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36 Awesome Hobbies That Make Money And How to Started Today

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Hobbies that make money is certainly a dream for everyone, but usually, the problem here is that not many people know and understand about the kinds of hobbies that can generate coffers of money. Doing a job that is loved can make the work run well when the heart is happy whatever we do will run smoothly. Maybe you often hear the term happiness can be achieved when passion can be continuous with mastered skills.

If you have difficulty in determining the right business idea, then try to start from your hobby. You can turn your hobby into a promising business opportunity.

By running a business that fits your hobby, you will love what you do more. You will work happily as if you have no burden.

Hobbies That Make Money

This will make it easier for you as a novice businessman to adjust to the business world. So the challenge can be overcome with enthusiasm and optimism.

Well, for those of you who want to do business, here are a number of examples of hobbies that make money coffers and many are occupied by young people.

36 Surprising Hobbies That Can Actually Make You Money Today

#1. Blogging


Blogging is a hobby for most people, especially for those who like to share information with others.

For those of you who are bloggers, maybe your activities can be used as a business that can generate dollar coffers for you. Because the source of income is advertising, then you can start this business by publishing quality content on your blog.

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#2. Cook

money making hobbies from home

These hobbies that make money are usually in demand by women, but there are also men who have a hobby of cooking. Well, for those of you who have a hobby of cooking, it’s good to try to make the hobby a very profitable business.

One business of cooking hobbies is running a food catering business. For starters, maybe you can fulfill the order by cooking it by yourself, and when the business starts to develop, then you are looking for a career to help fulfill more and more orders.

For consumers themselves, usually come from companies, hotels, weddings and other events. You can also provide a unique menu, to make people curious, and interested in becoming your catering consumer and subscription.

#3. Write

online jobs from home

Somewhat similar to the first point, those of you who have a hobby of writing can also make it a profitable business.

Apart from being a blogger, you can also sell the writings that you have to sites that need them. If you decide to sell your writing, usually consumers will come from among bloggers who do not have time to write their own articles.

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For what price ???

Most of them will not dispute the tariff, as long as the writing you provide is truly quality writing and can support the SEO of their blog.

#4. Sports

hobbies that make money reddit

Sports is not only an activity to make the body healthier, but for those of you who are observant in doing business, a hobby of sports can also be a business.

For those of you who have a hobby of exercising fitness, maybe you can open a gym for those who have hobbies that make money like you.

Or if you feel that opening a gym requires a lot of capital, you can start a business by opening a sports shop, with a little capital, you can open a simple sports shop, which provides standard sports equipment, such as soccer shoes, apparel body, and much more.

Making this hobby as a business proved to be quite promising, because the public’s awareness of exercise is increasingly increasing, so that more people need sports equipment, as well as instructors, as well as places to exercise.

#5. Taking photos (Photography)

Selling photos on the internet

You may be very interested in the world of photography, and most people who have this hobby, usually they will or have equipped the equipment needed, such as cameras and the like.

Well, you can take advantage of your skills in taking photos, and also the complete supporting equipment as a means of running your business.

You can offer prewedding, wedding, and photo services for photographing models. For the benefits you will get depending on your skills in taking pictures. and those of you who have these skills have the opportunity to get promising benefits.

As for increasing revenue, you can also sell your images to sites that want to buy pictures for their resale, but they will usually pay you based on the number of downloads or the number of buyers from their site.

#6. Hobby playing games

hobbies that make money online

Many people who have a bad view of gamers, and usually they consider playing games is an activity that is completely unprofitable.

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In fact, if gamers are smart to take advantage of business opportunities, this activity can be profitable. You who are gamers, can start a business by utilizing the game itself (selling cash characters, accessories, accounts, etc.).

#7. Drawing or Painting

If you are someone who is very happy to draw, or likes to paint, and is willing to spend a lot of time on these activities, maybe you can make the hobby as your business.

You can start the business by selling your pictures or paintings, and you can open a gallery of your own. Many companies, hotels, and places to eat, which need your paintings to be used as room decorators.

As for the benefits that you will get, depending on the skill and image quality of the painting you created. However, most consumers dare to pay dearly, for paintings that are really good and have high artistic value. Well, it’s quite profitable to run. ?

#8. Make a video

make money fast today

Try to remember. . .

Are you a person who likes to make videos, whether it’s your vacation trip, funny videos about you and friends, and so on.

