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7 Great Business Ideas You Can Start After a Pandemic

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In the midst of the outbreak of the coronavirus or Covid-19 that has hit various worlds, new business ideas have emerged that you can pursue to increase your coffers. Check out Great Business Ideas during a pandemic and entering 2021 in this article!

The outbreak of Covid-19 has paralyzed the wheels of the economy at once.

Many businesses went bankrupt and closed because they were unable to withstand operating expenses.

As a result, not a few workers were laid off by the company.

However, along with the Adaptation of New Habits in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, it raises hopes for business actors.

The provisions on social distancing and travel restrictions that were previously implemented during the Covid-19 period led to new habits in the community.

Come on, see what Great Business Ideas are during the Covid-19 pandemic and will continue until 2021.

Check out the details below!

7 Brilliant Business Ideas After Pandemic Era

small business ideas this pandemic in the philippines

Virtual Photographer Services

New business opportunities during the Covid-19 pandemic and entering 2021 are online or virtual photographer services.

Online photographer services are a very profitable opportunity for those of you who like photography.

Besides that, you can also serve product shoots.

This method is done to reduce physical contact to prevent Covid-19 transmission.

For those of you who have a camera, then this new business opportunity can be an option.

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Regarding payment, this can be adjusted to the agreement of both parties.

Online Training Class

During the Covid-19 pandemic, people were asked to reduce social activities or gather to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

In fact, a number of teaching and learning activities are also carried out through distance learning or online.

In the midst of this limited activity, new business opportunities have emerged related to online training.

If you have skills, don’t hesitate to open online classes.

For example, classes on writing, photography, to beauty.

This is an opportunity that can be done at home.


Content Creator

new business ideas after coronavirus

This new business opportunity is quite interesting to do during the corona pandemic as it is today.

Content creators can create various content materials in the form of writing, images, videos, sound, or a combination of two or more materials.

Content creators can be said to be the most loved profession during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Besides being able to produce coffers, these activities can also get rid of boredom at home.

You can create an interesting content about trends or issues that are currently busy on social media.

Post Adsense or advertisements to make money through Youtube.

Apart from Youtube, you can also use TikTok or Instagram as a means of promotion.

House Cleaning Services

During Covid-19, the demand for health services increased rapidly.

Well, this could be a new business opportunity during a pandemic and entering 2021.

Even though house cleaning services are familiar, these services still do not reach all regions.

Usually, this service is only available in big cities.

For that, if in your area you are still rarely on this service, then this will be a new business opportunity that you can pursue.

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Moreover, during Covid-19, cleanliness was the main thing, especially for homes.

Call Salon Services

Have a salon business but there are fewer consumers due to the pandemic?

Don’t worry, this new business opportunity can be a solution in the midst of people’s worries outside the home.

You can really open a call salon service for women who want to look after their appearance even at home.

However, still, ensure health and hygiene protocols when visiting the consumer’s home.

On-call Beauty Clinic Services

Just like call salon services, you can also open call beauty clinic services to homes.

Don’t hesitate to open this service even though your beauty tools are limited.

You can really open the service according to the package.

For example, makeup services, nail and hand care, to faces.

Some conventional beauty clinics have even implemented a pick-up strategy to visit customers.

They launched several services ranging from drive-thru treatment where consumers can get vitamin C injections in the car, to virtual consultations.

In-house Restaurant Service

A new business opportunity during the Covid-19 pandemic is in-house restaurant services.

In other words, you can provide a roasting tool for families who want to have a barbeque party at home.

This new business opportunity has even been carried out by a number of restaurants and cafes affected by Covid-19.

They innovate by presenting a restaurant experience at the consumer’s home.

They provide food, seasonings, and cooking utensils that are sent home.

Interested in trying?


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