How To Get a Long Pinterest Profile Name

How To Get a Long Pinterest Profile Name

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How To Get a Long Pinterest Profile Name – Do you find yourself long, keyword-rich profile name from Pinterest?

Can not you figure out why you’re limited to 30 small characters?

How To Get a Long Pinterest Profile Name

I’m sorry Mr.

I felt very disappointed when I created a new Pinterest account for my business and I realized that I could not add more of the embarrassing “dnata | Pinterest” with a limit of 30 new characters, not very interesting, right?

It really makes my head. Of course, many accounts have been established for a long time and have maintained their long profile names since before the limit was added, but surely there are other people like me who need to find a way to avoid it.

The good news: I found a way to get up to 65 characters!  And the funny thing is that it’s very simple! The following is his 3-step process for a long profile name rich in keywords:

How To Get a Long Pinterest Profile Name

Step 1

Download the Pinterest app. in PlayStore or AppStore.

Step 2

Log in to your account, and go to change Pinterest business profile name in a setting.

And then you can get 65 characters Pinterest profile name.

That’s a simple trick Pinterest hacks.


Do you have a problem?

Don’t worry, if you like, you can see my recommendation video tutorial Get a Long Pinterest Profile Name.

It is a video:



As a beginner, you’ll definitely be wondering how to get traffic, how my blog is quiet, even though I’ve been in a forum tutorial. I also do things like this to do myself first.

create a blog It saturates the display of statistics that do not go up.

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