If you are a person who has a hobby like this, then you can have to know, if your hobby can be a very profitable business.

Youtube ??

Yes, that’s your source of income. Youtube gives you the opportunity to upload videos that you have, and advertising programs like Adsense, will pay you for ads that appear, and other programs that will pay based on viewers.

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So, if your account and video are truly famous, it is not impossible that you will have the chance to be famous, and also become a millionaire.

#9. Computer hobby

You who like to support computers, and understand about computers can also make these hobbies as one way to make money.

In addition to opening a course, you can also sell computer or laptop accessories, or light service services that can be called home. For income, it is very promising for those of you who are serious in this business.

#10. Fashion

online business ideas in india

Usually, those who are interested in fashion are dominated by women, of course, because they attach great importance to appearance to support their beauty.

However, if you feel that you are one of the fashion lovers, you can make these hobbies that make money, such as opening a fashion shop, and so on.

#11. Automotive

People who have an automotive hobby, usually will be considered a bad boy, and are seen as bad by the surrounding. Even if in my opinion, this assumption is not entirely true, because automotive hobbies can also be a very profitable business.

Armed with these capabilities, you can open your own automotive workshop. Although competition in this business is quite large, but with better skills, and more maximal service, of course people will increasingly believe, and choose to go to your workshop rather than your competition.

As for the benefits that you can get, it is also quite large and guaranteed. In addition, with the success you have achieved, it will break negative opinions about your automotive hobby.

#12. Hobby Design

local part-time jobs hiring

Hobby design is really fun, even many people who have succeeded by running a business based on their hobbies.

Many people need this design, especially animation illustration designs and advertisements. So, you can take advantage of this hobby that you have, as one business that is able to make money.

Because competition in this business is quite large, so for the beginning, you can create design services at a cheap price, but with very good quality. This is done to introduce your business, and to get consumers in the harsh competition.

Furthermore, if the business has shown good development, you can increase the price little by little, and do not forget to keep giving the best results for your customers.

#13. Programming

This hobby may be quite difficult, but for those of you who have long been interested in this activity, of course programming is not something that is difficult for you.

Well, because ordinary people like me think of it as a difficult thing, then it is possible that if you open a course, there will be many who are interested in learning to you.

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In addition to opening a course, this hobby can also be used as a business by selling program results that are your work. For example, the cashier program, I found that many people sell cashier programs at very high prices, can get millions for one type of cashier program.

Wow, if you really pursue it, it is not impossible for your work program, to be rewarded with fantastic prices, and to benefit from creating a program that is your hobby.

#14. Traveling

Travel Jobs

Many people who have a hobby of traveling or traveling, but not all can see the business opportunities that can be generated by their hobbies that make money.

Many businesses can run from this traveling hobby, including offering themselves as a travel guide. Yes, you can be a travel guide for the places you visit often.

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In addition to being a travel guide, those of you who like traveling can also sell photos of landscapes, as well as culture from places that become your tourist destination.

#15. Designing the Web

Nowadays, there are many people who need web design services for the websites they manage, especially for companies that are trying to penetrate the online market.

So, web designing, which was only your hobby to fill your spare time, can now be used as a means to make money. In fact, to complete just one website, you can pocket up to hundreds to thousands of dollars. Really, bro

#16. Hobbies about electricity and electronics

Learn about electricity and electronics and put more interest in you. For those of you who are observant, and have enough capital, then you can make the first one a hobby, a very profitable business.

One of the businesses in the field of electricity and electronics, namely opening an electricity store. Of course, there are a lot of people who need electricity-related items and have the opportunity to become your customers, especially if your service is good enough and your products are proven to last.

#17. Teach

entry level jobs that require travel

Teaching is a hobby that can be used as a business. Those of you who have a hobby of teaching, of course, have had considerable experience in this field.

In fact, if you are currently a teacher, you do not need to leave the job to start this business. Especially for those who can share time, because a business based on teaching hobbies that make money can be run part-time.

The business or business that you can run is based on a hobby of teaching, which is to provide private courses for lessons that you master. Or if your capital is large enough, you can also open your own tutoring, which targets school children who need to learn more often, because they don’t absorb the material given by the school.

#18. Playing music

Hobbies that make money playing music can also be a promising business. For those of you who are keen on seeing this business opportunity, and have enough capital, you may be able to create a musical instrument shop that provides quality goods at affordable prices.

