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10 Ways How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Blog

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If you plan to create a website and are confused about finding the good domain names examples, don’t worry! Because you come to the right place. On this occasion, Businessoldnet would like to share tips on How to Choose a Domain Name for your website.

Domain names for websites are very important. Why? If you are careless in choosing a domain name, chances are people will find it difficult to find your website. Of course, you want the website to be visited by many visitors, right? Well, one of the efforts is to choosing a domain name for a personal website. Good does not mean right, huh.

So what are the criteria for the right domain name? If you are curious and need references for how to choose the best domain names ever, just check the reviews in the following article. Stay tune, huh!

10 Ways How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Blog

1. Check Domain Name

choosing a domain name for a personal website

Before searching for a name, we must open a website that provides a check domain name availability feature first so that we can search for a name while checking it directly. You can check the domain on hosting24.

Why should I check on Hosting24? Hosting24 has a feature that makes it easy to check the domain name you want. You can see many interesting domain name choices, including the gTLD domain and ccTLD.

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Even more interesting, you can immediately register the desired domain quickly and easily. You don’t need to go through a complicated process if you use Hosting24. So what are you waiting for?

2. Use a Brandable Domain Name

Domain names are the identity of a website. If you want to stand out and be different from the others, then choose a brandable domain name. That means you have to make a new word that is sure to ring in the brain of your website visitors. However, if you have trouble finding new words, try creating the existing words.

You can also use words that are rarely known to people but are still relevant to the website you want to make. You make a domain name so that people can easily remember it, so try to have a catchy name, easy to remember, and not difficult to write, yes. That is the characteristic of a brandable domain name.

3. Don’t Give a Domain Name Too Long

Try to pay attention to Google, they have a domain name that is short and not wordy. Although short, Google will always be remembered by loyal users. This is where you can learn that domain names don’t need to use long names. Just use a short, clear, and solid domain name.

With this short domain name, it is clear that website visitors will easily remember your website. Do not rule out the possibility that they will also often visit your website if the domain name is short. Sometimes, people are lazy to remember something long and dizzying, so try to make your domain name short, clear, and solid.

4. Take advantage of keywords that are in accordance with the business

Usually, people create websites for business purposes. Well, you think of a domain name that also concerns your type of business. For example, you create a website for a laundry business, so you can enter the word “laundry” in your domain name.

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Another advantage of using business keywords in domain names is that it makes it easy and helps SEO on your business website. So, people who are searching, “laundry” for example, then your domain name allows appearing on the first page on the search engine. This can also increase your website traffic!

5. Think for the Long Term

blog domain names ideas

Choosing a domain name for a personal website, it means you have to think long term. Why? You have to think about what your business will be in the future, what purpose, or you want to grow your business to make it bigger. By thinking about the long-term, then you don’t have to bother changing your domain name if you want to expand your business.

It could be in the future you want the laundry business as well as opening a business cleaning service provider. If so, anyway, the keyword “laundry” should not be entered into the domain name, yes. So, make sure you have to have a purpose and careful planning!

6. Think of Consumer Targets

Domain names also depend on the target visitors who will become your customers. You must be able to separate between local targets and targets outside the State. If you only target domestic consumers, then you can choose a simple domain name with only local languages.

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But, another story if you have a long-term plan to target Universal visitors, then choose a universal domain name.

7. Avoid Using Hypens (-)

It is strongly recommended to avoid using Hypens (-) in domain names. Why? This will seem strange and seem complicated for a domain name. It is also possible that people will easily forget if there are hypens between domain names. Try to imagine if Facebook has a domain name that has hypens, it will become “”, it seems strange, right?

8. Don’t Use Names Based on Trends

This is also important in terms of how to find a good domain name. The signal suggests to avoid naming domains based on current trends. Because, the name of the trend can disappear and evaporate at any time, so the trend is likely to be replaced with a trend that is more hits again.

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So from that, you should not obey the trends of today to name a domain. Think of domain names that are more universal and can be used for the long term. That way, you do not have to bother to replace the domain name, because changing domain names will also be difficult to remember your visitor will memorize the domain name that was first created.

9. Don’t Use the Trademark

What does it mean to avoid using trademarks? That is, you annex or use another domain brand and add a few words in the trademark section. For example, if you use a domain name “” it is not impossible if later Yahoo will sue you for using their trademark without permission, right?

10. It’s time to buy a domain

Have you got the idea to give a domain name? It’s time for you to buy a domain!


The following is a row of tips and tricks in Ways How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Blog. If you have other suggestions, don’t hesitate to write them in the comments column. I hope this helps!

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