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How To Make Money Blogging Up to $100.000 per Month

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How To Make Money Blogging – I remember one of my friends used to say something like this:

“These bloggers write complete information, can be accessed without pay, what is it for?”

Then my other friend replied “Maybe less work, mostly spare time”.

… Great yes blogger?

If you often search for information through Google, most of the answers must come from a blog-shaped website.

This means blogs are the best source of online knowledge.

But bloggers write information on the internet not because they are “less work” …

… not because again idle,

But because they can earn money from his blog.

A blogger whose blog is already successful can generate more than $ 100,000.

… Great blogger?

In this guide, I will tell you how to earn money from blogs and how to make your blog a business.

How To Make Money Blogging Up to $100.000 per Month

Part 1 – These are things you MUST know

a.k.a. The mindset of a successful blogger.

I want to tell you how to create a blog that can generate How To Make Money Blogging Up to $100.000 per month.

Not “just” millions or tens of millions.

The way is not the same, in the process and planning there are some things you should apply.

First, here’s what I need to tell you:

90% of what you read in forums and internet marketing blogs is nonsense.


I’m not exaggerating.

Even when I interview successful bloggers, they also do not do 90% of the silly things taught in forums and blogs. Read for yourself if you do not believe it.

Therefore, forget about 90% wasted time.

I will teach you to focus on the remaining 10%.

Let’s start How To Make Money Blogging…

… here are 7 facts you should know:

1. Blogging is not the easiest way to earn money


Blogging results are not instant, it takes patience.

Those who are successful in blogging are those who really love this world … not just because they are hooked with money.

Bloggers should be consistent.

You can not directly earn on the first day.

Even maybe after 6 months – 1 year of blogging consistently then you can start earning to support life.

In the span of many months, you should consistently write and develop blogs without paying a dime.

This means …

If you are currently in need of quick income, DO NOT create a blog to earn money. Free, a week later it would be boring.

But if you need a hobby or a side job that has the potential to be a source of income, please go.

2. Getting income = getting traffic

This is the most important point you should know.

By the way, the article you are reading has been edited many times.

When first published, many protested:

He said “It’s an article about getting money, why are discussed even ways of developing blogs. Not how to get the money? ”

Look …

Without traffic, it is impossible to earn an income.

Therefore, to be able to earn money, then your main focus is on traffic.

Whether later source of income from where up to you …

…the same.

Want to use AdSense ads, personal ads, do affiliate marketing, sell their own products, sell services/services, all the same.

The important thing is to have traffic first:

Therefore, discussed in this article are strategies to develop blogs and get traffic.

There is no source of income that can bring money if you are not able to bring visitors to the blog.

3. Do not think earnings before having 100 visitors per day

If you are busy thinking about money, then your focus will be split between developing blogs and earning money.

Our main focus, fixed, developing blog.

If you’ve managed to get 100 visitors per day, then start thinking about How To Make Money Blogging.

4. SEO is important, but do not waste your time with SEO

SEO techniques are important, but they are not really important for bloggers.

Here’s what I mean … SEO is a diverse science, from A-Z. There are sciences in SEO that you need to know, but most do not have to be dizzy.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Like what the principle works
  • Why a website can enter page 1
  • The terms
  • How to make our blog could be ranked 1
  • But remember:

The determinant of blog success is not SEO.

What determines the success of your blog is the quality of the content and the way you do marketing.

SEO is the science of support.

Bloggers are often dizzy with this SEO affair (but not important):

  • Speed of website
  • SEO Scores
  • Templates are SEO friendly
  • Mobile-friendly / responsive
  • Looking for backlinks from blog walking, social bookmarking, guestbooks, etc.

The blog is the simplest form of a website. Even if you do not do optimization number 1-4, your blog can still enter page 1.

The effect is almost zero.

While the number 5, such backlinks no effect at all. This is how to get the right backlink.

Okay, SEO is important …

… but most SEO for blogs is located on content creation and marketing. 2 things that matter most.

These 5 things are not important.

Do not believe?

Try selecting one of the biggest blogs you know. Then check its SEO score from any checking site, it’s up to you.

Most of the scores are below average.

I take the example of Quicksprout, the world’s largest blog that talks about SEO and online marketing:

The score is only 65.

5. Try to avoid using AdSense as a revenue source

AdSense is the most common source of blogger revenue.

Because it is easy …

… the live list, wait accepted, put the code in the blog. Automatic money.

Therefore AdSense is widely used by bloggers.

But there is a sad fact:

Revenue from advertising is MUCH smaller than the others.

The reason?

Average earnings per click for Indonesia in AdSense is only $ 0.04 with an average clickthrough rate (RTK or CTR) below 3%.

This means that if we have 10,000 visitors a day, only 300 people click on ads. 300 people multiplied by $ 0.04 means your income is only $ 12 a day.


And if you have so many visitors and other sources of income, your income per day can be more than a million.


If you sell digital products or promote affiliate products, suppose a $ 5 profit per sale (I make very low value).

