How to Download Youtube Videos on Mobile Phones

How to Download Youtube Videos– The popularity of Youtube video streaming services is even more popular than TV. Hmm, maybe because the service is equally free.

Do you want to download videos from Youtube?

Officially, you can’t download videos from Youtube. But don’t worry, because it can be overcome by downloading the following Youtube videos.

How to Download Youtube Videos via Mobile Phones

The reason why it’s easy to download Youtube videos on Android is that I use the best video download application. Enough with a few simple steps such as browsing or copy-pasting, you can immediately download various Youtube videos. Easy and fast isn’t it?

Still not clear and don’t know how to download it? Don’t worry, so you don’t confuse, here I explain the steps. Come to see the steps in detail how to download Youtube videos on android using the best downloader application!

Steps for Downloading Youtube Videos via Smartphone

Step – 1

Download and first install the Android application called ‘VidMate – HD video downloader’, you can download the application in Play store.

Step – 2

Open the application that you just installed. Then press the ‘Youtube’ icon. After that, you can continue to Youtube as usual. See the picture below to make it clearer.


Steps – 3

If you have found the video that you like and want to download, open it immediately and click the ‘Download’ icon. Continue to select the quality and video format, then download it. Finished.


Note: The steps above require you to watch Youtube videos from the Vidmate application. For those of you who want to keep watching through the official application, here are the alternative steps

An Alternative – Steps to Download Youtube Videos Through Mobile Phones

Step – 1

Still the same as before, you must first download and install the Android application called ‘VidMate – HD video downloader’.

Step – 2

Open the official Youtube app as usual, then start watching Youtube videos. When you find a video that you like, click the ‘Share’ button then continue by clicking the ‘Copy Link’ button.


Steps – 3

Open the Vidmate application that you installed earlier. Do ‘Paste’ in the box that has been provided, then start downloading by clicking the ‘Download’ icon. It’s finished.

Now that’s how to download youtube videos via mobile phones that you can apply to save them on your mobile gallery

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