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9 Home Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money

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Confused about building a business, but don’t or don’t have the capital? Don’t despair, because you can build a Home Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money from the following business ideas.

Seriously there are types of home businesses without capital? Of course, there is! Even though you don’t have capital (in the form of funds), it doesn’t mean you don’t have capital (intentions and expertise), because that’s the main value.

The point is, with intention and expertise, it can be used as a promising business, which can even be done at home.

Moreover, now housewives, need to have additional income, to help family income, during a pandemic like this.

Many Employees Fired

how to start a business without capital in south africa

With so many cases during the pandemic, we have to be very grateful, and actively look for money, one of which is building a home-based business without capital.

So, as a wife, you can help husbands, to generate more income. Or you can also build a joint business, to help restore the family’s financial condition, during the pandemic.

What are the types of home businesses without money that can be run? Come on, take a peek at the following information, guaranteed to help generate more income in the family. But it must be accompanied by tenacity, commitment, and craftsmanship, yes!

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9 Businesses You Can Start for Free

how to start a business with no money or experience

Deposit Service Business

The first home-based business without capital with a turnover of millions is a service business. Meanwhile, this type of business really doesn’t need a penny at all to buy a product.

In fact, with this business, you can make a profit. How does it work so you can make a profit?

The trick is you just shop for the goods that the customer wants, then the customer will pay upfront the price of the goods and the cost of the deposit service, to your account.

Say, one day you want to go monthly shopping in the mall, and you will pass some clothes shops. Well, previously you advertised that you were going to the clothing store in question.

Well, customers who know you are going to the mall, will contact you, and ask for help to buy an item.

Freelance Writer

The next home-based business without capital, which can also generate big profits, is to become a freelance writer or freelance writer.

To make money, in this home-based business, you only need to have a computer or laptop, an internet connection, and of course, writing skills.

Usually, this freelance writing service is needed to write articles on a company’s website. In addition, the pay will also be higher if you, also understand writing an SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) system.


A home-based business without capital, which has many advantages, with minimal effort, is as a drop shipper. How is the system of selling goods with dropship?

As for the drop shipper’s job, it is to record all buyer orders, after that you buy the item, to the main seller of the item.

So here you are only an intermediary, even the delivery of goods is also not through you, but through the main seller.

Or in other words, it can also be referred to as a collector of orders, up to a certain amount.

So when else can you sell but you don’t need capital and bother stocking up on goods and packing up the goods?


Are you proficient in foreign languages, such as English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, German, and others? Take advantage of it as a home-based business without capital!

Because nowadays, a translator is in high demand, by many companies! Usually, companies will need translators, to help translate, foreign language documents.

You don’t need to work, you have to come directly to the office, you can become a freelance translator. So, you can while working from home.


So the choice of profession for young people today, being an influencer can also be used as a home business without capital too! As long as you can be a creative and innovative person!

For example, you have a hobby of making up, a hobby of cooking, to making DIY. Then you can share your experience and expertise in this field, on social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and others.

Create content that is unique, informative, and useful for many people. There, you have to be smart to build engagement with followers.

Slowly, your followers will go up, and use it to open endorsements, and other useful things.

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Graphic design

The type of home business without capital and only needs the next skill is to open a graphic design service. Similar to freelance writers and translators, this business is also highly recommended for those of you who have design skills.

With so many companies that require design services, designers have many opportunities, even if they are only freelancers.

Even if you just design a banner or logo, don’t take it lightly. Because, the income that will be obtained from this business, can be beyond expectations.

The reason is, this one service can be paid quite high, especially if you are already a professional. Moreover, you can also do this work at home, because now there are also more graphic design service vacancies, which are based online rather than offline.

Social Media Admin

Are you a fan of social media? What if you make your hobby, as a home business without capital, with millions of income?

Yes, you can become a social media admin, in an organization, online store, or even a large company!

The reason is, the social media admin business opportunity is quite promising. Especially if you have creative thoughts and always have fresh ideas every day, to provide interesting content.

Not only creating content, but you also have to always provide services to followers on social media accounts, which I take care of.

Like replying to everyone’s comments, posting product photos, and making interesting captions.


During the pandemic, schooling is done from home, making it difficult for many children to absorb online lessons. Especially if it is done together (one class with one teacher).

Well, here the opportunity for online private tutors is huge. Because, surely many children prefer to study with one teacher in private, even though it is done online too.

You can also do this Home Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money. Because, you only have enough teaching skills, as well as the academic knowledge that you will teach.

Website Builder

Who says that IT kids only work on computer services? Because, if you have more skills, you can sell your skills, as a website builder!

These skills can also be used as a home-based business opportunity without capital. In fact, the benefits of creating a website are also not small.

Moreover, as technology develops, all activities are now carried out online. Starting from selling, studying, ordering food, shopping, it can be done online, through the website.

Well, this type of online website creation service business, in an era like this, will provide large amounts of profit. Even if you don’t have the capital.

So that your services are used and needed by big companies, don’t stop learning too.

Because all these things are done so that ideas can emerge easily. Or you can also take part in a workshop so that you often see website references.

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Well, those are some lists of Home Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money, which can be your reference, to be able to get more income.

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