How to Become a Dropshipper for Beginners

How to Become a Dropshipper for Beginners

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How to Become a Dropshipper for Beginners? Dropshipping is a business that is loved by many people. How not, the drop-ship business gives you the opportunity to start a business without spending a large amount of capital. The capital required is very small compared to other businesses. But still money.

Amazingly, you don’t need to buy stock of goods to be sold, you don’t have to bother keeping stock of goods, and you don’t need to take care of packaging and sending orders to consumers.

“Well, what about selling supernatural goods? Why isn’t there anything?”

Hmm, that’s not it. That’s how the drop-ship business works. So that you don’t get confused anymore, let’s find out more about this business, how it works, and How to Become a Dropshipper for Beginners!

What is Dropshipper

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Dropshipper is a person who connects buyers with suppliers/suppliers. Well, dropshipping is an activity, a business activity selling products, without having to own any products. Hey, what do you mean?

So, Dropshippers are people who have worked with suppliers to sell their products to consumers. To understand better, take a look at how the following dropship business works:

  • Dropshippers build online stores and display the products they sell.
  • The buyer is interested in buying the item and makes a payment to the Dropshipper (eg $ 5).
  • The drop shipper forwards the buyer’s order to the supplier along with the customer’s address information and makes payment ($8).
  • The supplier sends the order to the buyer’s address on behalf of the Dropshipper.

So that’s the bestie, the reason why the Dropshipper doesn’t need to buy the product to be sold is that he actually acts as a liaison. Because this business is also in demand by many people, it can be a good side business if you have a main job.

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How to Become a Dropshipper

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After reading the explanation above, this business is cheap and okay to try, right? Here are 6 ways to become a Dropshipper. Come on, see!

Determine the type of product you want to sell

First, what you have to think about is what product you want to sell? To determine this, you can do a little research by finding out:

  • What products do people need or are trending?
  • Do keyword research related to selling niches to find out what products are in high demand in that niche.
  • Find out whether the product you are selling can bring in the appropriate profit or not.
  • Find products with low shipping costs. It’s none of your business, but products with expensive shipping costs can make consumers think about buying them.

Competitor analysis

The person who runs the dropship business is certainly not yourself, there are many competitors out there with the same niche.

Observe how competitors market their products, what content they use, how they reach their target market, what their selling website looks like, and other things. After that, imitate the good things that you can follow, but don’t imitate the clumps, okay? You can add a little or a lot of modifications from your observations.

Choose the right and reliable supplier

One of the important factors in running a dropshipping business is choosing the right and reliable supplier.

Some things you can check from the supplier are:

  • How long has the supplier been operating?
  • Price of goods, payment system, refund system, delivery
  • How many products were successfully sold
  • How many followers
  • Pay attention to consumer reviews
  • Compare product photos in stores with those received by consumers

Now there are also many companies or businesses that bridge the Dropshippers and suppliers. So on a website, you can register as a Dropshipper and choose a supplier who has worked with the business. Usually, they also provide a free website, application, or online store that you can use.

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Create your own online shop

After knowing what you want to sell and getting suppliers, the next step is to build your online store. This store will later contain photos of the products you sell. Just like the seller’s shop in general.

You can create a sales website that is easy for consumers to navigate. Don’t forget to add the product along with its full description such as size, price, material, color, and more. If you can’t build your own website, you can use other people’s services to create a website that fits your sales needs.

Set payment system

Next is to set up a payment system that is safe and easy for users. You can apply for a payment gateway in your online store.

You can also open an online store on several e-commerce sites that already have payment methods that have been tested to be safe and can be used by many people. But, usually building a store on e-commerce will incur admin fees.

Promote your selling product

After everything is ready, then the next step is to promote your selling product so you can get buyers. You can promote products through various platforms that are relevant to your target audience. It can be via Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. You can also place ads on various social media.

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How about you, ready to make money by becoming a Dropshipper? This business does not require large capital, but, there are buts. You have to be consistent in marketing your product so that it can be sold. The more products you sell, the more money you can earn.

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