How to Setting Up Your Google Smart Home

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How to Setting Up Your Google Smart Home? As millennials, you are certainly familiar with the term Google Smart Home, which makes it easy for someone to run commands with a connected device. Where you can control your smart home devices with Google Assistant to run various features easily.

Of course, most millennials have used Google Home, whose function can help you set up, and control the devices in your home such as controlling Google Nest speakers and screens.

Well, you can control thousands of compatible features at home such as lights, cameras, speakers, and thousands of other devices from a single app with the Smart Home System.

Google Smart Home Functions

The function or role of Google Smart Home is to control, regulate, and manage lights, cameras, TVs, and other compatible devices. How to connect it can only be done with one device only.

This is because Google Smart Home prepares the 1st generation of Google Nest Family devices in the form of Google Home Max, Google Nest Audio, Google Nest Hub, Google Nest Hub Max, WiFi devices, Chromecast devices, TV sets, and speakers equipped with Chromecast).

Yes, as explained earlier, the Google Smart Home has a function as a remote with thousands of smart home devices from various brands.

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Google Smart Home Devices

google smart home setup

There are several Google Smart Home device settings that you should know in order to easily connect them to smart devices at home.

Home Tab Settings

With this one setting, you can easily control your screen, speakers, Chromecast, and other devices. From this menu, you can also check all the devices in your home to connect as newly connected devices or reconnect them.

Home Settings

When you open the Google Smart Home device settings, you will find a home name menu at the top of the screen. Then, if you use this Google Smart Home for devices in other homes, then you just have to choose the name of the house to move around.

Quick Action Settings

Within the quick action settings, there is access to control of all available devices in your home. Also, note that each button has a function to control all devices with a service or a service device group.

Menu On Google Smart Home

If you want to use Google Smart Home, then first understand some of the menus that you can use, here are the reviews:


The media menu shows the media currently playing on the connected device. If you have more than one device, then you should choose one to stream from one device to another.

Home Phone Menu

Plus, there’s a landline menu where you can call home, which means calling all devices linked to Duo.

Broadcast Menu

The Broadcast menu serves to spread messages to the Google Assistant speaker, as well as your smartphone screen from the Google Home app.

Thermostat Menu

Then, there is the Thermostat menu which serves to open the thermostat control. If you have several smart thermostats, then you should choose which thermostat to control to make it easier later.


The camera menu is used to display video feeds from your camera. If you have multiple cameras, it’s a good idea to choose which camera to display.

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The WiFi menu allows you to run speed tests and manage Nest Wifi, Google WiFi, and OnHub settings and networks.

From the above review, it can be seen that the Google Smart Home function is quite easy for millennials to carry out various activities at home. I hope this helps.

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