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16 High Paying Part-Time Jobs that Will Give You High Salary

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We are as humans beings need money to live, “money is not everything but everything needs money,” a quote that is believed by most people in the world. Not to deny that it seems like people live to get money, they can not like without it. People always want to make a good amount of money because they want to live well. The only proper way to get money is by working, there are some types of jobs, which are full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and freelance jobs, Here, we are going to talk about some high paying part-time jobs.

High Paying Part-Time Jobs

Part-time is usually for students, they want to work because they want to study and get the money at the same time—well they will get the experiences too. Even though it is only a part-time job, but there are some that will get a high salary. Let us get to the lists!

16 High Paying Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

1. Tour Guide

high paying part-time jobs for students

This part-time job is actually more like a vacation and working at the same time because you can enjoy the tourist places while you are telling your clients and you will get paid after that. You can make around $10-15 per hour by doing this job

2. Personal driver

As long as you can drive and have the license, you can simply do this job. Driving someone from one place to another place and you will get paid. The salary will be about $10-14 per hour for this job

3. Nanny

If you like kids and also like to play with them, this part-time job is perfect for you. Usually, you will be asked to play with the kids while their parents are working or they need to do something important. By doing this part-time job you will get around $13-25 per hour,

4. Personal Trainer

high paying part-time jobs no experience

Sports lover must love this one, they can do their hobby, be healthy, and get paid at the same time. Well, usually personal trainers will only need around one to three hours per meeting since it is also not good to do the exercises for hours. Around $19-21 per hour you can get from this part-time job,

5. Tutor

So this part-time is basically you will teach the students from high school or elementary school, you can teach them the lessons that they have gotten from schools but they have not understood yet. You can get paid around $22-25 per hour from this part-time job,

6. School Bus Driver

It is actually an easy job as long as you can drive and have the license because your job is just driving the students from their school to their houses. It will need around 20 hours per week and you will get paid around $15 per hour

7. Secretary

high paying part-time jobs for high school students

This part-time actually does not have to be done in the office, you can do this job from your home too. You will be the assistant for the CEO and you will get around $10-25 per hour

8. Bartender

Mostly bartenders work in evenings and if some students want to take this one then it will be fine since usually, they do not have classes in the evenings. Well, even the salary is not high but the tips are pretty much good like you can get around $400 per shift

9. Freelance Writer

part-time jobs that pay 20 an hour

This job is totally able to do everywhere as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection with you. It is possible to do this job while you are traveling too, indeed it is pretty flexible. You can make around $50-100 per articles that the company asks you to make

10. Graphic Designer

If you love to make some designs and you want to get paid from it then there are plenty of graphic designer vacancies out there. So the money that you can do by doing this job is around $50 per hour

11. Interior Designer

This part-time is perfect for someone who likes to design a house, the students who study architecture suited for this job. This is also one of the high paying part-time jobs because you can get around $100 per hour

12. Editor

part-time jobs that pay well from home

So basically you will need to read some articles for books, newspapers, novels, and the others then you have to edit some parts that are necessary too. It will pay you around $28 per hour

13. Translator

The students who study or the people who are able to speak at least two languages are perfect for this one. Well, actually this part-time job is more suitable for students who study literature or language because they have studied the techniques from their college. It will make around $25 per hour

14. Personal Assistant

best part-time jobs from home

This job is usually will give you tasks to arrange someone’s schedules, the things that they need to do, and things like that. The money that you can get from this job is up to $25 per hour,

15. Waiter and Waitress

Most people do this part-time job because a lot of restaurants out there and it does not need any specific skills. You can get around $10 per hour by doing this job, but most of the time the tips will be higher than the salary,

16. Online Taxi Driver

This job is pretty flexible, you can do it anytime every time you are free. You the money that you will make is based on how hard you work on it

Those are just some of the high paying part-time jobs. Part-time jobs are actually not only for students but it is also for everyone who wants to. Doing some part-time jobs is good because you can have a part-time job not only one, but more than one is fine as long as you can handle it. Even the salary is not as much as a full-time job, but it is worth the time and energy that you will spend on it.

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