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8 Great Tips to Generate First Sale on the Internet

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Generate the first sale – For beginner business, getting the first consumer would need effort, patience, and also cost to do promotion. Your business is new, no one knows, and you really need to start from scratch to introduce your business to the community.

The first sale will give you joy and optimism for you to continue the business. In the first weeks and months, it will definitely be a very meaningful moment, because you will know whether there are consumers who are interested in purchasing your product.

Well, of course, to generate sales, you have to do promotion first, because the consumer will not come by itself. So you have to move to reach them and get them interested in your product. For that, following refer to eight promotional tips to generate the first sale on the internet.

Generate the first sale

8 Promotion Tips to Generate the First Sale on the Internet

1. Tell the Known People

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The easiest way to get the first sale is to tell your family and friends. People who have known you are usually more easily persuaded to buy your product. They will support your business support. For that, just announce your business in WhatsApp and LINE groups, as well as post on all your personal social media.

2. Start Writing Blog

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Take advantage of your business website to create engaging marketing content. Websites show not only the products that are sold. However, start writing blogs with articles or posts that are relevant to your business. Attractive content can bring in visitors, then get them to see your products, and also improve your site’s ranking on Google.

3. Active in Social Media

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Create special accounts for businesses on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then activate your account to market the products on your online store website and interact with netizens. Make sure you create engaging, quality content of images, videos and writing to share on social media.

4. Give Free Products to Influencer

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Give the product you sell for free to some digital influencers. By endorsement, influencers will review your product and share it on their social media or blog. People who have followers in cyberspace like them can influence followers to use your product.

5. Send Press Release

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Press releases or press releases are paid, but can also be free. Try creating exciting and brief press releases about your business features, then send emails to various online media in your country. If later the press release is published, then your business can get public attention widely.

6. Use Google AdWords

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Try using Google Adwords to install ads that can appear on Google pages, YouTube videos, and sites that partner with Google. Later, when people type in a predefined keyword, your website will appear in the search results. You will also get targeted visitors.

7. Promotion on Internet Forums

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Internet forums can be a means to share information, discuss, and also sell. Try joining some famous internet forums to promote your business. Make sure you follow the forum policy before you create a thread and post information related to your business.

8. Hold an Online Contest

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Try to hold contests or online competitions with interesting prizes. For example, contests review your product or post your post on Instagram. This will attract the attention of many people and invite potential new customers. One strategy to build brand awareness that should be tried.

Well, that’s 8 tips to get consumers and generate the first sale. Hope you can apply it when promoting your product and influencing success on your new business.


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