Out of 10,000 people, who buy 0.5% or 50 people (this is also my humble). That means we can $ 250 per day.


More than 20x.

But there are exceptions:

For blogs that have many topics is usually the most effective advertising because it will be difficult to sell products/services with blogs stub more than 1.

6. So, avoid a lot of blog topics. Select ONE main topic

Beginner bloggers usually like to blog “lots of topics”.

This means that in a blog that the topic is diverse. Sometimes about technology, sometimes business, health, religion, sex, news, and others.

It’s nice to blog on a variety of topics.


… because we can write anything we want, whatever the topic is warm.

But there is a big drawback.

Developing such a blog, to become a big blog is VERY hard.

Need big cost, need a resource (writer) which many, need high marketing ability.

Here’s why:

  • It’s hard to get loyal readers who want to follow a lot of topics
  • Blog many topics are very rarely recommended to others
  • It’s hard to get high rankings in search engines
  • Must have a lot of content to be successful

7. Avoid publishing too much blog content if not able

How often should new blogs publish content?

1 article a day? 2 articles a day? or 10 articles a day?

… depending on your blog type.

But usually once a day it’s mostly, especially if you are just a writer alone. Keburu tired first before success.

In theory, it is blogging that publish many articles will be faster crowded.

… because more articles, more appear on search engines, more share, more visitors.

But the reality is not that easy.

For new bloggers, it is not easy to create a lot of quality content in a short time. If you publish a lot of content, the quality will decrease.

Part II – Create a blog that can How to Make Money Blogging Up to $100.000 

how do bloggers make money from blogging

As per the title of this article, we will create a blog worth hundreds of millions to billions of $ per month.

Not just $ 100-10,000

There is a big difference between both.

The blog is just like a business.

Not all businesses have the potential to generate more than hundreds of millions. Depending on the type of business, how to manage, and how to develop.

Here’s what you should do:

1. How To Make Money Blogging With Choose the right topic for you

No matter how hard your business, if the topic is wrong then your blog will never succeed.


That’s why the topic selection stage is the most important.

Your blog topic should be a combination of:

  • Something that is your expertise/interest
  • Something in demand and worth for many people
  • Why should interest be?

Look …

You will create content on the blog.

The content you create must be interesting or useful reading for others.

If not, why tiring read. Yes, right?

Imagine. If you are not an expert or not interested in the topic, what can create content that appeals to people interested in the topic?

That’s why the topic you choose should be of interest to you.

To test your interest/ability, try answering this question:

  • Are you able to read a 250-page book related to the topic?
  • Do you think you can write 100 articles about the topic? Try now think about 30 article titles in the topic
  • Do you feel more expert than a true layman?
  • Do you know the biggest problems and expectations of people related to the topic?
  • Can you create content that is equivalent to or better than most popular websites on the topic?

If you answered YES to those 5 topics, I’m 100% sure that your blog will definitely be a success.

2. Find a gathering place for those who are enthusiastic about the topic

This is the most important step in the blog creation process.

The process looks like this:

  • Find the right online community site
  • Build a reputation in the community
  • Introduce your blog there

These three steps are often missed. Usually, it’s because lazy, embarrassed, or just want to rely on Google to bring traffic.

If you are like that, it will be very long until the blog becomes successful.

Then how to find the community?

  • Search on Google with keyword: “forum [topic]”
  • Search on Facebook with keyword: “groups about [topic]”

3. How To Make Money Blogging With Find the biggest problem

There are 2 most commonly used content themes in blogging:

Both themes aim to solve reader problems.

So if you want to successfully lure visitors to your blog, then the content should be able to solve their problems.

This is based on my experience:

For a new blog, the fastest way to succeed is to provide content in the form of a solution to the biggest problems that exist within the topic.

Biggest problem.

Things are always the main problem for people who are new to the main topic of your blog.

For example:

If I make a blog about the world of work.

The biggest problem in the topic is one of “how to get a job”. Right?

So when the blog is new, use the problem as a content topic.

4. How To Make Money Blogging With Create the best content 


If you can not do this, do not expect to create a blog worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Just think:

If in a topic there is an article that the quality is pretty good. Then you create an article with a lower quality.

Could it be more successful than the first one?


That’s why every content you create should be the best of the others.

Still, remember I said that you should not have to publish content too often?

That’s the reason.

Better focus on making 1 piece of content with the best quality, rather than making 10 content mediocre. Because the mediocre content will not be so popular, no matter how many.

The high-quality content of the manufacturing process is longer.

5. How To Make Money Blogging With Promote your best content to get a visitor boom

Frequently asked questions from beginners are:

“I already have a lot of content on the blog, why not yet have many visitors? Why can not rank 1 on Google? ”

“What content has been promoted?”

Usually, the answer is not yet …

… naturally, it’s still quiet, where could anyone else suddenly magically meet your content if you did not tell them?

This is what distinguishes successful and failed bloggers.

