How to Create a Business Email Address

How to Create a Business Email Address in 5 Mins (2022)

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Know-How to Create a Business Email Address? Check out the email tutorial that our team has compiled for you below.

Email is the most effective communication tool commonly used in the business world, therefore it is not surprising that lately we often find email addresses instead of using or

Some companies usually use their company name or website domain name as an email address to make it look more professional.

How to make a professional business email like that you can do with easy steps and of course, it’s free.

But keep in mind that the free professional business email service is only available for 14 days, so if you have passed that time limit, you will be asked to pay a subscription fee.

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A professional business email itself is an email that uses the company name as an extension so as to build the credibility of the company.

How To Create A Professional Business Email Address

google workspace

One of the conditions that you must fulfill to create a professional business email is that you must have a domain name and host first, then you just have to follow the tutorial on how to create a professional business email below:

  • Go to the official Google Workspace website on your device and click on the Start Free Trial option to try the free version of the professional business email
  • Enter your business name, number of employees, and your business region
  • Then click the Next tab and you will automatically become a Google Workspace admin
  • Fill in your contact info in the column provided and click Next again
  • If you already have your own domain that you can use, then you just have to click on the Yes option, I have one that I can use
  • Then enter your domain name and don’t forget to reconfirm the domain name
  • Then you can choose according to your wishes whether you want to get an email newsletter from Google or not
  • Create a professional business email account to login to Google Workspace and put a checkmark on Captcha, then click the Agree and continue button
  • Done!

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That’s how to create a professional business email that you can easily do for free. Good luck with the email tutorial above!

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