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4 Best Ways to Get Bitcoin Cash Instantly

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Bitcoin Cash is one of the digital currencies available in the world. So, how do you get Bitcoin Cash?

One of the currencies that can be an investment instrument is often compared to its predecessor digital currency, namely Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash does appear as a form of disagreement with Bitcoin users for a change made in Bitcoin.

Some people decide to make a modified alternative (fork) of Bitcoin, namely Bitcoin Cash.

Now, with regard to Bitcoin Cash, here’s how to Get Bitcoin Cash.

How to Earn Bitcoin Cash

Buy from the first party

how to earn bitcoin free

The first way is to buy from the party who first sold it, namely the Bitcoin Cash manager.

When it was first launched, everyone who owned Bitcoin got the same amount of free Bitcoin Cash.

However, because the Bitcoin Cash launch date has passed, you can no longer get it for free from the manager.

In several countries around the world, you can buy Bitcoin Cash through an automated teller machine.

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Buy from third parties

Apart from buying it directly, you can choose how to buy Bitcoin Cash by looking for a third party.

The meaning of a third party is a party that has bought Bitcoin Cash, then sells it back for you to buy.

Like stocks, there is also a special place for buying and selling Bitcoin Cash with brokerage intermediaries. Examples are Coinbase and Bittrex.

Apart from going through broker sites, there are also various applications where you can sell Bitcoin Cash. Make sure this application is safe, yes!

If you are more interested in buying Bitcoin Cash offline, there are also owners who sell Bitcoin Cash for you to buy.

Usually, there is an event held officially to bring together potential sellers and buyers of Bitcoin Cash.

Selling goods

bitcoin cash wallet

Bitcoin Cash is actually a currency. So far, you can get money by selling or working.

Therefore, one of the ways to get this digital currency is to sell something.

For example, suppose you are selling t-shirts, and you only accept payments in the form of Bitcoin Cash.

In fact, in certain cases, you can ask the company to pay you with Bitcoin Cash.

This payment can be one hundred percent, it can also be partially with Bitcoin Cash and the rest will use the local currency usually.

For additional information, in South Africa, you can pay for legal aid services using Bitcoin Cash, you know!

Apart from selling goods or being paid for with Bitcoin Cash, you can also monetize content in the form of Bitcoin Cash.

There are several sites that you can use, including Honest Cash.

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Get it for free

The last way to get Bitcoin Cash for free is to search the internet.

This way, you can get Bitcoin Cash at no cost. However, the amount of Bitcoin Cash that you will get is only a small amount.

Of course, you have to make sure the site is safe, huh!

There are several sites where you can get Bitcoin Cash for free and safely.

For example,, which the Bitcoin Cash manager himself wrote on the official website.

That is the description from Glints on how to get Bitcoin Cash.

With the information above, are you more confident about buying Bitcoin Cash? Make sure the method you choose is right and safe, yes!

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