How to Make Money on YouTube as a Beginners 2022

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How to Make Money on YouTube as a Beginners? As is known, YouTube opens up opportunities for content creators to earn income from the videos they make.

But before reaping income from YouTube, there is something you must do first. Namely by activating YouTube Adsense first.

The digital era makes it easy for you to take advantage of technology to make a profit. Utilizing YouTube and being a YouTube content creator might be one thing you can do.

YouTube Adsense itself is part of Google Adsense which is one of the online advertising programs owned by Google Incorporation. This program offers website or blog owners to get advertisements.

If the owner of the website or blog has visitors from the number of clicks, then the owner will get some money from Google. The same goes for uploaded YouTube videos.

An easy and practical way to make many people vie to become content creators for Youtube. Then, how to get money from YouTube by activating YouTube Adsense?

To activate YouTube Adsense, you need to enter the YouTube channel that you have created, then go to the ‘Settings’ page to access ‘YouTube Studio’ in the ‘Icon Profile’.

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On this page, you can directly activate YouTube Adsense in the channel and ‘Monetization’ section. You will automatically be taken to the YouTube Partner Program page to register for YouTube Adsense.

In the next step, you must agree to various terms and agreements from YouTube. If you accept, you can choose ‘I accept’.

The next step is to connect the YouTube channel with YouTube Adsense. You need to fill in some conditions before then creating a YouTube Adsense account through your YouTube channel.

Next, at such an important stage, don’t forget to enter the address correctly because it is useful for sending a verification code when your YouTube Adsense balance is sufficient to be disbursed.

The next stage is to set monetization options, this you need to do for ad placements that will appear on your content. Keep in mind, that the placement of each ad has an effect on the income you get.

It’s quite easy, if you have done all the steps, then you have successfully registered for YouTube Adsense. The next step just needs to wait for the submission information.

While waiting for YouTube Adsense approval, focus on creating interesting content to get 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers in no time.

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That was how to get money from YouTube by activating YouTube Adsense. Interested in trying it?

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