How to Get Free Bitcoin Fast

How to Get Free Bitcoin Fast – Legit way in 2021

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Bitcoin (BTC) or cryptocurrency has become a widely searched word on the internet. Some are looking for its meaning, origins, and How to Get Free Bitcoin Fast.

This is a complete tutorial (guide) on how to earn Bitcoin. Some are free some are not.

What is the fastest way to get Bitcoin?

The fastest way to get Bitcoin is to buy

How to Get Bitcoins: 8 Tried-and-True Methods

how to get free bitcoins instantly


Airdrops are a way how companies to give away cryptocurrency for FREE.

This is also marketing where the company can attract the attention of potential buyers and investors.

Do companies really give us money for no reason?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes because they give us crypto money for free. Once again I will remind you that what you receive is CRYPTO MONEY or cryptocurrency.

This cryptocurrency can be exchanged for fiat money if its crypto money has been traded on an exchange.

No, because they usually do airdrops for marketing and people can get to know the coin better.

Usually, you have to follow their Twitter and re-tweet their tweet, join their telegram group and share their Facebook.

In essence, the company doing the airdrop will give away their coins for free. You can earn Bitcoin by selling the coin to an exchange.

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Mining or mining is an easier way than airdrops to get Bitcoin for free. However, I must warn you that Bitcoin mining is no longer profitable at this point due to increasingly expensive electricity prices and declining BTC prices.

Mining Method:

  • Cloud Mining
  • Solo mining / own mining

Cloud mining

Cloud mining is a cryptocurrency mining system such as Bitcoin and Ethereum without any mining rigs or related equipment.

In other words, you do not need to buy sophisticated computer equipment.

There are several outside companies that hold Cloud Mining business, for example, Genesis, Hashnet, Hasflare, Hashing24, etc.

Solo mining

Bitcoin mining/bitcoin mining is a process where all transactions are entered into an open public ledger/Bitcoin ledger, meaning that everyone can record the transaction.

In the world of Cryptocurrency, the ledger is also called Blockchain. Mining can also be said as a means to create new Bitcoins.

More specifically, the process involves solving very difficult math puzzles, the puzzles come from which transactions are collected which will become blocks.

Mining yourself is very expensive, 1 computer will make $ 10 per day.

It is also uncertain, depending on the price of BTC, difficulty in solving math problems in BTC.

Because to solve this problem, your computer can only guess numbers and letters.

How to choose computer tools for mine?

The computer device you choose must have the following properties:

  • Reduce electricity costs when mining
  • Maximize mining revenue relative to electricity costs (use less electricity, increase BTC/ETH income)

Run a Campaign on Bitcointalk

Every cryptocurrency player must have an account on the site. Bitcointalk is the largest forum for the cryptocurrency field.

Additionally, some airdrops require players to post proof of task completion here.

The way to get Bitcoin for free with this method is: you only need to write articles about original crypto.

Usually, full member or full membership to get more results.

If you are a signature member, this is an easy way to get Bitcoin because you only need to help and write on the Bitcointalk forum.

Bitcoin Affiliate

This is one way of getting Bitcoin that many people ignore.

Affiliate is a link where the person promotes the item in exchange for a commission when they use or buy services/goods using the link provided.

There are many affiliate links about Bitcoin. Like Binance, Huobi, and other leading exchanges.

Sell ​​Products

If you’re not good at writing, there may be a service for you. Namely, selling goods.

The Bitcointalk forum offers a variety of services that you can provide in exchange for Bitcoin.

You can sell your products on this website because almost everyone who visits the forum, already understands crypto. So, you don’t need to bother explaining your product.

Writing about crypto / Creating a Blog

How to get Bitcoin with this method is my favorite. Because the blog earns Bitcoin this way.

If you have been in the crypto world for quite a while, understand cryptocurrencies, and have writing skills. You could consider becoming a journalist in the cryptocurrency field.

If you don’t want to work for someone else, then you can build a web around crypto. Not expensive to build a web, but you need the first capital and high persistence.

Not only do you need to write content regularly, but you also have to make sure your articles are reliable, informative, and original.


Trading is the way to get the most Bitcoin. We all know what stock trading is.

Make no mistake, not only stocks but cryptocurrencies can also be traded.

Many people have become rich because of Bitcoin trading.

However, trading is very difficult and not recommended for beginners. You must learn and have a mentor for this method.

This is the second way of getting Bitcoin that I like from this list because I really like trading Bitcoins.

Not only Bitcoin, I often do other coins like Ethereum, Tron, Doge.

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ICO, i.e. Initial Coin Offering or Initial Coin Offering, is an attempt by a startup company that wants to raise funds to develop and maximize a planned project by offering investors a token or their coin which is valued by cryptocurrency.


It is not difficult to get free Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. You just have to stick to what you’re already doing. The best way, in my opinion, how to get Bitcoin is to create a blog or write for cryptocurrency fees.

The second best way is to sell the product. Many companies have entered the cryptocurrency world. Big companies like Microsoft accept cryptocurrency payments on their websites.

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