How to Get Bitcoin for Free and Fast

How to Get Bitcoin for Free and Fast in 2021

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How to Get Bitcoin for Free and Fast is often a question for beginners who are just trying to get into the business. Many want to know how to get this digital money quickly. Bitcoin itself is electronic money that can be used to make future investments. With this digital money, you can send money to other parties only through internet network access. Wow, how interesting! So, are you getting more and more curious about How to Make Money with Bitcoin ? Check out the following information!

How To Earn Bitcoin for Beginners

how to mine bitcoin

It turns out that getting bitcoin can be done for free without fees. Do not believe? If you still don’t believe it, consider the following ways to get Bitcoin for free without being charged a penny.

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The bitcoin affiliate program can be an easy way to get that digital money. This affiliate program is generally known as another term, namely the referral marketing program. Affiliate is one of the programs that are starting to be widely used by several crypto asset providers and can be found easily through internet access. So, if you are really interested in this program, then you need to look for a bitcoin provider on one of the sites available.

Overall the methods contained in this affiliate program are promotional methods. This promotion method will run if one user wants to provide a referral link to another user. For beginners, getting bitcoin with this one step is not as difficult as imagined.

Mining Bitcoin

In addition to the promotion of the referral link, it seems that bitcoin mining can also be an easy way to get bitcoin for free. Mining bitcoin or mining bitcoin may seem unique at first glance. This can be done by miners who want to get free bitcoins by breaking or owning new bitcoin blocks.


Bitcoin airdrops can also be a great way to get free bitcoins. This method usually aims to take advantage of the network effect to distribute bitcoin. So if you follow this system, then you will get a kind of task to earn bitcoins. This task is a recommendation for internet users to follow several company accounts. After following this, then participate in publishing the events that are being promoted.

If you can do it right then you will have a chance to get bitcoins for free. As a participant in airdrops, it generally does not cost you any capital to do this method. Even Airdrops are believed to be quite an effective way for beginners. The steps are easy and don’t require many complicated methods, anyone can try to follow an account and share activities in cyberspace easily.

Trading competition

Several exchanges or crypto-asset exchanges sometimes hold bitcoin trading competitions. Usually, the prizes from this trading competition are arguably attractive. Including in the form of new bitcoins for the winners of the competition. Generally, a trading competition is held by a certain exchange platform. Later in this competition, you will be assessed how many digital assets you are trading with a certain time limit.

Playing games

One of the interesting ways to get bitcoins for free is by playing games. If you browse in more detail on the internet you will find several websites offering the game. Then the game offered is accompanied by a prize or reward in the form of bitcoin for the winner. So if you want to get those free bitcoin prizes, then you have to be good at playing the game and winning it.


Getting free bitcoins can also be done with the microtask method. This method has begun to be found on several sites that can be accessed via the internet either via a PC or smartphone. Generally, some of these sites will encourage users to complete several tasks. These kinds of tasks can be simple and uncomplicated.

After completing the task, you can get a reward in the form of bitcoin that was promised. For most beginners, this method becomes a fun activity. Especially if you have a lot of free time to carry out the tasks ordered on the site. The more tasks you do, of course, the more bitcoins you can get.


Free Bitcoin can also be obtained through donations. The donation activity means that someone accepts something from someone else. Likewise, the donation system for bitcoin can be found easily on the internet. Generally, there are several sites that carry out bitcoin donation activities.

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How to Buy Bitcoin

how to get a bitcoin wallet

Access the application

Today bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular because of its various advantages. Moreover, bitcoin can be used as a digital transaction tool that is liked by many people. Therefore, it is not surprising that now there are more and more bitcoin seller applications circulating in cyberspace. Through this application, users can later make bitcoin purchases. Plus, users can also trade and receive rewards in the form of free bitcoin.

Trading fee

Getting bitcoin can also be done through trading fee activities. The trading fee system itself emphasizes that there is capital that must be given to be able to trade bitcoin. So in trading later the traders will be charged a fee. The amount of the fee varies and depends on the position taken. Therefore, choosing a bitcoin trading site requires a variety of considerations. This includes security factors in transactions, security in terms of transaction volume, as well as ease of transactions and services to support the transaction process carried out.

One of the important things that need attention for beginners is the trading fees that are charged. We recommend that you compare the trading costs of each site carefully. So that later there is no need to pay a large number of trading costs in making transactions.

Withdrawal fee

Withdrawal fees for bitcoin purchases are common in the bitcoin buying and selling process. There are many sites that enforce this rule for those who want to make bitcoin transactions and make a number of deposits or withdrawals. Usually, there are the minimum and maximum limits set. This is one of the important points that must be considered before deciding to make a transaction. The goal is to get the most optimal limits and the least cost.

Therefore, you should first find out the fee information set by a site. Don’t just make a deposit carelessly, but pay attention to how much it costs. What is the minimum and maximum allowed bitcoin deposit? Then what is the minimum and maximum withdrawal that can be made? Including the fees charged for each transaction process. Thus, you can get more optimal bitcoins. Compared to not finding out in advance the fees charged by each site that conducts trading activities.

How to Get Bitcoin for Free and Fast With Instant buy

Buying bitcoin can actually be done in a fairly easy way. One effective way that feels fast is by buying bitcoins instantly. This starts with getting into the exchange first. Then you can select the crypto asset you want to buy. Of course, the selected crypto asset will be in the form of bitcoin. Then determine the number of bitcoins to be purchased and after you have successfully made the purchase, you can store it in a digital wallet or bitcoin wallet.

We recommend choosing a secure platform to store your bitcoins.
With a fairly easy and instant process, it’s no wonder that this one method is in high demand. Besides being easy, it is also quite fast and doesn’t feel difficult for beginners.

Exchange platform

How to Earn Bitcoins & Make Money with Bitcoins can also be done through an exchange platform. Basically, this exchange platform is a platform that provides buying and selling services for digital assets including bitcoin. So you can buy bitcoin according to the prevailing market price. We recommend that you make purchases on a trusted exchange.

Of course, each exchange platform has advantages and disadvantages. Some exchange platforms offer easy and fast bitcoin trading features. However, there are platforms that are a little more complicated in the process. In addition, there are generally trading fees or withdrawal fees. We recommend that you see the amount of the fee correctly and choose the most suitable one. So that in the end transacting via the exchange platform becomes a convenient and easy option for getting bitcoin.

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How to Get Bitcoin for Free and Fast, apparently there are various kinds of options. It is better if you choose quite selectively so that later you feel comfortable in the process of obtaining bitcoin itself. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each system and ways. Then don’t forget to have internet network access that is strong enough, including support from hardware and software devices to help the process of obtaining digital money smoothly. Thus, you can collect bitcoins quickly and practically. Which in the end, bitcoin can be useful as an attractive investment step that will provide thousands of benefits in the future.

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