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How to Get Instagram Followers Automatically or Manually Proven

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How to Get Instagram Followers – Have you ever imagined that you would have an abundance of Instagram followers?

If so, then your life is full of dreams – dreams that are difficult to realize …

But calm, after you read my article this time, then later you will get an idea of how to realize your dream to have an abundance of Instagram followers.

Broadly speaking, in this post, I will give you a method that can be used to increase the number of Instagram followers, whether manually or automatically, as well as the benefits that you will get because you have a large number of followers.

We certainly have seen Instagram accounts that very hit, with thousands of followers. In that account, try to pay attention to what makes it possible to get a lot of followers.

Each account with many followers will usually have its own uniqueness or advantages, which makes the account different from other accounts.

These advantages can be like the owner of a beautiful/handsome account, the account is interesting, provides information needed by other Instagram users, and so forth.

How to Get Instagram Followers

Well, before you decide to make your Instagram account have a lot of followers, I hope you can fulfill or be able to show your own Instagram account, in order to target long-term followers.


  • Become famous
  • If you have an online store, then the number of followers that will be a lot of impressions to look professional
  • Can make your Instagram account as a money generating field through ads or endorse

From the benefits we will get if you have a large number of followers, of course, this makes many Instagram account owners compete to make their account as attractive as possible.

Until here I think you already understand and have a concept of what benefits you will later present to your followers.


Okay now enter the section on how to add followers. In this case, I will give you 2 options, or 2 options on how to add Instagram followers.

Here’s how:

NOTE: But beforehand please make sure beforehand that you have verified your Instagram account, the use is to minimize certain undesirable conditions on your account later.


  • Using a bot
  • Using the Application
  • Join Site – Followers Adding Sites

Using a bot

The first is to use a bot, which in this way, you are required to have an automatic followers addition bot that will work to increase your followers by itself.

How do I get the bot?

These bots are actually on many sites, so you can just search on google search ‘Instagram followers’ bots’, then you will see lots of bot options from sites that provide them in search results.

Note: for those who have no experience on this bot, I hope you have to be careful, because most likely by using this bot will relax security than your own Instagram account.

Using the Application

The application is an automatic option that will increase your followers quickly because by using just one application, you can add hundreds of followers. Now imagine if you choose to use many applications …

Of course, the growth of your followers will be faster.

Noteworthy when using rather than this application is, which is a good idea to be able to ensure that the state of your Instagram account is safe, or it can be easily recovered because it is related to Facebook, or your active email.

So if there is a problem with your Instagram account, then from Instagram, you will immediately send an email about changing your password, just follow the path to change your Instagram password.

And because your Instagram account is safe, or can be easily recovered, then to try many types of follower enhancers is not a problem.

But in this post, I will only list applications that are safe to try.

I myself used to use the application as an addition to my Instagram account followers. And the following are proven applications that can add followers based on my personal experience:

  • 4 Liker
  • Royal Followers
  • Famedgram

FIRST is the 4 Liker application, you can download it first (search on google). Actually, this application focuses on Facebook social media, but there are also sites that provide features for Instagram applications.

For how to use it is as follows:

get instagram followers fast free

Open the 4liker application, then the page will appear as in the picture above> select the 3 line icon that contains a red sign.

get instagram followers app

Then select Insta Tools> after the next page opens, then the next step is to log in with your Instagram account in the column provided.

how to get followers on instagram fast

After logging in, you will see the picture as above. At this stage, you are required to confirm that those who want to enter your Instagram account through the 4liker application are correct, as the owner of the account.

The trick is to open the Instagram application, then choose this is me.

When you have finished confirming on your Instagram account, the next step is to open the 4liker application again, then repeat the step from the beginning, which is to select the 3 line option in the top corner> then select Insta Tools> Login again with your Instagram account username and password in the available column.

how to get 1k followers on instagram in 5 minutes

After successfully logging in for the second time, the page like the picture above will be visible.

Because here I focus on giving a way to add followers, then the option I chose is INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS.

But if you want to try other options it doesn’t matter, because this application can really help you like posts, and comments.

how to get followers on instagram without following

After logging in to Instagram Followers, then at this final stage you are required to verify that you are not a robot, just verify it correctly, then after successfully checking as shown, please continue to scroll down, and select the Sumbit> finish option.

free instagram followers instantly

If you want to use this application again, then at least you have to wait 15 minutes to pause so you can use it again.

SECOND is the Royal Followers application.

For this application, please download first …

After that, install, then run the application.

Once open, then you will initially be required to log in using your Instagram account username and password, just enter the username and password that matches your account> then the page will appear as shown below.

In this application, the point is to get coins, where to get the coins, you are required to like other account posts to get 1 coin, and first, follow another Instagram account to get 4 coins.

Later the coins, you can exchange with the number of followers according to the number of coins you want to exchange. It can be seen from the picture above, the provisions about coins needed, and the number of followers you will get.

In addition to adding followers, this application is also effective for adding likes to posts and increasing the number of views post videos on your Instagram account, of course, it takes coins to exchange likes and views.

