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20 Quick Ways to Become a Sudden Rich Rich Without Capital [Secret Tips!]

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How to Become Rich Without Capital – Want to be rich, of course, everybody’s desire, to be rich is not difficult if done well and correctly. Like what I’ve done, I’m just an honorary teacher who paid less than 300 $ per month, but my income outside teaching is already very remarkable.

I run a small business that is becoming a clothing reseller. The net profit I get every month starting from the lowest ranges from 300 $ – 700 $. My business includes business with no capital, which relies on buyer’s down payment to capital.

Want to know how to run a clothing reseller business like I do? Well, I will explain below.

How to get rich quick and get rich quick secrets?

Being rich quick can be done by doing business. Doing business is anyone can do it If executed seriously and diligently. There are many cases where we run a seasonal business, just to join people and just be tempted by other people’s income or just try and then spend a lot of capital then fail.

If you run a business only for the above purposes, you should immediately forget. Change your mindset as soon as possible before starting.

Here I will not explain how to change the mindset, but it will return to yourself, think positive steps and assure yourself that starting a business right from your heart.

20 Quick Ways To Be The Secret Of The Billionaires

How to Become Rich Without Capital

In fact, for how to get rich quick and become a person who can not be done instantly, have to go through a process that brings us into the rich row.

Here are 20 ways to get rich quick and become a successful businessman. Check carefully.

1. Loved the job

how to become rich with no money

Maybe you already know that work is the main factor, have many articles/books that explain it, here I just want to remind again.

The key is to love work, if you already love work, then the next steps will be very easy to run. Love means already have a sense of sincerity and will not happen objections of the heart (complaining) even though how heavy the work that you wake up.

2. Do not be afraid to fail

how to get rich from nothing

Failure to run a business is a nightmare for anyone. Keep in mind every success must have gone through the process of failure. Anything you make sometimes errors, then immediately confess your mistakes, then fix.

In the interruption of failure, there is a break between successes, failing to run the first process to the second process in different ways, if still fail to do the third process in different ways, study the mistake until you find success.

3. Believe the rich is not from the descendants

Many out there get used to their minds when rich people get richer and poorer people will become poorer. Forget the unimportant mindset. If you are now a family who is not a rich Family. So this mindset will sweep you away in a lack of confidence to start something, your mind is stymied in the ability of capital.

The rich are a lot of poor people’s capital otherwise. Keep in mind in today’s progress, the poor who become rich are numerous. because there is so much we can do in the future today to become rich with even minimal capital.

4. Education is not a barrier

Believe that the money machine is not entirely from the education bench, even less than 30% of the educational benches are the money machine. The rest is Experience.

5. Take time to be yourself

how to become rich in one day

The time to reach that goal is very limited, so do not waste your time trying to be someone else. Being yourself will make you freer, this will also affect the way you do business.

By being yourself, it will automatically create a character/style of your own, so it will be easier to recognize people and your degree in the eyes of people will increase and people do not hesitate if you want to open other business opportunities with you.

6. Follow your heart is not a person’s word

Dare to follow your own heart and mind. The key to success is your heart and how you think.

Many out there people are too concerned about others, so do not care about the quality of itself, this will be a boomerang in the future because it is familiar with the opinion of people, during the occurrence of trouble it will be difficult to solve it.

Sometimes the crisis on the opinions of others is needed, not a few people around us are still difficult to accept us to be successful, well opinions of people like this that will usually give negative intent to our business if we use it intact.

7. Being In The Right Neighborhood

how to get rich with no money or education

The influence of the environment to make us successful is very strong. The environment can also shape what people will become.

If you are currently in the environment of people who are already successful, you may be a lucky person. Situations like this you can use to make them a teacher or a place to exchange ideas and if you reverse it must create your own situation in order to be in the right environment.

An example of joining a community of entrepreneurs, joining directly or in their online community. The goal is nothing but to add insight from the knowledge they share.

8. Quality Priority Not Quantity

If you are a seller take note of this, be smart in choosing a brand. Minimal capital but expect a lot of stock, that’s impossible !!!. The large stock of goods does not guarantee it will be quickly sold. If not sold, a stock of goods will accumulate, the capital will be buried, the goods expired then broken and finally, the price of goods become chaotic. Loss? Definitely for sure.

