How to Create a Table in Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word is a well-known software used to process words. But, not only that, in Microsoft word, you can create CVs/resumes, posters, graphs, and create tables to present data.

The function of a table in Word is generally to organize text or data in the form of text. For example, the informant data table in the thesis, the food recipe table, and others. Somewhat different from the table function in Excel which is usually used to process data in the form of numbers and calculate it with formulas, the table function in Word is simpler.

In Microsoft Word, you can not only create tables, but also modify tables according to your wishes and needs, such as: changing the design, adding rows/columns, deleting rows/columns, or merging cells.

Come on, see How to Create a Table in Microsoft Word and various ways to modify it!

How to Insert a table in Microsoft Word

Creating a table in Word can be done in 2 ways, using Insert and Insert Table. The function is the same, but the steps are slightly different.

Create a table in Word with the Insert menu

  1. Click the Insert menu, then select Table
  2. Choose the number of rows and columns according to your needs

You can select the number of rows and columns for the table by hovering over the appropriate rows and columns. Later there will be an explanation of the number of rows and columns. The example below consists of 5 columns and 7 rows.

how to make a table in word with different columns

Create a table in Word with the Insert Table menu

If you want to create a table with more rows and columns than 10 x 8, you can use the Insert Table menu. If the menu is clicked, the insert table option box will appear as follows:

how to make tables in word look good

Enter the number of columns as needed, then click OK. In addition, there is an AutoFit option, with different functions:

  • Autofit to contents: the table column size will automatically follow the content in it.
  • Autofit to a window: table size automatically follows the width of the worksheet.

How to enter text into a table

You can also enter text into a table without having to enter it one by one. Here’s how:

  • Blocks of writing to be inserted into the table
  • Click the Insert menu, select Table, then click Convert Text to Table
  • Fill in the number of columns and rows on the table

Later, an option box will appear as shown below. Usually, the number of rows follows the number of lines of writing, but you can adjust the number of columns. If so, click OK.

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How to Create and Customize Tables in Microsoft Word

How to add rows/columns to a table in Word

What if in the middle of the process it turns out that a row or column is missing? Relax, you can add rows or columns to the table that you have created, really. Here’s how:

  1. Right-click on a cell
  2. Select Insert

You can choose the Insert menu at the top or bottom. Both are the same.

There are several Insert options with different functions:

  • Insert Columns to the Left: adds a column to the left of the cell
  • Insert Columns to the Right: add a column to the right of the cell
  • Insert Rows Above: add a row above the cell
  • Insert Rows Below: add rows below the cell
  • Insert Cells: add a new cell inside a cell

You can also add rows or columns to the table with the Layout menu – then select an appropriate insert.

How to delete rows/columns in a table in Word

In addition to adding, you can also subtract or delete rows or columns in the table that you have created. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Layout menu
  2. Select Delete

After that, an option box will appear as follows, choose one as needed:

  • Delete Cells: delete selected cells
  • Delete Columns: delete the selected column
  • Delete Rows: delete the selected row
  • Delete Table: delete the entire table

You can also delete rows/columns by right-clicking on a cell or table, then selecting Delete Cells.

Change the table design

You can change the table design to make it look more colorful or interesting. To do this, click the Design menu. After that, select the table design that you want or like.

Merge Table and Split Table

You can combine two or more rows and two or more columns into one by using Merge Cells. The trick is the block of cells you want to merge, go to the Layout tab, then select Merge Cells. You can also do this by right-clicking on the table – Merge Cells.

Or you can also split cells by using Split Cells. You can split a cell into rows and small columns within it. To do this, go to the Layout tab, then select Split Cells. You can also do this by right-clicking – Split Cells. Later an option box will appear to enter the number of columns and rows of that cell, then click OK.

Setting table borders

To set the table border, you can go to the Design menu, then several options will appear to set the border. The functions of these options are:

  • Border Styles: to select the table line type
  • Pen color: to color the table line
  • Borders: select the border in the table. You can choose to give a border to all tables, or only certain parts as needed.

You can also choose the table border line thickness

Change the size of cells in the table

You can change the cell size (height and width) as needed. How: to the Layout tab, there will be an option to set the cell size. Enter the width and height of the cell in the fields provided.

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Well, that’s How to Create a Table in Microsoft Word and some ways to modify the table. How? It’s not that hard, right? Hope it helps, eh?

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