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How to Become a Youtuber With 7 Ways Success

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How to Become a Youtuber?, Various types of work can now be done more easily and quickly because the current information technology has supported everything in a practical and efficient manner. Not just exchanging information, the internet also allows you to access various services that you need. Starting from a variety of games to various other types of applications that can meet all your needs.

Youtube has become one of the most popular video player sites in the world, so it’s no surprise that the users of this one service are unusually large, and you might be one of them. Not only watching various kinds of videos, but Youtube also allows you to upload and share your videos with others.

You can channel various kinds of hobbies and also your interests through unique videos that you make yourself, maybe this video will also become viral and watched by many people. Popular and at the same time have income.

Many people have made Youtube their source of income, of course with a small amount. Quite large, depending on the number of visitors and also the number of clicks on the ads contained in the video. These youtuber generally have high creativity and are able to make viral videos in cyberspace, so they can get a lot of clicks on their ads.

Interested in being youtuber? Consider the following ways, which How to Become a Youtuber:

How to Become a Youtuber With 7 Ways Success

1. Create an appropriate Youtube account

how to become a youtuber step by step

If you want to be a youtuber, you must first create a Youtube account first. This is the first step that will make you have income from this one platform. Don’t forget, you are also required to activate the monetization feature in the account. Why, is this important?

Of course, this is very important, because only by activating this feature can you tell Youtube that you want some compensation for the account. That way, Youtube will take care of this in accordance with the provisions they have, because Youtube will certainly have a number of policies and strict rules related to the compensation they provide to the youtuber.

2. Create an Adsense Account

Not just a Youtube account, but you also have to create a Google Adsense account. You might wonder, what is the importance of creating this one account?

The amount of income that you will get from Youtube, will be calculated based on the number of clicks made by your video viewers later. While all advertisements and also payment calculations for your YouTube account will be done by Google Adsense. So, you must create an Adsense account first, so you can get money from your Youtube account later.

This Adsense account will also arrange various things related to your payment, including the method and also the choice of the type of payment that you want on your YouTube account.

3. Increase the Number of Views and Subscribers

how to become a youtuber star

Youtube certainly won’t pay you, if it turns out your account is quiet from visitors. Ads will only be paid if you have a large number of subscribers and views, and of course, this must be offset by the number of clicks on ads that appear on the account.

The more clicks you get, the higher the amount of income you can get on the Youtube account. For that, you also need to increase the number of your subscribers to the maximum, because this will also be directly proportional to the number of clicks you can get on the ads that are installed.

4. Maximize Income with the Right Steps

You are certainly no stranger to the news about a number of youtuber who can earn up to billions of $ from their Youtube account, right?

If you are interested and want to get the same success, then do this with the right steps. Creating interesting and unique content is certainly a must because it is important for you to be able to make the content viral. But this alone will certainly not be enough, because there are millions of content milling about on Youtube.

Try to create content with a slightly longer duration, and of course, attract people to see it.

5. Maximize the Number of Subscribers

how to become a youtuber and get paid

Although your income will be calculated based on the number of Adsense clicks and also views, it does not mean that the number of your subscribers is not an important thing to always pay attention to. Subscribers will give you the opportunity to be able to bring in a lot of money, because the more your subscribers, the more chances you will get money will also increase. So, always try to increase the number of your subscribers to the maximum.

6. Use the Right Payment Method

You can also choose a payment method that suits your wishes because Youtube has 3 payment channels that you can choose:

  • Through bank transfer.
  • Using checks, which you can later disburse yourself to the bank.
  • Using Western Union, which you can cash in at the post office.

7. Creating Positive Content

As of February 20th, Youtube will tighten the rules for uploading content to Youtube accounts. It aims to direct maximum income to accounts that consistently present videos with positive content. Youtube decides the requirement for an account to be able to earn money from this platform is to have at least 4000 hours of watch time in a 12 hour period and at least have 1000 subscribers.

For that, instead of being a youtuber who have video content with negative content and many viewers. It’s better to be a youtuber with positive video content and many subscribers even though it will take a long time, but when your youtube account has been well established, the ads that become money sources for youtuber will consistently appear on your videos.

8. Endorse Certain Products

how to become a youtuber and make money

In addition to the above methods, you can also earn income from Youtube by endorsing other people’s products. However, this can only be done if it turns out you really have a large number of subscribers first because people certainly don’t want to use an account that is so quiet for visitors to market their products, right?

Do it the right way

Earning income from Youtube is certainly not a new thing anymore, because there are many young people who can earn billions of $ from this one site. If you are interested and want to follow in their footsteps, it will be very good if you start with the right steps, so that your YouTube account can really give you a large income.

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