popular online freelance market boards known as Creative Circle. You will find a bigger opportunity for freelance creative writing jobs there. Other reputable online freelance market boards include LinkedIn Jobs, Blogging Pro Job, All Indie Writers, Morning Coffee Newsletter, and many more.

Follow Social Media Accounts of Your Potential Clients

Social media is not only a place to talk and meet friends but also a place to find potential clients. One of the most popular social media for freelancers to find potential clients is Twitter. The interesting part is that you can get a variety of freelance jobs including freelance medical writing jobs, freelance travel writing jobs, and many more. The most popular Twitter accounts that give freelance jobs include Write_Jobs, WhoPaysWriters, and JJobs_Tweets.

Develop a Website

Most of the writers use this trick because it is easy and simple to do. A writer can develop a website and post content based on their skills, interest, and knowledge. The topic can be anything such as traveling, gardening, science, food, medical, mechanic, beauty, fashion, and many more. You can make a small research about the most popular topics to boost the result. The content is your portfolio and you can include information that you are a freelance writer and ready to help anyone who needs your skills and knowledge. It is also important to learn about SEO or Search Engine Optimization to boost the position of your website so potential clients can see your website. Developing a website that talks about science can be a good example. By the time your website becomes more and more popular, you can start to announce that you are accepting or finding freelance science writing jobs. Just developing a professional website to gain more potential clients to come and use your service.

Write for a Guest Post

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If you still want to know more about how to get freelance writing jobs, you can try to write for a guest post. Some websites accept a guest post in which the owner invites other writers to write on their website. Commonly, they want to find writers that can write something related to the niche of the website. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get any more from the post but make sure that the websites are popular with loyal viewers or readers. Learn the writing style of the post as well as the topic they often discuss there and send your writing. So, how can you make money from a guest post? The purpose of this trick is to grab attention from the readers or viewers of the website. They will see your post and some of them can be your potential clients. Indeed, you should write down that you are a freelance writer and ready to write similar topics on your profile. When you get clients, you can earn money, right?

Say You are a Freelance Writer

If there is an opportunity, just introduce yourself as a freelance writer. You may also write it down on your social media profile. It is also good if you describe what kind of writer you are. You may write down that you love to write anything about grants including its development and issues. Even, you can also say that you are ready for freelance grant writing jobs. The main purpose is to make people aware of who you are. Some of them can be your potential clients so just let them know about you.

Join a Community

Joining a community is also a powerful way to get a freelance writing job. You can join a freelance writer’s community and develop a good relationship with the members. You can follow their forums, meetings, or discussions. Slowly but sure, some of them will announce freelance jobs and you can take the chance. Moreover, you can also join a community based on your niche. Let’s say, you love to discuss food, new restaurants, cooking, and many more. If it is so, you can join a food bloggers community or related to it. Later, you can introduce yourself and let them know that you are ready for freelance food writing jobs.

Finding freelance writing jobs is challenging but you have to keep trying. The point is that you have to widen your relationship and network to meet a lot of people. Some of those people can be your potential clients who will give you freelance medical writing jobs or any writing jobs. One thing for sure that you can make money by being a freelance writer.

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