How to Dampen Emotions After Being Scolded by The Boss

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Instinctively, no one would want to get angry with the boss, even if he had done something wrong. Especially if the boss is angry in front of other coworkers while yelling and saying harshly.

At that time there is an emotion in the heart that is hurt and feels humiliated, which makes negative emotions very easily ignited. It’s true that it feels very chaotic, but getting emotional when your boss scolded you could lead to disaster in your career.

It’s good to learn how to dampen emotions after being scolded by The Boss little by little, even though it’s not easy. Check out the following powerful tips so that emotions are better controlled.

7 Powerful Tips to Dampen Emotions After Being Scolded by The Boss

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Calm down

Sometimes the anger shown by the boss makes feelings get carried away with emotions. Try to calm down your emotions after your boss has scolded you by calming yourself down for a bit. Take a deep, deep breath and then exhale slowly. Repeat until completely calm.

Keep in mind that in every job there are problems that need to be faced, including getting angry with the boss. So you don’t need to overreact, like getting angry yourself or looking sad to demotivate. Be calm and casual.

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Understand the Root Problems

There will be no smoke if there is no fire, so don’t rush into emotions when your boss scolds you. The boss’s anger must have a cause. Instead of getting emotional when the boss is angry, pay attention to what the boss says when angry.

If necessary, write down the important points that caused the anger. Even if the cause is not clear, don’t ever think of your anger as a personal grudge. Because it can burden your mind which can have a negative impact on performance.

When it is proven that your performance is not satisfactory, then accept it gracefully and try to fix it. Use your boss’s anger as an encouragement to work better. It’s not just a frightening specter that makes things worse.

Sharing Stories with Trustworthy People

Being angry with a boss can indeed make the mood change chaos, and confiding in colleagues at work can sometimes be a solution to reduce emotions after being scolded by the boss. But pay attention to who you pour your heart into and complain about.

Do not let you choose someone to talk to and like to complain about nonsense, because this is tantamount to triggering new problems. Always remember not to dramatize the problem if you don’t want the problem to get wider. It’s best not to choose colleagues if you want to confide in your boss.

Make Performance Improvements

The boss will always remember if his subordinates make the slightest mistake because everything is in his memory. So don’t underestimate your boss’s anger if your performance isn’t satisfactory. Fix bad boss records right away, if you still want your career to brighten up.

Starting from discipline to work to work on assignments according to directions and deadlines. The point is to increase your performance and also your productivity at work. This can reduce your bad record in the boss’s eyes a little.

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Be More Sports

how to separate emotions from work

Emotions when being scolded by the boss are normal, everyone must have experienced it. And even though it’s not easy to suppress emotions after being scolded by the boss after what was said.

Even so, try to be sporty and not be childish to the point of breaking down talking in front of the boss. Stay on top of your job performance and keep in good communication.

In other words, keep your work professional. Don’t make it look like it looks like a face.

Shift Emotions

Sometimes it is not easy to suppress emotions after being scolded by your boss, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Try shifting emotions to other things that are more fun and for a moment can release the burden and restore a chaotic mood.

Try taking your coworkers to your favorite restaurant during lunchtime while getting fresh air so you don’t feel too depressed. Order your favorite food or drink, enjoy every moment, and don’t talk about work problems. Let the mind relax for a moment.

There are certain foods or drinks that can be effective ways to reduce feelings of stress and stress after being angry with your boss. For example, dark chocolate, yogurt, coffee, or other foods that have a sweet taste.

Forget it Immediately

Sometimes it’s important to forget your hurt so that you don’t become a vengeful person. Likewise, when you get angry with your boss, don’t take it so deep that you feel hurt. Come on, it’s just a work problem, not a personal one.

So don’t take it too deeply. Learn to forget about problems and start improving your performance, if, in fact, you are at fault.

But if the problem is with the boss who is really grumpy and abusive, then try to be calm and not confrontational. Keep showing a professional attitude as an employee.

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How to Dampen Emotions After Being Scolded by The Boss are not easy, for this reason being an employee or a worker, there are many challenges and obstacles that must be faced to survive in the career world. This includes being able and able to reduce emotions after being scolded by the boss.

Because behind the boss’s anger, there must be a message to convey, of course, so that you are better. To manage your emotions so that you can be more sensitive in understanding the implied message. Hope it is useful!

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