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Top 15 Best Freelance Writing Jobs Sites

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When you are looking for a Freelance Writing Jobs Sites, you need to think of other plans to continue your career as a freelancer. The most appropriate strategy is to be a guest writer on a blog or in another publication media.

The reason, posts from guest writers will be paid better than content mill posts. Not only that, if you write as a guest writer, you will be given author credit that can be used as a means of advertising your writing services. Your post will attract clients who need writing services. In addition, you might get more followers than Twitter and Facebook.

The more posts you write, the greater your chances of getting a good career. But have you found a site that is willing to pay you based on the quality of the posts you make? Before you search Freelance Writing Jobs Sites, here are 15 sites that will help you get started.

15 Best Freelance Writing Jobs Sites

Best Freelance Writing Jobs Sites

1.Make a Living Writing

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Carol Tice is a name familiar to those of you in the freelancer community. His freelance writing jobs sites, Make a Living Writing, will pay around $ 50 per post from guests. With the condition, you have registered with Freelance Writers Den or Jon Morrow’s blog mentoring program before pitching, except during the Open Pitch period. Make sure you read the guide before pitching because his wishes are really specific.

2. The Write Life

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The Write Life is one of the Best Freelance Writing Jobs sites. You will receive a fee of around $ 35 if you make a quality post. Posts will be a product review. If you enjoy writing, blogging, publishing, e-book experiences, please check the Resources page to see if the theme of your post has been reviewed by someone else. If not, please contact and tell us a little about your experience with the product you want to review.

3. Be a Blogger Freelance

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Sophie Lizard’s Blog Be a Freelance Blogger is holding a pitchfest program. In this program, the author asks to send them the best. The winner will get $ 100 and allow a guest writer on Sophie Lizard’s blog. Get you to read Sophie’s guide to How to Succeed in Writing a Pitch.

4. Naked Write

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Write Naked is a blog with a topic taken personally. The blog owner, Tara Lynne Groth, is willing to give $ 50 for guest writers and $ 200 for posts that she values exceptionally.

5. Funds for Writers

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Funds for Writers provides “Tips and tools to benefit careers for serious writers.” In addition to getting exclusive tips, you will be given $ 50 as a guest writer. Make sure you stay away from simple topics such as “how to write” or “how to avoid author’s blocking.” To increase your chances of being accepted, submit a topic such as “The right way to make writing the main income.”

6. A Fine Parent

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A Fine Parent is a parenting site that will pay you $ 100 per article, and you will get a bonus when your post becomes “Popular posts.” Please check the guide. In addition, this site only accepts one send per month.

7. Cracked

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Comedy genre site, Cracked, will pay per freelance writing jobs for $ 100 for articles on popular culture, unique/strange news, and other topics. If you are interested in writing about the topic, now is the right time. You must read the guide and join the author’s forum. Before you can start posting.

8. Listverse

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If you like writing articles of type “Listing”, Listverse is the website that is right for you. This freelance writing jobs sites is willing to pay you $ 100 for posts totaling 1,500 words and 10 unique things (unique content). Check the guide on the website.

9. Knowledge Nuts

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Knowledge Nuts are websites that are more or less similar to Listverse’s. You will be paid $ 10 with the contribution of short articles, such as unique facts of science. Click Submit a Nut for further information.

10. TopTenz

TopTenz is one of the freelance writing jobs sites with the genre of “listing.” This website will pay the author $ 50 for each list created. As the name suggests, TopTentz only contains 10 points. Check the guide on the TopTenz website.

11. IWA Wine Blog

Are you a wine connoisseur? The IWA Wine Blog will pay you $ 50 for each post that helps readers know the history of wine and how to enjoy it. Make sure you see the guide on the website, and prepare yourself to share your love for wine.

12. BootsnAll

BootsnAll is the best site for planning tours and trips around the world. More than four million people use this website to help with their journey. This website will pay $ 50 to the author for the main article. According to the guidelines, articles must prioritize the principle of the Indie Travel Manifesto, such as what is economical travel, how to interact with local people, etc.

13. Network Matador

Matador Network “Looking for original writing, photography, and videos that convey the adventures, culture and identity of all human inhabitants of the earth”. Article payments start at $ 20 to $ 60 under certain conditions. To see the conditions, check the guidelines available on the website.

14. International Living

Do you live abroad? The International Living site will pay you $ 75 for articles that tell about life abroad with 500 to 600 words. Read the guidelines before you make the article.

15. Brazen Life

Brazen Life pays $ 50 for freelance writing jobs with quality articles about opportunities in social networks for several cities. You must check whether the city has been written. If not, see the guide on how to submit your article.

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Final Words

The more posts the guest writers you write, the greater your chances of getting a good career in Freelance Writing Jobs. Good luck!

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