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Top 27 High Paying Jobs That Can Pay You Up To $100K

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If many people look for work as an effort to fulfill their needs, some of them are looking for high paying jobs to fulfill their lifestyle. This is not a matter for overall, but by looking for well-paid jobs, of course, everyone wants a decent and pleasant quality of life. Let’s look at some of the highest paying jobs based on sources that we can summarize below.

High Paying Jobs

Various High Paying Jobs You Can Do to Meet Your Need


This work performed by an anesthesiologist. He or she is the person who makes other doctors able to complete invasive operations on the patient’s body by eliminating pain. Usually, anesthesia given to patients to stay asleep is an alloy between intravenous injections and inhalation gas. This is the type of work with the highest salary that deserves a thumbs up.


A surgeon can choose to become a general surgeon or surgical specialists such as cardiovascular, skin specialist, ophthalmologist, and others. This is the coolest job with a level of difficulty that is far above the average. So, it’s no wonder this job deserves the highest-ranking salary.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dentists who take a specialization in deep of the face, mouth, and jaw around four years of education in a university. They are able to repair cleft lip, facelift, detection of head, neck and mouth cancer. Brands that play a full role in all types of facial trauma. The level of difficult work makes this job get a high paying jobs in the world.

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Obstetrics is part of childbirth. While gynecology is something related to women’s reproductive problems. These two sciences are very closely related. A general practitioner must take a complex specialization education to become an expert in this field. Complex problems can occur at any time and they must always be prepared for the worst possibilities that arise.


This is a type of work performed by dental specialists who deal with problems with improper tooth formation or askew teeth. Orthodontists generally rely on the use of braces, retainer and other equipment to correct bites and straighten teeth. Work that requires patience because they have to meet the same patient for a long period of time.


Psychiatrists are doctors who diagnose, treat and work to prevent disorders related to mind and mental health. These professionals are educated to be able to understand the complex relationship between mind and body disease. Patients may suffer from mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression, and receive a form of treatment known as psychotherapy. Psychiatrists can also prescribe various types of drugs or even recommend hospitalization. Psychiatrists must be able to integrate traditional medicine with complementary practices such as energy work, spiritual beliefs, yoga, and meditation is the best way to treat patients. This why such profession is called high paying jobs as well as the most difficult tasks ever.


Doctors are professionals who can always be relied on to overcome public health problems in general. Most of the doctors we go to are general practitioners who are able to deal with the problem of coughing cold, heat, zits, dizziness and more. To be able to hold a doctor’s degree, a high school graduate must attend medical education at the university for about five years.


A prosthodontist is a dental specialist who replaces teeth to improve the function of your mouth or the appearance of your smile. They care for people who have lost teeth, who have problems with their bites or who just don’t like their smile. They also help cancer patients who have difficulty eating, communicating or even kissing after treatment. This type of work is among the high paying jobs of work that we can recommend.


Pediatricians are specialists who are concerned with the physical, emotional and social well-being of children from infancy to young adulthood. This science has a variety of subspecialties ranging from neonatology, oncology, and hematology to pediatric and psychiatric developmental behavior. Those who choose to become pediatricians should be happy to be near children and advocate for children’s problems. With the level of difficulty and patience that is absolutely necessary, this profession is included in the ranks of the highest salary in the world.


Dentists identify and deal with problems involving the patient’s mouth, gums, and teeth. Their tasks include extracting teeth, installing dentures, and filling tooth holes. A dentist must take a difficult period of lecture for five years at a university. So, they should have gotten a high salary in return.

Apart from the types of work above that are paid for with high pay but have a high degree of necessity too, here we will also provide solutions to the limited level of education, namely the existence of highest paying jobs without a degree. Let’s look one by one below.


If you like mechanical repair and plumbing work, you might enjoy the assembly, installation, and repair of boilers and other containers. Reportedly this job gets a pretty high paying jobs for sure.

First-line supervisors of correctional officers

The position of supervisor in a correctional institution may be suitable for you. You will work with officers and other prison employees. Jobs that have a high level of alertness will get a fairly high salary.

Real-estate Brokers

If you like to work that relates to many people and you are also willing to learn about a detailed, oriented approach, intermediary transactions (such as buying, selling, renting, and arranging loans) then this job might be the one for you.

Gas-plant operators

The main task of this profession is to maintain mechanical systems in the workplace, this field will put you together with utility companies to control compressors that monitor and support the main pipeline.

Subway and streetcar operators

Very responsible for elevated subway or train operations to transport passengers. A job that is actually quite tiring but is rewarded with a satisfying salary.


Within a year, a doctor is able to produce USD 195,000. A prospective doctor must take a formal education for 4 years and an assistance program of approximately 4 years.

The length of time this makes many prospective doctors who do not complete education, especially in the phase after graduating from formal education.

Pharmacy Manager

The degree needed for this job is Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD). You will get a salary of USD 146,000 per year if you work in this field.

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Requirements, you must have at least 6-10 years experience in the pharmaceutical field.


highest paying medical jobs

To become a pharmacist, you must have a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and undergo about 2 years of assistance. The pharmacist’s salary is quite large, which is around USD 127,000 per year.

Your task is not only at the drug counter. But also in the laboratory for assistance, making new medicinal products and testing new products.

Enterprise Architect

This job might sound strange, but if you are familiar with the concept, strategy and business framework of the company, you will love this job, especially because of its fantastic salary, USD 119,500 per year.

The task of an Enterprise Architect is to plan a business strategy, conduct meetings with organizational leaders and create software specifically for B2B marketing.

Corporate Consultant

A corporate consultant is usually tasked with ‘guarding’ the company legally. With a large salary, USD 115,500, corporate consultants have an important position in a company. You must master the law of the company to get a career here.

Doctor Assistant

high paying jobs without a degree

Even though they only have assistant titles, this work salary cannot be underestimated. You can pocket at least $ 108,000 per year if you choose a career here. The task of a doctor’s assistant is to help the doctor handle patients from check-up to surgery.

Software Development Manager

In the IT field, a career as a software development manager is a matter of pride. Besides being needed by every company, the wages offered are promising. A software development manager can pocket USD 108,000 per year. Interested in trying?

Software Engineering Manager

Still in the IT field, those of you who have the ability to analyze problems in a software system can try a career in this field. The salary given to an engineering manager software is around USD 107,000 per year.


Again, career opportunities with large salaries come from the medical field. Yes, a nurse has a large salary after a doctor and a doctor’s assistant, around USD 106,000 per year.

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Nurses have an important role in the medical world. In addition to helping doctors examine patients, a nurse must also monitor the health of his patients.

Software Architect

This work may also sound strange to your ears. Software architect is in charge of conducting discussions with the software engineer team and clients to produce a desired software concept.

This job has a salary of around USD 105,000. A salary that is not small for a job that is quite complicated, right?

Engineering Manager

Not much different from a software engineer, you are still required to have technical capabilities in this field as working capital. Unmitigated, a paid engineering manager with a nominal USD of 105,000 per year.

Application Development Manager

highest paying engineering jobs

The application that we often use on our smartphones is the work of an application development manager and his team. The manufacturing process is of course complicated and if you want a career in this field, you must be familiar with coding.

Those are the various types of high paying jobs that can be your choice, if you are still young and want to take the lecture period, the degree in health or medicine is a very appropriate one. But if you feel too heavy for it all, then the other alternative work that is obtained without a degree is one of the doors to your success.

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