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18 The Best High Paying Affiliate Programs for every Marketer

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If you want to know the best affiliate programs to make money online, then you are clicking the right article. Here are some high paying affiliate programs that you could use as references. Whether you are looking for high paying networks, a program that could help in monetizing your blog, or you are a newbie that want to get started, here are the places that could answer what you are looking for.

High Paying Affiliate Programs

These affiliate marketing programs bellow offer some of the highest commission that are available. We have selected some potential programs and made a list of the best high paying affiliate programs so that you can start promoting a product that will be worthy of your time. Check the list out:

18 Reliable High Paying Affiliate Programs To Maximise Your Income

highest paying affiliate programs list

1. ClickFunnel affiliate program

By getting 100 new clickfunnel users you could buy your own car. Click Funnel will cover your new car payment when you succeed in getting 100 or more new users for them. They will give you a 40% commission for all sales you give them.

2. Leadpages

You should join these affiliate programs and start to promote their suite of lead generation tools, that have helped more than thousands of entrepreneurs create their small online business. By doing so, you will get a 30% recurring commission for all sales that you generate.

3. Shopify affiliate program

You could earn a 200% commission depending on the subscription of your referrals sign up to. You could also earn $58 for each paid sign up who uses your special referral link and for each Plus referral you will get $2000. Shopify is a well-known e-commerce platform, web builder and also point of a sales software provider.

4. Constant Contact

The next high paying affiliate programs is constant contact. It is one of the most powerful email marketing platforms in the universe. By getting one referral that signs up to free trial you will get 5$. When your referral decides to pay for full accounts you will get 105$.

5. Fiverr affiliate program

You just need to promote their products which are the marketplace for digital services. You could earn 150$ for every first-time buyer by using their dynamic CPA model.

6. Fatjoe

Fatjoe is one of the fastest-growing link building and content creation agencies in the world. You will earn a 10% commission on every single sale that you could generate.

7. Thrive-themes

is a simple and easy to use the collection of WordPress web tools. By promoting these products you will earn 35% of each thrive theme sales that you generate and 25% for recurring commissions.

8. ThirstyAffiliate

This is not just an average affiliate link Cloaker. It is a smart tool that is designed to help bloggers get more revenue. You will get 30% of the sale price of any sale you referred to them.

9. Printful

Printful is one of the most well known online printing products and fulfillment in one. You could print your t-shirts, mugs, wallpaper, or whatever you want here. You could also connect your e-commerce shop for automated fulfillment. By linking new customers to printful you will get 10% of their fulfillment price. By becoming their affiliate you could begin earning from the first order of your referral make and you will keep receiving the commission for nine months.

10. Collect.chat

The next high paying affiliate programs that worth to try is that collect.chat. it will help you to make chatbots for your website. By partnering with collect. chat you will earn a 30% recurring commission every month. Furthermore, you will get a $50 bonus every time you refer 10 new customers.

11. WP Engine: WordPress Affiliate Program

They provide maintained WordPress hosting to thousands of customers around the world. They offer a high commission of 200% per sale or 100% for payment from the first customers. They also offer 50$ commission per sale of any business from sub-affiliates make.

12. Itunes Affiliate Program

You could earn a commission from this program via qualifying sales and membership to the Apple Music Platform. This will be a good chance for you if your blog did tech reviews or was fan-based on particular TV shows, or genres of music. You could also get affiliates fee from promoting songs, books, apps and many more.

13. Sandals Affiliate Marketing Program

They offer extravagance travel and the affiliates could get 4% per sale of their products and services. These affiliate programs will suit best for luxury, travel, and vacation blog space

14. TourRadar Affiliate Program

If you are a blogger that writes content about travel, vacation, or luxury you better be signing up to the CJ affiliate network and then begin to promote the TourRadar travel services. They have so many products to offer that make them appealing for travel readers and when you could sell their product you will get a 5% net commission.

15. Luxury Car Hire Partner

This affiliate program will suit best for those who have blogs that are related to cars or travels, especially European based. They give €50 just for signing up for them and they also offer €100 commission per booking.

16. The Watchery Affiliate Program

This high paying affiliate programs is so suitable for you guys who write a blog that related to a luxury watch. You guys just need to promote these luxury watches to your audience. This watchery program is run via Rakuten affiliates network and they offer a 10% net commission per sale for their affiliates.

17. Essentia Affiliate program

Essentia is one of the best mattress sellers that sell the best quality and eco-friendly mattresses. They offer a $358 commission per sale for their affiliates.

18. Target Affiliates

For you guys who just started in affiliate programs or so-called the beginner. Join Target’s affiliate program could be your best bet. They offer the millions of product to sell and you can get an 8% commission on your referrals in popular categories.

Those are some high paying affiliate programs ideas that you guys could use as references when you want to join the affiliate program. Therefore, you guys don’t have to worry anymore, if you want to make money online through affiliate programs. You guys just need to pick what affiliate programs that will suit you best.

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