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18 Best Freelance Writer Website To Find Jobs And Make Money

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Today, finding job vacancies is increasingly difficult. Especially for those of you who are just out of “student” status. In fact, many large companies need experienced workers. They prefer experienced labor rather than inexperienced people. For those of you who like to write, have you ever thought of working as a content writer? Or maybe you are looking for a freelance writing job?

Isn’t it nice if you can work in a field that you are good at? Moreover, if you can provide interesting knowledge and information to many people. Many people assume that blogging is just to vent hobbies. Some people might think blogging is just a place to vent. But how do you make this hobby a source of income? Now, job vacancies as a writer for website blogs are widely spread on the internet. By becoming a content writer, you also benefit, because the time is not too binding. By spending just a few hours, you can make money. If you are interested, see the article “18 Best Freelance Writer Website” to find out which author vacancies are available, see the following, yes!

Freelance Writer

18 Best Freelance Writer Website To Find Jobs And Make Money

BloggingPro Job Board:

freelance writing jobs for beginners

Not only showing jobs for content writers, but BloggingPro Job Board also provides a list of types of writing that you can do. You can search for job posts based on categories. Are you mastering topics related to health or fitness, pets, programming codes, or other topics that you master? You will find several people who are looking for writers for their blogs.

Freelance Writing Gigs

freelance writer salary

Craigslist is a website that gives you information on job vacancies, advertisements, home rentals, services, and even dating. Everything is on Craiglist. Freelance Writing Gigs, improve the search for content writer jobs with good offers. With Craiglist, Freelance Writing Gigs invites you to search for job openings throughout the world. this website will filter job postings in the form of a scam. However, with this feature, your search for the particular job you want will be reduced.

Journalism Jobs

freelance writer website

For those of you who are interested in jobs in the journalistic website, Jobs Journalism is the right choice to look for journalistic work such as freelance writer. With Jobs Journalism, you don’t need someone else to help you find the journalistic job you want. Not only job vacancies such as content writer, but there are also vacancies for editing positions, copywriting advertisements, and other journalistic jobs. Some of these vacancies sometimes require you to do it in a designated location, some can be done remotely.

LinkedIn Jobs

freelance writing jobs from home

If you are a freelancer who happens to have a LinkedIn account, don’t let your account be limited to that. Social networking is the right place for a freelancer in action because LinkedIn is the right social network to connect one individual to another. You can also use this social network while you check the job opening section. If you subscribe through email, you will remain alert to job openings that match your interests. There are many location-based job openings (working in certain locations). You can also submit a proposal for the services of a freelance writer.


how to start freelance writing

This website allows you to get a choice of job vacancies from TV Agencies, PR / marketing, magazines, book publishers, and social media. You can check the job opening in the search section with freelance keywords.

Morning Coffee Newsletter

freelance creative writing jobs

Electronic newspaper (e-paper) Morning Coffee Newsletter provides job openings for a freelance writer like you, with the position of the writer and the editing section. Morning Coffee Newsletter offers competitive and attractive salaries. You can subscribe via email to get job information that will be sent directly to your email inbox!

ProBlogger Job Board

Darren Rowse from ProBlogger explains that the jobs listed on this website are jobs that make you a professional freelance writer and understand how to write good and quality. In addition, because the name ProBloggers is quite famous in the world of bloggers, you can find job openings to write on big blogs.

The Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs

Blogger and freelancer Sophie Lizard, have compiled and compiled a free e-book containing a list of 45 blogs that will pay $ 50 (Rp. 588,000) or more for articles for freelancers who are willing to become writers, both blogs about culinary writing and blogs. . He gives some tips on how to apply to blogs on the list. He also provides tips on how to promote yourself to those who are experienced in the field of journalism.

50 Markets That Pay Freelance Writers 10 Cents Per Word

Although this e-book is not free, you can buy it for $ 4.99 (around Rp.65,000, -). What’s more, this book is intended for those of you who still can’t afford to do 500 words of writing. This book offers contacts and information from 50 magazines, newspapers, websites, and electronic magazines that receive writing from a freelance writer. So whatever field you are working in, you will always find jobs that are right for you.


Register yourself on this website and complete the profile, so that it is listed in the ‘Writers’ category. The system will help to find suitable freelance jobs from existing offers. Upwork is a website for freelancers. This website has long been a favorite of freelancers because of its easy system. Upwork is the right choice for beginners to start work as freelance writers. Not only for beginners, but Upwork also provides vacancies for professional freelance writers. Maybe you will get a low-paying job, but this will allow you to find clients who want to pay a high salary.

This site is part of Envato, a company that has a mission to help people learn and earn money through the Internet. The profile page of every freelancer at has an attractive design and makes it possible to put examples of writing. These features help employers to be interested in choosing you.

The various types of offers available for vacancies include bids as freelance writers. You can search for suitable jobs from the list.

This website has the slogan ‘Helping freelance writers to succeed since 1997’. It’s true, their Morning Coffee eNewsletter feature helps job seekers by sending the latest vacancy information to the email.

This service is created by Craig Newmark and contains a variety of types of advertisements. Find vacancies for freelance writers in the ‘Writing/editing’ sub-category from the ‘Jobs’ category. This website has a wide network in various countries. You are free to choose the desired location.

The ‘Whisper Job’ section contains various types of work for writers generally writing related to magazines. This website also contains useful information and tips for freelance writers.

The domain name stands for ‘Working At Home Mom.’ This website contains information on offers of work that can be done from home, and freelance writers are clearly included.

Place of an employer who can generally be done remotely, including work that requires writing skills. Complete your profile on this website to increase the chances of getting a job.

The opportunity to get a job will be even higher if the employer easily finds your profile on the Internet. Therefore, include personal data on many websites, one of which is Don’t forget to follow their newsletter. The list of authors on this website is open to the public and can be easily captured by search engines.

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Final Words

So some websites contain freelance writer jobs. Good luck and earn money without having to go to work!

To become a content writer, you only need to spend a few hours. Are you interested in trying?

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