How to Increase Online Sales Small Business

How to Increase Online Sales Small Business

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How to Increase Online Sales Small Business? Relax, we will provide tips to improve it.

That said, the online store business based on the marketplace has recently experienced a significant increase.

This happened due to changes in the spending patterns of the wider community as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

People now often trade via online or marketplaces to avoid making direct contact with traders.

This is especially true for the government, which emphasizes staying away from crowds and minimizing mobility.

However, you don’t really feel the increase in the online shop business.

In fact, your online store business tends to run in places and doesn’t experience a significant increase in terms of profit.

Is that so?

If so, then you must immediately fix-up.

Try, follow this article to the end because we will try to explain tips to increase the online store business.

How to Increase Online Sales Small Business below are collected from various sources and you can try to increase profits.

Come on, listen!

8 Ways to Increase Online Sales

how to increase sales ecommerce website

Maximize Social Media

Just opening an online shop is not enough.

You need to expand your market reach with other mediums, such as social media.

Try to create social media, such as Instagram to promote and sell your products.

Because there are lots of features on Instagram that you can use to increase sales.

For example:

  • To update the latest products;
  • Introducing merchandise;
  • To explain the advantages and advantages of the product to be sold.

If you already have an Instagram account, try to fix it and organize it well.

From selecting images to creating captions.

In essence, design content well so potential buyers sees your online store being taken seriously.

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Use the Website

Today an online shop business is aggressively using the website as a sales medium.

You can also try this method and apply it.

The website itself, in principle, is almost similar to an online store in the marketplace and social media …

Namely as a medium for promotion, sales, and providing other interesting information.

However, unlike social media, which can be used for free, websites are charged a fee to ‘rent’ hosting and domains.

Use Paid Ads

Tips for improving the next online store business are using paid advertising.

In each marketplace, an advertising feature is provided that you can use.

This feature allows a store to be on the first page of a search to attract many potential buyers.

It does need additional costs, but as an effort to introduce products and reach potential buyers, it feels like this is quite effective and worth it.

Improve Service

You may already understand this one tip.

But we will try to remind you again.

Improving services is actually quite simple.

The concrete example is like:

  • Every time someone asks, give a complete answer;
  • You must respond to customers who provide positive and negative reviews;
  • More responsive so that the online shop appears to be taken seriously;
  • Process orders in a fast time; and so forth.

You must apply the methods above.

Because with good service, it is not impossible for you to get regular customers in the future.

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Fix Content

Increase the online store business in the marketplace by improving the content of the products you want to market.

Maybe all this time you have used the content as is to distribute to the public.

For example, the use of simple sales photos and descriptions.

This may be what makes your shop unnoticed by potential buyers.

Use good photos, show the whole product that is about to sell, down to the details.

Then, write a thorough, but concise, clear product description.

Don’t let the description hang and confuse potential buyers on their own.

Give Discounts

The next step is to provide discounts.

This method is considered effective to attract many buyers.

Because discounted prices will indirectly make prospective buyers feel lucky.

Use Many Payment Methods

Prospective customers usually fail to buy because of delayed payment methods.

You need to realize, prospective buyers will not only use one bank.

Therefore, try multiple payment methods from various banks.

Not only through banks, but you can also provide payment facilities via mobile payment.


Finally, the name is also selling, you are required to be a high level of patience.

Maybe, for now, the online shop business that is managed has not generated maximum profits …

But who knows, in the future, the business that you are starting will start generating lots of benefits.

The point is to persevere, be patient, and try as much as possible.


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That’s How to Increase Online Sales Small Business. Hope it is useful.

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