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How Metaverse Works? Here’s Why It Matters

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How Metaverse Works? The term “Metaverse” has actually been around for a long time. However, this technology is increasingly heard after Meta wants to build a virtual world to make it easier for humans to communicate with each other. Indeed, how does the Metaverse work, and what are some examples of the use of technology that combines virtual reality, augmented reality, and video technology?

This word was first written about in the novel entitled “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson in 1992. Then it was re-mentioned in Ernest Cline’s work entitled “Ready Player One” 19 years later.

Metaverse is increasingly recognized by the public after the Facebook Group changed its name to Meta last year. At that time, Mark Zuckerberg said he would build a virtual reality where humans can move virtually using avatars that are shaped as desired.

The Meta boss also once gave a prediction, the world of the metaverse will actually materialize and become a trend in 2032 or the next 10 years. Even so, Meta, which he leads, has prepared several technologies to support the achievement of virtual world missions in the future.

The creation of the metaverse is supported by the fast internet network today. Thanks to 5G technology which has high download and upload speeds with super-low latency, the virtual metaverse world is predicted to fulfill all aspects of human life in the future, from shopping, vacations, investments, social media, and so on.

On this occasion, we will review how it works and what are some examples of the use of this virtual-based metaverse technology. Let’s see more, bro!

How Does the Metaverse Work?

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Believe it or not, the virtual world has actually been attached to human life today. For online shopping, for example, there are several online store platforms that allow users to buy necessities through VR technology.

Just for entertainment, there are lots of VR-based videos on YouTube that users can enjoy. In fact, several popular movie titles have been promoted through virtual worlds that can be viewed using VR devices.

In fact, some singers have even held virtual concerts. It is also followed by well-known artists or artists who exhibit their art virtually on certain platforms.

So it is natural that the metaverse world will be realized and will enter almost all elements of human daily life in the future. Everyone’s activities or routines in the real world can also be done virtually.

As an illustration of how the metaverse technology works, when you connect to a social media network, you are represented through a username and also an image uploaded on the platform.

But in the virtual world, you are depicted as an avatar who can move, talk, act, and do various things, just as you would in the real world.

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The metaverse world can also be called a high-level online game. Because the ecosystem in the virtual world can be felt by all people in the metaverse world.

As quoted from TechGig, the way the metaverse works is also more or less the same as NFT or non-fungible tokens. Residents of the virtual world can buy or sell items to properties using NFT digital assets.

Therefore, as we have said above, sooner or later the virtual metaverse world will be realized thanks to the support of internet technology that is getting better and more stable. The internet can be regarded as the main access for the creation of a virtual online world that can be accessed by anyone and at any time.

Given that metaverse technology combines the world of virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D video, the multiverse must also be supported by capable device technology.

In addition to the fast and stable internet, how the multiverse works require devices such as VR or virtual reality headsets, AR or augmented reality glasses, controller grips, to applications on smartphones or other devices.

Applications/Games with Metaverse Concept

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The virtual metaverse world may still be difficult to realize because it requires collaboration from technology companies and other stakeholders to create a complex virtual world as a means of community communication in the future.

However, currently, there are many applications and games that carry the metaverse concept. Reporting from Venture Beat, Epic and Unity are two popular game engines that have succeeded in helping many developers to create games with 3D virtual concepts.

Fortnite is one of the successful examples of implementing the virtual world as a means for playing entertainment and communicating. This game managed to hold a virtual concert event of famous musicians that gamers can enjoy.

Travis Scott’s concert in 2020 illustrates the potential of the virtual world. During the concert, nearly 30 million people spent up to 9 minutes listening to music by Travis Scott.

Besides Fortnite, an example of the use of the metaverse world today is Roblox. This game has a mission to become a virtual place where people can gather together to do various activities like the real world.

This game allows users to build their own world, create various exclusive items, and sell them using virtual currency. Roblox is even used by many well-known brands such as Gucci and Ralph Lauren to launch shops, areas, to special items that gamers can enjoy.

There are many more games and applications that are examples of the use of metaverse technology that can be tested today. Decentraland and The Sandbox, for example, are games that show the potential of NFT and cryptocurrencies as drivers of the in-game economy.

Like Roblox, users are allowed to develop their virtual world as well as to practice buying and selling through the NFT marketplace to make money.

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Those are some explanations of how the metaverse works and examples of how this technology is used today. Metaverse is the dream of today’s technology players to create a more comprehensive virtual world for all parties.

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