In addition to opening a store, you can also make services, or courses to play musical instruments that are suitable for musical instruments that you enjoy and master. Or, you can also open a music studio, for those who want to train their band.

In addition, doing business in this field of music will provide results that are quite satisfying and promising if you are really serious in carrying it out.

#19. Handycrafts

real work from home jobs

Not a few who have hobbies like this, hobbies that are not only beneficial for themselves, but also with those around them.

Yes, useful for those around him. Because someone who has a hobby of making handicrafts, usually they will use used goods (garbage) that most people consider useless anymore.

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So, with the presence of people who have this hobby, of course the environment will be even cleaner. And for those of you who have this hobby, you also need to know that this hobby can be a business.

In fact, because the people who have put their support for this hobby from the beginning, then chances are they will also be willing to become your customers. So, this hobby is really profitable, huh. . .

#20. Photographed hobbies

If I had discussed photography as a hobby, then now it is the turn that has a photography hobby.

The purpose of the photo hobby here is that you like to be a model or just a selfie. So, if you are good at seeing opportunities, actually the hobby is very likely to be a very profitable business.

You can offer yourself as a magazine model, or clothing model for those who need a model for advertising activities. Or, nowadays, Endend’s activities are focused on social media.

Well, if you are interested in becoming a model armed with your hobby, then this hobby can bring you a lot of rupiah that is very profitable for you.

#21. Collect antiques

For people who have hobbies like this, usually already know that someday they can make their collection items, as goods that are quite expensive and sought after by other collectors.

So, for those of you who have a hobby of collecting antiques, or who are thinking about trying this hobby. It’s a good idea to make it a profitable business too, by selling your savings antiques, maybe you will become a millionaire with a fast time.

But, in doing business like this. You seem to be having a hard time finding consumers who really want to buy these antiques, because those who don’t know, will certainly be surprised to hear the price you peg, while those who are antique lovers will not be surprised when they hear the price expensive.

#22. Farming

Planting hobbies are not only beneficial for the culprit, but people around will also feel good effects, due to the environment filled with plants.

You who have a hobby of farming, there’s nothing wrong with seeing this hobby as a business opportunity. One of them is by opening a garden or flower shop.

Yeah While enjoying farming, you will also benefit from selling these plants.

#23. Caring for birds

Wow, if you are a hobby with this one, you must have known a very big business opportunity.

Caring for birds is not too difficult, even their chirping seems to be a stress remedy for those who care for it.

However, who would deny that raising birds can be a profitable business. There are many kinds of birds that can be made money, especially for those who already have tweets, and their feathers have grown thick.

For bird lovers, usually they will find out the types of birds that have high prices. And the myth of raising birds will bring good luck, it seems true. Hehe ?

#24. Electronic goods repair services

Quite a lot of people who have hobbies like this, even those who are “addicted” to this hobby, usually will not be willing, if there is one electronic item that they are not tinkering with.

These habits and hobbies don’t seem good. However, for those who make it as learning material, of course, these habits and hobbies that make money can be useful for them in the future.

Because, with a little observant of business opportunities, then you can create an electronic service store of your own. Yes, for the beginning you can only accept light services, and for the future, then you will receive a more severe service.

The benefits that you get are also quite high, considering the frequent damage to electronic goods owned by residents, so that your services are really needed by them.

#25. Sewing

Hobbies that can be used as a business next, namely sewing. Most women who have hobbies like this or men can also have this hobby because of the majors they take during school.

If you feel that you are a fan of this hobby, it doesn’t hurt to try doing business with your hobby. You can open sewing services, trouser reduction services, clothes making services, and so on.

No need to be shy about running a sewing business. Because, maybe your success will be achieved in this way. Later when it’s profitable, then you try to open a boutique of your own.

#26. Gadget

How to Download Youtube Videos on iPhone

Do you have a hobby of playing gadgets, messing with gadgets, or making gadget programs?

Wow, that means you need to run the opportunity by making the hobby a business. You who already feel professional in the field of gadgets, may be able to open a light service service for all kinds of gadgets. Or, selling your gadget program, is also a very profitable business opportunity.

Not only that, you can also make reviews of the latest gadget brands, and make them as money-making materials, such as creating a blog review, or youtube review. If you are serious, it is not impossible that your hobby can bring big profits in the future.

#27. Magic

Many have made this hobby a profitable business. And among them, there are also those whose names have been known as magic.

