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What is Hosting? The Following Explanation

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Hosting is a service that can be used by individuals, organizations or companies to store a variety of data, so the website can be accessed through the internet.

If you don’t understand what that website, please read the first article about understanding websites which we have discussed so that it is easier to understand.

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When you use the internet to visit a website, that you do first in a browser are typing in a domain name or a specific keyword in the Google search field.

Then your computer will connect to the server and the Web page will be sent and displayed through the browser, such as the page you are currently reading.

Therefore, when you want to have a website, domain and hosting is the main thing that you have to buy.

Overview of Hosting and Domain

types of web hosting

To clarify the understanding of the hosting and domain, we will give you a little picture.

a. Hosting

Hosting can be likened as an apartment for rent with a certain size and every apartment building definitely has a different size between the A and B apartment.

As well as hosting, each service will provide space or storage space. For example, starting from package 1 GB or unlimited hosting package

b. Domain

As for the domain is the name of your website or an address that can be accessed by the user via the internet.

Domain names are used to find the computer on the internet. Each computer has a different number or address, called an IP address.

The example IP address is 74,125,200,102.

But internet users have trouble remembering IP addresses consisting of a combination of numbers like that. Therefore, a single domain name that will be easier to remember.

So when you want to access the website, you only need to remember the name of the domain.

A domain name consists of a combination of numbers and letters with various different extensions such as .com, .net.

Each website has different domain names and each domain must be registered in advance so that the website can be accessed.

Currently, there are many types of hosting services that you can use to store data website. But before you use it, be sure to understand your website needs regarding what kind of hosting matches.

Needs such as what is meant?

Starting from the needs of the business, funds, and features provided by the hosting service.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a type of hosting that you can find on almost any hosting service at this time. Shared hosting can be used by many users simultaneously in a single server.

The price offered for a shared hosting package is quite cheap.

But, as used by many users, there are restrictions regarding the resource available, be it a large amount of storage, bandwidth, or other.

a. Advantages

  • Cheap price
  • There are many different packages based on the type of resource that is provided, so if your website exceeds the specified limit, can upgrade to a higher package.
  • Most services already provide control panels such as cPanel, so as to make it easier for You to manage the website.
  • You don’t have to bother doing maintenance on the server, because it is already done by the hosting service.

Shared hosting is perfect for you who want to have a website with limited funds. You don’t need to worry if your website is already reaching the limit set by the hosting service to use, because you can upgrade to a hosting package with a higher limit.

b. Disadvantages

Website loading time slower when compared to dedicated hosting

Tips On Choosing Web Hosting Services

How to determine the web hosting you will use is the best?

Here is the answer.

How to determine the web hosting you will use is the best?

Here is the answer.

Know Your Hosting Needs

As already explained at the beginning, before you use a hosting service, make sure it knows what kind of requirements needed for your website.

Please ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • What kind of website will be created?
  • Does require Windows applications to your website?
  • Software or code what will run (e.g. PHP)?
  • How much of the estimated number of visitors coming to your website?
  • Whether your website requires certain software?
  • Whether your website will only be made with WordPress instead?

You A New User?

For those of you who are still a novice in the world of web hosting, maybe some above questions difficult to answer. Therefore we recommend that you use shared hosting.

This type of hosting is available at affordable prices with a variety of advantages that can help you manage your website with ease.

In addition, if your website is already growing and reaches the limit specified in the hosting package is used, can upgrade to the package with a bigger limit or moved to VPS.

Remember the concept of the apartment at the beginning that has been discussed …

Note These Important Things …

what is web hosting and domain

1. Uptime

One of the most important things that must be owned by a web hosting is able to run the website for 24 × 7. So you need a web hosting server performance and maximum connectivity.

Of course, you don’t want your visitors to leave the website because the website is not accessible

95.5% uptime value upward is that we recommend, to guarantee uptime on Niagahoster service is 99.9%.

To find out, you can do some checking with a tool to monitor server. In addition, you can see information about the uptime on the website hosting service will be used.

2. There is a selection of Upgrades

Make sure your hosting service you will be using has a service to upgrade if your website exceeds the limit. But if you have a plan to manage your website with a hosting resource needs are great, we advise you to use a VPS.

3. Features of Addon Domains

The price of a domain name is very cheap, only a range of a hundred thousand for one full year. For those of you who are planning on managing more than 5 websites, make sure your hosting package that will be used to feature addon domains at least for 10 domains.

4. Money back guarantee

It is important to ensure Your hosting use provide a money back guarantee. Because you do not know the problem that will be encountered when you use hosting.

Make sure You also ask the prevailing terms and conditions regarding the warranty.

5. The first Price and Extension

Make sure you do some checking the price of hosting packages on offer between new registrations and renewals. If the price stays the same or far more expensive with the price of the extension.

Note: this is outside the hosting price increase that could change at any time.

It would be more profitable if you choose a hosting service that provides considerable discounts on the first purchase of a hosting package.

6. Control Panel that is easy to use

A control panel is a tool that can make it easier for You to manage to host accounts on a website. Start the installation from the website, create an email, to conduct a website maintenance.

Therefore make sure that the control panel provided can easily to use. Due to managing the websites without any control panel needed the ability to manage the server using the command.

Currently, the control panel is the most widely used is cPanel. This is because of the easy-to-use with comprehensive features.

7. Support 24 hours

Support 24 hours is required for the hosting service you will use. This will be useful to get help when your website is experiencing interference at 10 p.m. or midnight. The best web hosting service will provide 24-hour support to help customers.

That’s a bit of an explanation of the notion of hosting …

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