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17 Ways to Get Paid to Sites Just Use the Internet

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Best Ways to Get Paid to Sites That Will Pay You for Things You Already Do

Best Ways to Get Paid to Sites

Have you ever wondered that from all of the ways to earn money online, you could get paid to sites? Of course, the answer is, yes you can! Nowadays, digital worlds are so advanced that there are several ways for you to earn money online just by searching or sitting things on the internet. If you are absorbed in your computer and get on the web for everything, then this article will show you how to earn some bucks from sitting on the internet.

1. Ask Wonder

As a wonder researcher, your job is to search for things on the internet and looking for the best answers to the questions asked. You need to choose your questions and then collect all the data and information regarding the questions and post the answer to the questions back on Wonder. When you are accepted in Wonder, you will get $8 to $20. It depends on the answer that you provide.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks offers many different ways for you to have fun and earn money at the same time such as watching videos, playing games and even taking online surveys. Most importantly, just by doing some things that are already mentioned above you could regularly earn $25 – $100 from Swagbucks. What an easy way to make money online!

3. User testing

The first thing you need to do in order to get paid to sites this website is to sign up and complete the test video. You will get a notification via email where there is a new task available for you. And then, they will give you a job that you need to finish on a website. You will get paid for every website that you evaluate. Generally, they will pay you $10 – $15 per website.

4. TopCashBack

When you shop through this website you will get a 100% commission. They can do this because their business is featured on their homepage. In other words, the advertisers are paying them, which in a result it works out well for their customers too.

5. Qmee

Qmee is one of many browser extensions and you will be rewarded when you use them. The thing that you need to do is that you must sign up with your email account and then download this browser extension and start sitting on the internet as you usually do. To make extra cash you could click the ads that pop up in the sidebar. You will get paid around 4-6 cents for viewing the ads.

6. Cashcrate

By sitting through their website you could get paid around $0.01 per search up to ten times per day. Cashcrate will send you a check when you accumulate a minimum of $20 in your account.

7. Extrabux

Another website that allows you to get paid to sites is Extrabux. They will give you a 30% cashback at over 2000 stores. Certainly, you will be able to find stores to shop and get cashback via Extrabux.

8. Analysia

This one has the same concept as user testing. For every task that you evaluate you will earn $10. The task usually needs 10-15 minutes to be completed. Analysia will email you when the tasks are available.

9. StartUpLift

This website will pay you by answering questions about different websites. The question will be varied depends on what the clients want. However, each question will be paid for $5.

10. TryMyUI

This is a website evaluation where you will get paid for $10 for 10-15 minutes evaluation on the website. Things that you need to do is visiting the website and providing feedback according to what the clients are looking for.

11. Smart Panel

Another website that allows you to get paid to sites is that Smart Panel. You will get $5 for fulfilling their qualifications. And then, you will get paid for $5 per month just by keeping the app installed on your computer. Besides that, you will earn a little amount of money from them by using your computer or phone like you usually do and let them analyze your search result.

12. LifePoints

By doing a survey online you could earn £3 – £5 per hour. LifePoints is a survey site. It is a merger of two very popular survey sites MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket. You just need to sign up for their website and wait for them to send you some online surveys. Each online survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.

13. Mr. Rebates

This is one of many great cashback websites with most major stores to select from. Usually, they offer more than 30% cashback on particular stores and their standard offer is $5 for many of the retailer websites that they offer.

14. BeFrugal

By shopping from their website you will earn up to 30% cashback to selected stores, and 10% cashback on Amazon. They also offer 10$ sign up bonus for their customers who are signed up to them.

15. Send Earnings

This website will pay you for watching videos, playing games and shopping at different stores to buy many things.

16. One poll

You could also earn money online by doing online surveys in one poll. You will be paid for 1£ for 10p surveys that need 3 minutes to complete. Besides that, they also offer you a £5 exclusive sign up bonus. You could ask your rewards in the form of cash or PayPal payment.

17. Fat Wallet

This is another cashback website that you could try. The first thing that you need to do is browsing through their website and shopping from one of the stores that offer the most cash back for the things that you buy and earn money.

In sum, today there are many ways that we could do in earning money online. We could do online surveys, sign up to the website, do user testing and et cetera. Besides that, we also could get paid to sites which work out well for us because just by doing the things that we like to do we will get paid. It is like, we are basically doing nothing and there is a website that willing to pay us. The things that we need are just our phone or computer, and a good internet connection.

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