You who have more interest, and feel good at magic-juggling business, it never hurts to make a business with your magic hobby. You can make a show in the village, or in a crowded place to get cash rewards.

Or, you can teach friends, and the surrounding community who are interested in this one art. Well, for the course rates you can negotiate, and of course it will benefit you.

#28. Beauty

hobbies that make money for stay at home moms

Quite a lot of people have been successful in the beauty business. You can also try it, especially for those of you who have more interest, or hobbies in this beauty field.

For example, doing business in the field of beauty, namely selling various types of beauty equipment. You who have been fond of him from the beginning, of course, will feel facilitated when you want to introduce your merchandise to those who are your customers.

Or, for those of you who have more capital to open a business, it’s good that you directly open your own beauty salon. In addition to being more profitable, of course consumers will increasingly believe, because your salon already has this physical store.

For profit, if your skills are really good, then turning thousands of dollars a month is not an impossible thing for you to get.

#29. Drinking coffee

Those of you who like to drink coffee, and often get insults on these hobbies that make money, don’t be insecure. The reason is, as long as you are smart at seeing opportunities, and have the intention to run them. So, any activity can be used as a source of income, or ideas for doing business.

You who like to drink coffee, can open a cafe that offers coffee with different flavors. If it turns out that people like it, of course you will get a big profit from the business.

Or, you can also make a breakthrough, by creating your own coffee brand. You are fond of coffee, of course you can tell which coffee is good, and which is not. If you are able to create coffee with different tastes, then the profits will always be on your side.

#30. Maintain fish

Hobbies for raising fish can also be a profitable business. I’m sure everyone who has a hobby like this, usually has seen his business opportunities first.

Memeilihara fish, will be very profitable, especially if the fish that are kept are fish that really have a high selling price.

In raising fish, it can be divided into consumption fish and ornamental fish. As for the benefits to be obtained is also quite different. For consumption fish, it will usually be priced per kilogram, while for ornamental fish, it will usually be rewarded with a recording system.

You can get a very large profit, what if you maintain or cultivate ornamental fish with species that are of high selling value.

#31. Swimming hobbies

Furthermore, you who have a hobby of swimming can also be a profitable business. Swimming hobbies not only make you avoid various kinds of diseases. Because for those of you who are observant, you can use these hobbies that make money.

One of the businesses that can be created from this swimming hobby, which is opening swimming lessons for those who want to learn. In fact, those who have been involved in this business will usually set a high enough price for each meeting, or every month.

So, for those of you who are serious about running this business, it’s good to set a low price first, so that people are more interested in becoming your students. And after the business starts to develop, then you increase the price little by little.

#32. Shopping hobby

money making hobbies for retirees

The last hobby that make money, namely shopping. I myself have acquaintances who are very happy to shop, and in the end, the stuff they have feels very much and never used.

Because he felt the item was not used anymore, he tried to sell the item so that the room was not crowded anymore. Apparently, the item sold and was very profitable for my friend.

#33. Eating hobbies

For those of you who like to try various kinds of culinary, you have the potential to become a reliable food blogger. Your unique hobby can bring money and not even spend money.

If your name is already well-known, then many cafes and restaurants will be interested in working together and paying you to review their food or eating places.

#34. Fashion hobby

Today’s young people are very concerned about their appearance and love to follow fashion trends. The penchant will spend a lot of money on the latest fashion shopping.

However, your fashion hobby can bring you money. For example, with you being a fashion blogger, fashion stylist, fashion designer, or opening a clothing line.

#35. Graphic Design Hobby

Graphic design can be a hobby that makes money. Your creativity will be paid handsomely by companies that use your design services.

Therefore, keep on practicing your talent. So that later you can sell your design expertise with a high value.

#36. Makeup hobby

This one hobby might be preferred by women. Instead of just spending money on collecting makeup products, it’s better to capture the business opportunities of your hobby.

For example, you produce a makeup with your own brand, become a makeup artist, or become a beauty blogger who discusses the world of beauty.

Final Words

One of the things that make your hobby as a producer of money is that you really can enjoy the job.

Therefore find something that you really like and you won’t worry about money. This is because you will think that money is an additional instinct for activities that you like.

In addition to the 36 hobbies that make money above, there are actually many other hobbies that you might work on and can produce.


Making money from what you like is extraordinary.

Such is the discussion of 36 hobbies that can make money and make a profit.

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