Those who successfully actively promote the best content.

While those who failed just waiting for rankings on Google.

Any good content will never be popular unless promoted. Do not also expect to get a rating of 1 on Google if you’re not trying to promote the content.

6. Build reputation, credibility, and relationships 

Remember back when you used Google Search to search for information.

There are 2 types of websites:

First, the ‘usual’ website:

Either because the content is not good, the design is not interesting, or because the owner does not invite us to interact. After reading, we never remember this blog again.

Second, the ‘privileged’ website:

Different websites from other websites, nicer. When finished reading, it’s like to save/bookmark the page, like / follow his account, then subscribe to his blog.

The second type of website to be successful.

If you want to create a second type of blog, do this:

  • Actively contribute to the right community
  • Invite readers like / to follow your social account
  • Do list building
  • Talk to your readers

Here’s a 10% thing that most bloggers do not do (as I explained earlier).

Though the fourth is the key to the success of blogs.

Beginner bloggers usually prefer to spend time tweaking the look, plugins, speed, and some less important SEO affairs.

Important things like creating quality content and promotions are ignored.

Part III – Determine the blog’s revenue source

how to start a blog for free and make money

This is not really important for me to explain …

… you’ll find out for yourself.

But because I was “mugged” by all readers to explain some sources of income blog, then I describe here.

Before we go on, remember:

Whatever source of income-you use, it does not matter. What is important is the traffic/visitors because without visitors then there is no income.

So, my advice, do not bother here.

Here are 4 types of blog revenue sources How To Make Money Blogging potential to the lowest.

1. How To Make Money Blogging With Make the product

Products are the best choice for How To Make Money Blogging. This is because the 100% profit is yours, not shared with other parties.

There are 2 types of products you can make:

Digital and physical.

Digital products mean the products that are inside your computer without physical form.

Here are some examples of digital products:

  • Ebook
  • Video tutorial
  • eCourse, online courses
  • Webinars (Web seminars)
  • Membership paid
  • Photos and audio
  • Apps, templates, plugins
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Website (website buying)

Some examples such as ebook, video, course, very easy to manufacture process.

Almost the same as regular content creation, it’s just another form.

If you are interested in making digital products, follow this online business guide.

And here’s an example of a physical product:

  • Book
  • DVD
  • Courses / classes
  • Creative products
  • Product manufacturing
  • Merchandise

As a blogger, you should have a long-term plan to create a product …

… whether it’s physical or digital.

Because if you only rely on advertising, your blog earnings so small.

Blogs are an excellent place to promote products, especially if you already have loyal readers. They will faithfully buy the product from you.

Oh yes, the products sold must be in the same category as the blog.

2. How To Make Money Blogging With the Affiliate program 

Some people do not want to make their own products.

The reason for the hassle of making the process, take care of payment, and take care of its customer service.

Therefore, being an affiliate marketer can be a great alternative.

The process looks like this:

You choose an affiliate product to sell. Then you promote the product. When there are visitors who buy from you, then you will get a commission.

So we get a few percent of the price of the product.

There are 2 ways you can start promoting affiliate products. First, by joining the Affiliate Network. Secondly, by searching directly for individual affiliate programs that exist.

Here are some examples of popular affiliate networks:

  • Amazon – a physical product
  • Clickbank – a digital product
  • ShareASale – a variety of products and services
  • CJ – various products and services
  • Rakuten Linkshare – a variety of products and services
  • WarriorPlus, JVZoo – internet marketing products
  • Envato – a product for web developers and graphic design

3. How To Make Money Blogging With Services 

Can also sell services that match the main topic of your blog.

Suppose you have a blog about business management, then you can create business management training or business management consulting services.

Here are some examples of sales services that can be done through blogs:

  • Web developer
  • App developer
  • Graphic design
  • Social media manager
  • Speaker
  • Coach / tutor
  • Author

In general, the price of services is higher than the price of the product.

However, it does not mean that services are always better. The reason is that to sell services, the time we spend is higher than the product.

But this depends again on your own wishes.

4. How To Make Money Blogging With Ad publisher

The ads I mean here are not just AdSense and other ad networks, there are many other types of ads you can take advantage of.

Here are some types of ads:

  • Pay per Postpaid for every article you write
  • Text links, ads of links
  • Job vacancy
  • Sponsorship

Now, it’s your turn for How To Make Money Blogging…

Being a blogger is a noble job.

We provide valuable information to others … for free. We help many people to solve problems by providing solutions.

And while doing such positive things, we earn income.

But unfortunately, there are 2 things:

First, there is still a lot of misinformation around the blog.

So many bloggers who misunderstand and fail.

Second, many bloggers like to harm others.

… whether intentional or not.

For example by writing content that the information in it is not credible. Imagine if any health articles are written at random, this can be dangerous for others.

Therefore, create a blog the right way.

Create quality content, make sure it’s useful to others, then promote it ethically and now you know How To Make Money Blogging.

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