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15 The Best Freelance Photography Jobs That Will Pay You Big Money

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15 Freelance Photography Jobs you could do with Camera

Freelance Photography Jobs you could do with Camera

A camera has now become goods that many people have. Some camera becomes cheaper, like an SLR camera, with photo quality that still could rival DSLR camera. If you have a camera, you might make some money with it. Here are 15 jobs that turn your camera into money producing the machine.

1. Wedding Photographer

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Wedding ceremonial is big and sacral. It spent an enormous amount of money. The coming guest might reach a thousand. It involves many vendors to make sure the event is running well, including a photographer. As a wedding event is seasonal, this freelance photography would not take your time to study or your main job. A wedding photographer’s job is to capture the romantic moment. The photo should encapsulate the festivity. Getting a wedding photographer’s job is not hard to find, because a wedding event will always run.

2. School yearbook album photographer

Every new school year, students come and graduate. School is a part of life that takes a special place for some people. Before students are graduating, they want to take a special photography session for a memoir. The photo should capture the youth spirit and joy of a student. Some years later, when the students have graduated and grown-up, they might cure their longing by looking at the photos.

3. Event Documentation

Every event, whether it’s formal or non-formal, needs documentation. From the visitor, guess, figure, atmosphere, need to be well documented. Therefore a photographer is needed to capture the moment. The organizer might need the photo for evidence that they had run the event ell. The photo also raises exposure, which guesses stars needed. While the visitor also needs memento about the event.

4. Tourist attraction photographer

Tourist attraction provides a perfect spot for photography. But oftentimes, a tourist forgot to bring their camera. This is where a photographer fills the role. Sometimes, on the peak holidays, a photographer could gain a considerable amount of money. But when the site is empty, of course, there’s not really much opportunity around.

5. Model photographer

As modeling is more demanding, so is the photographer. Model is usually a step toward the world of celebrity, artist, and movie actors. So, if you become a photographer of a person who later becomes an artist, your name and portfolio will be great. To start being a model photographer, you could take a photograph of your friend as a model. By having a decent portfolio, model talent might be interested to use your service to take her/him into the orbit.

6. Stock photos

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As the internet develops in the craze, many people racing to give the best content. They might not have enough photos to make their content interesting. While taking a photo from google might cause copyright issues. So, the content creator is taking photos from photo stocks, like Shutter Stock, Pexels, Istockphoto, other stock photo providers. You could be a photo stock contributor and gaining money for every photo used. Upload your photo on the stock photo provider.

7. Exhibition photographer

The exhibition event contains interesting things that invite people coming in. a photographer is needed to capture the object or the reaction of the visitor against the object. Exhibition events are held seasonally. If you are interested to be an exhibition photographer, you could contact the committee so you could gain special access and fees.

8. Sports event photographer

Sports event contains action and activity that hand phone’s camera can’t capture well. To capture the running athlete or ball that moves fast, it needs a camera with rapid shutter speed. Some lenses might also be needed to perfectly catch the athlete’s movement. Debris and the hype of the supporter and fans are also interesting objects of a sporting event. Later, you could give your photograph to the event organizer or athletes whether they want to buy your photo.

9. Art expo photographer

Art expo displays various masterpieces that invite admiration. Sometimes, it’s tricky to capture the art object, because angles, coloration, and light could alter the art. Especially a 3D art, it needs a really perfect angle to capture the 3D-ness of the object. Now, the art expo is also a photo venue where people could take an artistic photo with the art object as a background. Some people would ask a cameraman to capture the visitor in the art expo.

10. Journalistic

In this multimedia era, photos and videos are an important element for news. A journalist needs photos and videos to complete their narration. So, the existence of a photographer is needed as their official photographer might not be ready on the news site. Then, it’s your opportunity to capture photos and videos to be delivered as news. As you submit your photo and video into a news agency, you could get an interesting fee.

11. Photo studio photographer

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Photo studio might hire their own photographer, but sometimes, photo studio photographer is overload. In that time, they might hire freelance photography to fill in the demand. Photo studio usually had an ideal setup for photography.

12. Concert photographer

A musician might produce an outstanding sound. But a concert is not only about music, but it’s also about the atmosphere and euphoria. Concert photographer could catch the emotion of the audience and the musician.

13. Racing photographer

Racing is about speed, which needs some expertise to capture a fast-moving object. Car racing, bike racing, drone racing, and any racing usually involves the cameramen to shot in a special technique. The technique is not to shoot where the object is but to shot the object where the object will be. Fast shutter speed also needed so that the object is not much blurred.

14. Under-sea photographer

Sea photography needs special equipment to make the seawater not to damage the camera. Water also has a different refractive index than air, so it experiences the refraction effect that the conventional photographers don’t have an issue with. Undersea photographers might also need diving equipment and diving skills.

15. Wildlife photographer

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Wildlife is an interesting object when you are bored with the frantic of a city and people falsehood. Wildlife photography is also challenging. To get close to the object, a photographer has to go through hard terrain. A photographer might also be exposed to threatening objects, like a snake or poisonous plants. You could submit your photograph into national geographic and win prizes. You could also work as a freelance photography of a scientist or researcher.

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