How to Calm Your Nerves When Presenting

How to Calm Your Nerves When Presenting

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Have you ever felt nervous when you were in front of a crowd to make a presentation? No need to worry. Here’s How to calm Your Nerves When Presenting.

That is a fair thing. It becomes unnatural when you are always nervous every presentation.

This nervousness usually arises because you have some kind of worry on your mind. For example, you may worry that you will make mistakes during a presentation.

Especially when you have to make a presentation in front of management, the results of which can determine your career in the office.

Those are all wrong mindsets when you are going to make a presentation. Because everything is just conjecture. Not yet a real fact.

Of course, there are many ways to deal with nervousness during a presentation. In this article, BBonlinemoney will cover an easy and effective How to calm Your Nerves When Presenting. Come on, let’s listen.

7 Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before a Big Presentation

how to not be nervous during a presentation

Make Preparations Mature

The anxieties and worries that arise before you do your presentation are usually the fruit of minimal preparation.

Not mastering the presentation material will raise anxiety that you will have difficulty answering questions from management.

Therefore, mastering the material as much as possible is a condition that cannot be refused. You also have to be able to see a number of possibilities for the width of the material that you are presenting.

The better you understand the presentation material, the less likely it is to be nervous.

Also, do more technical preparation. Check all presentation equipment such as laptops, presentation files, complementary materials, laser pointers, a wireless mic, remote clicker, to drinking water.

When there are insurmountable problems with preparing these things, nervousness will automatically arise.

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Adjust Breath

When you start to feel nervous, your heart will beat faster. Cold sweat slowly started pouring out. This condition is clearly not good for the quality of your presentation.

How to calm Your Nerves When Presenting, try to inhale deeply through the nose. Then remove it back through the nose slowly. Do this about 5-6 times until you feel calmer.

After that, don’t speak immediately. It’s a good idea to stare at the entire audience for 1-2 seconds with a smile, then continue the presentation.

Both before and during your presentation, the breathing pattern will help you relax more.

The oxygen that enters the brain will be smoother. So that you can think clearly and calmly.

High Power Poses

Arrive early to the presentation room. In addition to checking your presentation support equipment, you can have time to calm your mind.

One of them is sitting with the High Power Poses technique.

Simply put, High Power Poses are a person’s body position that shows confidence and self-confidence.

Like standing straight with a look full of confidence and a smile. When sitting, position your back against the backrest with your arms more open.

This position seems trivial, even though it has a big enough role in building self-confidence and getting rid of nervousness.

According to Amy Cuddy, an associate professor at Harvard Business School, posture when sitting or standing can change the feelings within us.

When you are able to maintain these High Power Poses for just two minutes, you will automatically reduce your nervousness or stress levels.

This technique is able to increase testosterone by 20% and decrease cortisol or stress hormone by about 25%.

So, when you start to feel nervous, immediately position your body in High Power Poses. And feel your self-confidence will increase without you knowing it.

Focus on Presentation

You will definitely experience distraction while making a presentation. Whether it’s the audience’s attention that is less towards you. It could also be that the projector you are using is suddenly damaged.

With such conditions, you still have to focus on the material that has been prepared.

To help you stay focused on the presentation material, you can make a kind of “cheat sheet” containing the important points that you write on a piece of paper or on a tablet computer screen. Not on a laptop that holds presentation files.

When you forget a little about the presentation material, just take a peek at the cheat sheet. So that the presentation storyline remains the way you planned it.

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Maximize Body Language

The right body language can help to overcome nervousness during a presentation.

Remember, what management sees as an audience is not only the material seen on the projector screen. But also you’re body language when making a presentation.

When delivering the material, our hand and body movements play a role so that the audience understands what you are conveying.

It turns out, moving your hands and body according to your presentation also helps reduce nervousness.

When you start getting nervous, try changing positions. A different point of view will make your mind a little more comfortable.

A step or two from where it started can be an effective way to reduce nervousness.

Enjoy Your Presentation

Never fight nervousness when you are anxious. The most effective way to ward off nervousness is to enjoy it.

Yes, enjoy the nervous feeling until it will disappear by itself.

Don’t worry if you end up having to stutter a little.

It feels like the management as an audience will understand the conditions you are experiencing at that time. Because they are also likely to have experienced the same thing.

Don’t strive for perfection. The more important point is that you and your audience can enjoy the material you are presenting. Audiences are entertained and they can learn something new and interesting.

So that the audience can leave the room with a number of new inspirations. That will be an important point as a sign of your success in the presentation.

Practice and Practice

A friend once told me that he prepared presentation material and practiced it for a month. But still, he still feels nervous when appearing in front of an audience.

Those who have done the preparation for a long time still feel nervous, especially those who haven’t done it at all. Therefore, apart from mastering the material you have to practice it consistently.

Practicing will make your presentation smoother and result in a loss of nervousness.

However, practicing here is not just memorizing the words you have to say. Rather, practice the structure and order of the best presentations.

This includes knowing which parts should be put under more pressure, which parts can be conveyed casually.

By practicing, you indirectly increase your flight hours in presentation questions. The higher the hours you have, the easier it will be to cope with nervousness during a presentation.


That’s How to calm Your Nerves When Presenting.

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Being nervous about a presentation is a natural thing to happen. By feeling nervous you will avoid overconfidence.

But being nervous too often isn’t good either because it will erode your self-confidence.

After all, overcoming nervousness during a presentation is not a very, very difficult thing to do. As long as you prepare everything carefully, self-confidence will grow which then suppresses nervousness to never come back.

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