Therefore here I advise paying attention to quality. Better to have 1 quality and durable goods than many items but the quality far below standard. Unless you are an old player who already knows where to sell products. It’s okay to have a lot of stock because the goods will remain exhausted. This is usually done by the Manufacturer/distributor/importer.

9. Find out your skills, then money will accompany

how to get rich in short time

Do not think too much to find what your skills are, just what you are doing now or what hobby you have been running for long.

Because any field that would generate opportunities to be a business. Example You like soccer? then find a suitable business for your hobby, can by selling a jersey or sell football accessories. So, a business that is run on the basis of expertise, the chances of success for greater success.

10 Do not limit yourself

Our brains are created by the omnipotent with many functions, one of which makes the Idea. So do not limit yourself to thinking.

In developing a business we are required to bring up an idea that can increase in popularity, to create a brilliant idea that does not have to have one or two ideas, but hundreds of ideas. However, from the hundreds of ideas we get, look for some really good ideas that are really good for your efforts. With your dream, you can create something different.

11. Bid as low as possible to sell as high as possible

Did you mean this point? Yes, that is true. A businessman must be smart in bargaining prices and looking for the best quality, do not be ashamed to bid as low as this is the style of a businessman.

A businessman usually sells 2x to 3x the price of his or her capital. 1 item can create 2 items, then do this so you get rich quick.

12. Creating Crazy Ideas

how to be rich and successful

Do you believe? all created by the omnipotent nothing is useless, all will be useful.

So what you create while still using the object of the existing earth, it can certainly be utilized certainly make money. Do not be afraid to find who the buyer, but soon create your idea and try to market.

13. Do it thoroughly

How to get rich quick by doing something if halfway, then the result of it will come halfway. What you will do will be done thoroughly, staying consistent with what has already begun.

As I explained above “do not be afraid to fail” despite failing to try again and try again, no such experiment is in vain. We are ready to walk means we are ready with the problems that will happen. Resolve the problem immediately rather than a complaint, the more you complain the heavier the problem.

14. Make your Lord a source of success

Remember one very important thing, where do we come from, who created us, and because of who we can still breathe and keep moving?

15. Being simple, those who successfully love this stuff

how to become rich overnight

Believe you, Simplicity is a high price? It is true that simplicity has a very high value, for the character of a human being alone has simplicity will be better viewed in the community

So are some products or goods more simple the higher the price, for example, the smartphone is more simple, the smaller the value component remains high?

16. Understand consumer desires

The old customer is a valuable asset. Attract new customers is not difficult but make sure they come back it is no guarantee.

However, all that can be done if we are smart to spoil them, the key you have to have goods purchased cheap and sold as high as the market price, boost each price to 3x and discount by raising the price of 2x only.

For new customers give them an offer like that. Remember to increase the goods 3x but keep the market price, meaning you just play the capital to be as low as possible. When it’s done next Upgrade your stuff with a new one, this will give someone interest to visit again.

17. Looking for a reliable partner

Self-employment can actually be done. However, what’s wrong if looking for a partner working with a vision and mission like you, this is done to simplify and accelerate the development of your business

Large companies must have a team, each team has members according to the skill in their field. Then how to get a trustworthy partner?

Recruit your closest family member, Nephew/cousin, or your closest friend. Do not be easy to believe in people you just know, give them critical trust. Actually business is cruel, everyone can become your heavy enemy in the future.

18. Become a leader

steps to becoming wealthy

If everything is going according to what you expect, then prepare yourself to become a Leader soon. Recruit employees to replace your work, in recruiting employees to take care of people who love your business.

The purpose is none other, to make them stay at home working with us. By having employees your job feels very light and speed is maintained.

19. Keep your assets as good as possible

Having an existing business, having a partner, having an employee next is keeping your assets. These are valuable assets. Position them as special, because of the smoothness of your business trip Currently partly in their hands as well.

20. Be thankful and alms

Anything you do should not forget to always be grateful, no matter what good or bad things should all be enjoyed. If you already have a wealth of donations a little, because this makes your wealth increases.


So that’s 20 quick rich ways. Being rich is not as easy as turning a palm of the hand, all have to go through the process. Starting with improving ourselves and how to treat our business.

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