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50 Best Freelance Websites For Beginners And Without College Degree

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Nearly everyone in the world enjoys anxiety due to the difficulty of getting a job. This was also done by freelancers when the work projects offered were few, the income earned was not a contribution. To overcome this problem, the freelancers must be required to spread their wings on new freelance websites. The more you try, the greater the chance to get a project that has high pay.

A job as a freelancer is very beneficial for some people who are bored with just that lifestyle. Freelancers can choose the type of work they want.

Here are 50 Best freelance websites to find work and also sites that can provide data outsourcing:

Freelance Websites

50 Best Freelance Websites To Get Freelance Work Fast


how to start freelancing

This freelance websites offers projects such as website design, content writers, and freelancer programmers, with the slogan of Employing Freelancers and Looking for Freelance Jobs Online

This website arguably has the most job offers with the most expertise. Here you can find various domains of work, from design, writing, IT, analysts, to marketing. The work offered here is classified into each category so that you will easily find a suitable field of work to follow. Freelancers are required to pay 10% of the total fees earned.


top freelance sites

The Elance website offers professional workers, such as technicians and marketing experts with affordable service prices.

Elance limits the number of bids based on the type of account, and clients who want to work together on this website are also required to answer a number of questions such as: payment methods, work processes, and others.


free freelance jobs

Just like freelancers, there are a lot of projects based on the categories available here. You can also improve your freelance skills thanks to the available blogs.


writing online

Toptal is a Freelance Websites that recruits developers who are interested in programming languages. Toptal is the right site to find freelancer developer jobs. Toptal evaluates freelancers from all over the world and has an acceptance rate of around 3% of applicants. The company stated that it has more than 2,000 clients. Toptal clients include Airbnb, JPMorgan Chase, IDEO, Axel Springer SE, Pfizer, and Rand McNally.


freelance job listings

Large companies usually order designs for banners, logos and websites from this site. The payment received is also very satisfying, according to the level of complexity of the project being carried out.

Evanto Studio

find freelance work

FreelanceSwitch changed its name to Envato Studio. This site provides freelancers from various parts of the country throughout the world. Developers can find freelancers that are financially owned.


online proofreading jobs for beginners

This Freelance Websites offers services from $ 5 to $ 10 for each project. Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, starting at a cost of $ 5 per job performed. At present, Fiverr lists more than three million services with the cost of project costs ranging between $ 5 and $ 500.

StackOverflow Careers

freelance accounting work from home

To be able to find a list of freelancer jobs at StackOverflow Careers, you must create your own account.


freelance typing jobs at home

Create a Dribble account and show “Hire me” so that developers can find out that you need a project.

Behance Job

freelance writing jobs at home

This site only sells the services of productive and creative freelancers.


paid writing jobs from home

WordPress offers a variety of jobs for freelancers, such as plug-in makers, theme customizations, or WordPress website optimization.

LinkedIn Job

part time bookkeeping jobs from home

Shortly after activating a LinkedIn account, you can quickly find the type of work for freelancers.

Smashing Jobs

best freelance writing websites

The Smashing Jobs portal contains thousands of types of programming and design work.

Here, you don’t just find freelance projects. Many offers for full-time work were found.


freelance graphic designer

This freelance websites provides paid contracts for freelancers. Of course only professional freelancers can create accounts on this site.

This website has two spaces: a login room for project owners to find freelancers currently available, as well as a login room for freelancers with projects. You can find projects from various fields of work. The blog guide feature will soon be added to help your freelance career.


free writing websites

Krop keeps a large list of job openings for creative teams.

MeFi Jobs

best freelance websites

What is special about MeFi Jobs is the search button to exchange job information with other freelancers. In addition, freelancers can determine the search area of the job they want.


freelance jobs online for beginners

Coroflot can connect professional freelancers who show their portfolios and companies that advertise the job vacancies they need.

Coroflot is also a freelance websites specifically for designers. Here you can offer services through your portfolio.

Problogger Jobs

freelance jobs from home

This site provides job vacancy information in the field of blogging.


best freelance websites for web designers

Dice is a site that only provides job vacancy information in the technology field.


freelance web designer portfolio website

For WordPress developers, this site is very useful for finding vacancies related to WordPress, whether it’s a freelancer or full-time.


best websites for web designers

Freelance Websites provide comfort for freelancers who want to work from home from programming to designing websites.



Hirable is a social site where applicants can deal directly with companies that advertise vacancies. You can create a “Hirable” status if you are in a job search or “Busy” when you get a job.


freelance marketplace

Freelance This website provides an opportunity for freelancers to find the desired project, such as creating a website, application, or branding.

freelance website

This freelance website has repeatedly managed to distribute freelancers to, Zappos and LonelyPlanet. Create a Github account and fill out forms with the personal data needed.


The types of work that can be found on this site are design, copywriters, photographers and analysts. To create an account on this site, you don’t charge a penny.


OnSite offers opportunities for freelancers, designers, developers, and also copywriters to find the desired job. After you have registered on the portal, you can show your portfolio and set a standard price for each service and time to work on the project.


Folyo site only offers vacancies for designers.


Gigster provides information for companies that are looking for developers who work in teams. Google, Microsoft and eBay, usually recruit developers from Gigster.


After you have a HireMyFriend account, freelancers can show their portfolio in their profile.


Freelance Websites connect directly between freelancers and business people who need designers. In addition, YunoJuno can also provide online contracts and invoices.


If you want to negotiate privately about certain projects with freelancers, then developers and designers can visit this site.


Visit this site to find the desired job opening as a Joomla freelancer.


This portal provides job information, such as outsourcing programming or content writers.

JavaScript Ninja Jobs

Find job openings in developed countries like US, UK and Canada through this site. In addition, freelancers can find jobs such as designing websites or programming.


GigScribe is a subscription service that costs $ 4 per month to $ 3.3 per year.


This portal provides a job search button around the residential area and also the desired income. You can have this account by paying € 17.


Find part-time and full-time jobs on this site.

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is associated with SonyBMG, HBO, HP, Facebook and others.

People per Hour

The types of jobs advertised on this site are marketing, accounting, programming and website design.

Freelancers who have a standard account can bid up to ten times. Clients can also submit their projects here free of charge. Therefore, the projects offered here are very numerous.


CrowSPRING can load more portfolios than other sites.


Jobs in the graphic design world are scattered in DesignCrowd, starting from designing logos, websites and more.

Simply Hired

Freelance Websites provide part-time and full-time job opening information in accordance with the experience, expertise possessed, and location of the nearest residence.


What is different from Freelance websites is information about job vacancies provided including fashion, food, travel and lifestyle.

Working Nomads

The job categories offered on this site are web design, developer and management.


If you need work such as photographers, painters, and EO parties, then Bark is a must-visit site.


Freelance Websites only offer jobs for freelancers living in the US.


Students can search for part time jobs through this site.


AirPair’s website prioritizes interaction between developers to share tips and advice on running an online business.


If freelancers have popular blogs, they can meet advertisers through this site.


Juicy provides services to connect friends with desired work. That way, you will get additional commissions.

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Final Words

That’s the list of the 50 Best Freelance Websites that you can visit.