THIRD is a Famedgram, actually, this application is almost similar to Royal Followers, or I can say it is very similar, starting from the way it operates, to the coin exchange system with its followers.

So for this third application, I don’t need to explain how to use it anymore, because you can already use the Royal Followers application above.

Join Site – Followers Adding Sites

There are a lot of followers’ sites that are scattered on Google there …

You can try it one by one if you want, hehe, or you can just follow the sites that I recommend the following.

The sites that I recommend themselves are not many, only 4, but in terms of equality, these four sites have already been proven, according to my personal experience.

These 4 sites are:

The way of operating than sites number 1, 2, and 3 is actually the same as the outline. So, in this case, I will only explain from one site to not be too complicated, even though it covers the same core.

FIRST, SECOND, AND THIRD, I have shown how to use it from the Ig Hoot site.

Open the Ig Hoot site> select login with Instagram> enter your Instagram username and password in the reserved column.

Then log in

Select the use auto Follower option to add followers.

Finally select get followers> finished.

Of the three followers sites, on average have different time lags, like there are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 1 hour.

FOURTH is an addmenow site, just go ahead and open the site.

After opening the site, the next step is to scroll down and find the Get Free Followers column, as shown by the red sign.

Enter a username that matches your Instagram account, then for the password column, you can protect it (whatever). > then my verification is not a robot> finished.

For use than this site, you can use it again after 3-4 minutes. And the way to use it is still the same from the beginning earlier.


For those of you who want to play safe, the manual method is one way you can try, without fear of problems with your Instagram account.

Despite a little risk, it takes super extra patience to implement this manual strategy.

Okay, there’s no need to go any longer, I’ll just give you the manual method …

  • Create your own advantages in your account
  • Follow Then Unfollow a Popular Account
  • Follow Those Who Use the Same Way as Option Number 2

Create your own advantages in your account

The special advantage, in this case, is that you can make your Instagram account as attractive as possible, and make anyone who sees your account have the intention to start following you.

These advantages can be from beauty, advantages in any aspect, which are not necessarily owned by others, funny accounts, accounts that provide information about the state of a particular area, and so forth.

If you have made your account have its own advantages, then to get followers continuously is not impossible.

Follow Then Unfollow a Popular Account

This method is rather strange, but it turns out that using this method has also proven to increase the number of your followers.

Who are we following, how come our followers are increasing?

Confusing, hehe.

In the case of option 2, it is actually closely related to option 3 that is to follow those who use the way to follow popular accounts.

So later the followers who follow you through option number 2, are accounts that also do the same thing, according to option number 3.

The more confused?

The easy thing is that we follow a popular account, which will automatically be seen on the followers of the popular account, now from the appearance of our account as a follower that later followers seekers who utilize option 3 find your account and start following it.

The purpose of option 3 users to follow your account is not without reason, but they want you to do a follow back of their account.

How to use rather than option 2 is fairly easy, you just stay looking for popular accounts like artists who have thousands and even millions of followers, then just follow them wait until 1-2 minutes then unfollow them, then follow them again, wait 1-2 minutes again. Repeat the step by step continuously so that you can feel the difference.

Follow Those Who Use the Same Way as Option Number 2

If this is the opposite of the previous one.

For this option 3, after you follow a popular account, the next step is to create a part of the popular account followers, follow each popular account follower, according to your wishes, and finally look at the difference …

It’s easy if the option number 2 above, you are hoping to follow the dual, another with option number 3 that requires following first and hopes to be followed by the account.


Well as a compliment if your Instagram account followers will already have a lot of followers, so for the following I provide supporting tips that will last and be able to compete with other accounts that are already popular.

Here are the tips:

  • Update frequently
  • Take advantage of applications or sites – sites above to get a lot of likes in each post
  • Make sure you have an Unfollowers application

1. Frequent Updates

This is a mandatory thing, because with the frequent updates you post, the greater the possibility of other accounts to start following your Instagram account.

2. Take advantage of applications or sites – sites above to get a lot of likes in each post

Like, in this case, is used as a benchmark for how well-known the person is, so as not to be left behind by accounts that are already popular first, then it’s a good idea to use the likes of the sites and applications that I recommend above.

Initially it was difficult, because we used the likes feature of a tool, but as your account develops, or after your account it feels quite popular to have followers who continue to grow, like a lot without using tools anymore, so long ago – the use of tools you can release it, aka not use it again.

3. Make sure you have an Unfollowers application

After struggling for so long in a way – the way above, of course not only your followers are increasing, but the number of your following is also the same.

Now that’s why I recommend you to have Unfollowers tools or applications, whose function will automatically follow many accounts with just one click.

Once installed, just open the application> then enter your Instagram account username and password.

Next, you can choose, want to unfollow from the top (new following), or want to unfollow from the bottom (long following).

Note: this application only displays accounts – accounts that do not do follow back, so do not hesitate to unfollow using this application.

Now that’s a little discussion about how to add Instagram followers according to my personal experience, and if later you get trouble in the things I explained above, then don’t hesitate to ask in the comments column below…

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