How to Generate Money Online

Top 9 Ways To Generate Money Online At Your Home

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How to Generate Money Online?, These The Best Ways

Earning money online is not only about starting online shops or selling products in online marketplaces. There are many other ways that you can try. Below are the ideas of how to generate money online.

9 Proven Ways to Generate Money Online Fast

Proven Ways to Generate Money Online Fast

Online Survey

Have you ever filled out a survey form? Filling out an online survey is a little bit different from the one you have done. It is because you will be able to earn money by joining an online survey. It is easy to do it. You just need to fill out the survey forms that you want to fill. After that, you will get points as a reward because you have filled out the online survey. You can exchange the points you collect for money. If you are interested in participating in an online survey, you can register yourself to several online survey sites that will give you payment, such as Opinion World, Global Test Market, Survey On, Clixsense, and many more.

Social Media Evaluator

Similar to online surveys, but being a social media evaluator will give you a few different experiences. By becoming a social media evaluator, you will be required to answer several questions that are related to advertisements appearing in social media. In order to answer those questions, you will be asked to spare your time around 4 hours a day. Because as a social media evaluator, you will be sent 20 advertisements every day. There will be questions in every advertisement that you have to answer and finish within a day. If you finish the questions, you will earn around $5.


how to make money online for beginners

Who does not know this famous and popular platform? It can be said that Youtube has become vital in almost everyone’s life. The statistics show that Youtube users are more than 1,3 billion people, 300 hours of total video is uploaded every minute, and 5 billion videos are watched every day. A lot of common people earn money and become rich thanks to Youtube. Their incomes are even more than businessmen who own big companies. And how do you earn money from Youtube? Of course, from Google Adsense and sponsorship. If your Youtube channel has a lot of subscribers and your Youtube videos have a lot of viewers, you can get a lot of money by becoming a Youtuber.

Selling Photos and Videos

If you are an expert in photography or videography and able to produce high-quality photos and videos, you can sell your masterpieces online. Because there are those that are willing to pay for photos or videos posted on the internet. If you are interested in posting photos or videos to sell, there are some photo and video provider websites that you can use. For example,,,,,, and many more. The money you get is calculated from the commission percentage determined by the provider platform based on each photo or video downloaded. The commission in every platform is varied, usually ranges from 15% to 70%.


One of the most effective ways of how to generate money online is from Instagram. It can be said that earning money from Instagram is quicker and easier than Youtube. You can get money through this social media from endorsement and sponsorship. You can earn money only from sponsorship because there is no Google Adsense for Instagram. Same as Youtube, you need a lot of followers and likes in order to get sponsorships. Through Instagram, you can be a social media influencer or selling your products.

Selling Designs

Have you ever heard about the success story of Albert Leonardo who earns billions of money within months by selling t-shirt designs? Albert Leonardo was a math teacher who has design ideas by taking The Pi Day theme. Unexpectedly, the designs he sells online are so popular in overseas markets. You are able to get the same chance, especially if you have skills in graphic designs. You will be able to earn money by selling the graphic designs you make. For example, you can sell your graphic designs on covers Europe and the US regions.


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Being a blogger is suitable for you who prefer to work at home. Blogging does not require a lot of money, you just need to purchase domain and server. In order to get money from blogging, you need to have many followers and also traffic in your blog. In addition, you also have to regularly create content. The content you make should be useful and informative, then people will come to your blog every time you post new content. Blogging is also one of the ways to get a passive income. You can earn money by blogging from endorsements, advertisements, affiliate marketing, and so on. If you love writing, this one is suitable for you. It will be better if you understand SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Social Media Manager

The next way of how to generate money online is by becoming a social media manager. You can do this at any time and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. There are even many people from India who manage companies in Europe and the US. It is quite easy to be a social media manager because almost every person has social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are also certain social media, such as LinkedIn that is specifically for anything related to business. In order to be a social media manager, you should know how to make a tidy and pretty social media layout. You should also know how to make the social media you manage to be informative and unique.


You can also earn money online by selling an e-book. Usually, the e-books sold on the internet are in the PDF form so that it looks more professional. If you love writing, you can sell your books on the internet. But if this is your first time, you can start by creating a simple blog. There is a lot of software that you can use to create an ebook, such as Google Docs.

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