How to Invest in Yourself in your 20s

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How to Invest in Yourself? Investment in the form of money or assets is mandatory for millennials. What is invested today can later be used to ensure the necessities of life in the future. The earlier the investment is started, the more can be collected and life in old age becomes more secure.

But in reality, investment is not only limited to money or assets. There is also self-investment that millennials need to collect from now on. For the type of investment, consider the following points.

8 Simple Ways to Invest in Yourself and Change Your Life


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The first is the knowledge that will be a provision for you to explore the world. It’s only natural that your parents often tell you to study and read a lot so that your knowledge of something increases. Not only lessons in school, but also about general knowledge.

Especially now that there are more and more places that can be used to increase knowledge. In addition to books, you can get information from television, the internet, and even social media.

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Have a lot of knowledge, but being sick is a lie because illness can hinder your daily productivity. It is important that you always maintain your health by eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly to keep your body fit.

If necessary, diligently consult about your health the doctor. If there are signs of illness, you can immediately treat it before the disease gets worse.


Investing in serenity is not something easy given the many problems in life. But, the capital needed here is only how you control yourself, especially fear so that your life becomes calmer. Because you are often afraid of things that may not happen in your life.

Focus on what is now and don’t think too much about tomorrow. Let tomorrow have its own troubles, so you can think about how to make today meaningful.

Positive thoughts

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It sounds trivial, but positive thoughts are what bring happiness in your life. Without positive thoughts, your life will be shrouded in fear, complaints, failures, and a loss of enthusiasm to do something. As a result, your life becomes stuck at the same point because you don’t believe in yourself.

In addition to happiness, positive thoughts can build your aura to be more positive. Allows you to do good things for the people around you, so that they also feel the fruits of positive thinking.

Good environment

The process of forming your personality cannot be separated from the influence of the environment in which you live. As much as possible put yourself in a good environment, which can shape you into a better person in the future. In a good environment you will also learn how to maximize happiness, so that sadness is far from your life.

Before joining an environment, first, learn about the culture and the people in it. If it fits, you can put yourself in there.


In addition to factors from oneself, success also cannot be separated from the influence of others. Yes, it’s your relationships that can sometimes make you a more successful person. Now think about how good is your relationship with the people around you?

Relationships are not only maintaining relationships with people you already know but also those you don’t know. For example, people you meet on the street, in cafes, restaurants, or banks. Because luck and opportunity often come from people you don’t know.

Soft skills

Honing hard skills alone does not seem enough in this modern era. It is also important to hone soft skills, such as public speaking skills, problem analysis, integrity, and others as capital to tread a greater career.

Soft skills can be honed in various ways, such as attending training, mentoring, tutoring, or certain communities that are in line with your skills. At least here you will be met with great people who always encourage you to explore soft skills to be even better.


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Experience is the best invisible teacher. From experience, you will learn many things that are not learned in school. Not only how to turn wrong into right, but experience also shapes you into a more mature person.

The more experience you have, the more able you are to deal with the uncertainties in life. So don’t ever get tired of trying new things because that’s where experience often comes from.

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Invest in Yourself

The more investments you have, the better your life will be tomorrow. So don’t stop collecting investments for your good, okay! Not only in the form of money or assets but also in the eight points of self-investment as described above.

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