How To Make A Logo for Your Blog Header

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How To Make A Logo for Your Blog Header? In the structure of a blog or website, the header logo is an important part that should not be missed. However, many people then face problems and forget about them because they are foreign to design matters.

What’s the solution? You can buy or hire a special designer to create a header logo. As long as you are prepared for the cost.

However, if you don’t think that solution is an option, then the last solution you can try is to use online design tools, which mostly offer ready-made templates. This means that you don’t have to design a header logo from scratch.

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This is what we will discuss in this beginner’s guide.

How To Make A Logo in 5 Minutes – for Free

how to make a logo in photoshop

  • First of all, open the laptop and then open the website page,
  • Then, type in a name or abbreviation or whatever you want to use as a header logo, then click Get Started.
  • Next will appear a row of design models, colors, and shapes to choose from. If there is nothing on this page that interests you, click on the next page. There are hundreds of design options available here.
  • Once selected, you have two further steps. Edit Logo if you want to make advanced changes, or Done if you want to download and use this logo right away.
  • If Edit Logo is selected, you will be taken to several other adjustments. Here, you can change the text size, add gradients, backgrounds, shadows, and more.
  • When it is adjusted, click the Done button on the top right.

Then finally, you can download the header image for your blog.

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Simple, and very easy. Good luck!.

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