How to Make Money on Instagram in 2022 – $500/day

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Are you looking for extra or extra income? Here’s How to Make Money on Instagram that you can do.

Did you know that Instagram can also make money, here’s how to get money from Instagram easily, it just takes persistence.

Instagram is one of the social media that is currently widely used by young people even though it is only for fun sharing photos or finding information and also to sell.

But did you know that you can also use Instagram to increase your income in the following easy ways?

5 Best Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Become an Influencer

The way to get money from Instagram is to become an influencer or commonly known as an Instagram celebrity who has a large number of followers.

With strong personal branding and quality content, you can earn money from Instagram as an influencer.

If you want to earn money by becoming an influencer, then you have to build strong personal branding so that your followers can also follow the positive things you share on Instagram.

From here, the power of Instagram from the account that you build will be more potential to be developed. So how much salary do you get by being an Instagram influencer or celebrity?

It all depends on how many followers and endorsements you get, so what you must do is increase the number of your followers first.

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Instagram Account Management Services

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, there are currently a lot of personal accounts or companies that also want to start building their branding on social media, especially Instagram.

Sometimes some companies or online stores that do not yet have qualified human resources will need someone who can manage their Instagram account.

So your job is to create content every day and build interaction with followers in the form of answering comments or replying to DMs.

Feed Design Service

If you like graphic design or photography, then it is very suitable and has the potential to earn money from Instagram.

Because many people personally or companies need feed design services to make it look neat and professional to support their branding.

You can take advantage of your skills in graphic design using Photoshop and CorelDraw tools or mobile applications such as Canva.

Interested in trying?

Video Editor Service

Your skills in the world of videography are also very much needed for online stores that want to promote their products or services in the form of videos.

This is because the current trend of content is not only limited to photos but also content in the form of audio and video in order to give a better feeling to potential customers and followers of a particular account.

You can maximize your ability to make promotional videos, company profiles, and product videos for several SMEs, businesses, and personal branding.

Sell ​​Your Own Products

If you have your own product, it’s a shame if you don’t use your Instagram account to sell.

But of course, the important thing you have to do right now is to consistently create content that you want to publish every day.

Build closeness with followers and other people who have not followed your Instagram account and also provide education about your products.

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Those were some of the ways to get money from Instagram that you can try in your spare time or you can also make it your main job.

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