How to Make Money on the Internet: 10 Different Methods

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For those of you who need additional income, it seems you must know a number of ways to make money from the internet. The reason is, there are many ways that can be done, one of which is becoming an influencer.

Talking about how to make money from the internet, you can actually not only be an influencer, but you can also be a content creator, drop shipper, virtual assistant, and so on.

If you want to know what other ways to make money from the internet are, in this article, we will review everything in full especially for you. Listen together, come on!

10 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online

how to make money online for beginners

Without further ado, below are How to Make Money on the Internet, which have been summarized from various sources, including:

Open an online shop

The first way to make money from the internet is to open an online shop. You could say, this is one way that is quite easy to do because you just need to create an account on several social media and e-commerce that will be used.

The social media that are effective for selling online are Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

If you are interested in trying this method, you could say this is a profitable and promising business opportunity.

That’s because, online shops are now a place where people shop easily, anytime and anywhere. So, you don’t have to bother going to the store.

But you also need to pay attention to the product to be sold, whether you sell your own product, or take it from a supplier.

If you sell your own property, then the profit you can get is greater. Not only that, the circulation of money and its products has become easier.

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Become an influencer

In addition to opening an online shop, you can also try to make money by becoming an influencer. The reason is, how to make money from the internet on this one is very easy.

You only need to have a large number of followers, then open endorsements on social media accounts that will generate income.

But remember, to be an influencer you must have one ability or something unique and interesting to sell.

Become a Youtube Creator

Becoming a Youtube Creator is also one way to make money from the internet, which you can do.

You could say, this job is difficult and easy because you are required to create video content, which is packaged in an attractive way for the audience to see.

But not only interesting, but YouTube content must also be of quality content. That way, the content you provide not only entertains the audience but also informs them.


In fourth place is working as a freelancer. How to make money from the internet this one is very interesting to try.

Because, this freelance job does not require you to work from the office, with a predetermined working time.

If you work as a freelancer, you will be able to work anywhere and anytime. Because the most important thing is the work according to the specified deadline.

If you like playing social media, then you can try registering yourself to a website that collects freelancer portfolios, be it in the form of writing, graphic design, videos, and so on.

By working as a freelancer, you also get interesting benefits, in the form of the possibility of building relationships with many people from various professions.


The next way to make money is from the internet, namely Affiliate. For those of you who are still confused about Affiliate, this is actually a program that offers other people’s products or services.

If you become an Affiliate, and successfully sell one product or service, then you will get a commission.

What’s interesting about this way of making money is that the more you sell other people’s products or services, the more money you get.

However, you need to have a platform to sell, be it an official website, blog, e-commerce account, social media, or email bulletin.

The more social media you use to promote Affiliates, the bigger the market you can reach.

About shipping goods to consumers, you don’t need to worry. This is because the seller will ship the goods directly.

You as an affiliate only need to promote products, be it goods or services, and sell them to consumers of various scopes.

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Become a drop shipper

The right decision, when you choose to work as a drop shipper to earn extra income.

Because, drop shippers have a duty to sell other people’s goods, without having to spend capital.

Interestingly, a drop shipper only needs to promote the products being sold, until consumers are interested in buying them.

If the consumer is interested, then you as a drop shipper only need to contact the seller of the goods and ask him to send them to the consumer.

Regarding profit, drop shippers can get it by raising a little from the normal selling price.

Take paid surveys

Who would have thought, taking paid surveys is also one way to make money from the internet that you can do.

Simply by filling out paid surveys held by companies that need opinions, you will get points that can later be exchanged for certain prizes, be it shopping vouchers, cash, or credit.

How, very easy is not the way to make money from the internet on this one? Without having to spend a penny of capital, you can already get a lot of extra money.


Nowadays, blogging is not just an activity that is done on the basis of a hobby. But it is also a way to make money from the internet.

Blogging itself can be done by anyone, without having to have a writer’s background. Moreover, bloggers are also given the freedom to write from any topic, because basically there are no standard rules regarding any topic.

About the benefits, bloggers can get it from the large amount of content that is produced and read by readers.

Now to get a large number of readers, a blogger must create interesting and quality content, so that readers feel at home reading the writings that are made and can reach many visitors.

Become a virtual assistant

The ninth way to make money from the internet is to become a virtual assistant. In today’s digital era, working as a virtual assistant is profitable.

Especially if you are also good at making and managing multiple plans, then this method of making money is worth a try.

Regarding tasks, a virtual assistant not only takes care of bookkeeping, but also takes care of email, research, data entry, and so on.

If you are interested in this job, then you can try looking for vacancies on freelance sites, such as Upwork, Fiverr, and the like.

Opening website optimization services

The last way to make money on the internet is to open a website optimization service, also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As the name implies, this line of work has the goal of increasing the number of visitors. However, doing this job requires special skills and abilities.

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Those are some ways to make money from the internet, which you already know in full in the previous discussion.

How, of all these ways, does one of them suit your abilities and needs?

If there is, then you can try it right away by registering on freelance sites. If successful, then you can get additional income, which can be used to meet daily needs.

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