How to Make Money Online With Google for Free

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Want to know How to Make Money Online With Google? Here we have summarized the easiest ways that you can try.

In this digital era, Google has developed into a giant multinational company that penetrates many sectors and reaches all over the world.

Google is not just a search engine, more than that it is a company that provides internet services and products.

The digital sector covered by Google includes search engine technology, software, web computing, to online advertising.

If you are interested, here are Google fields that you can try:

  • Google AdSense
  • Google Ads
  • Google My Business
  • Google PlayStore
  • Google Maps
  • Organic Google Traffic
  • YouTube

Want to know more? Check out the following explanation, come on!

How To Start Making Money Online With Google

Google AdSense

how to earn money from google without investment

Google AdSense is an online advertising service provided by Google to be installed on websites.

This method has long been recognized as the easiest way to monetize a website, be it in the form of a personal blog or even a portal.

Through this Google AdSense, later Google will display certain ads on the website that you register.

Later, through these ads, you will be paid based on the number of people who view and click on the ads displayed.

This method is very easy to do as long as you have an active website filled with interesting content.

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Google AdSense advantages:

  • Earn money instantly when the ad is clicked by a visitor
  • The ad shown is the ad with the highest price
  • Free to choose the display of ads you want to display
  • Responsive ad display adapts to various devices
  • Special statistics available to monitor ad performance

Disadvantages of Google AdSense:

  • Need high traffic to get big income
  • Revenue automatically stops when traffic and ads are lost
  • Google can penalize when an ad is accidentally clicked

Google Ads

Although both are about advertising, Google Ads services are different from Google AdSense.

Through Google Ads, you will not get money directly, because this service is an online advertising service.

This service is perfect for those of you who have a product or service but don’t have broad market coverage yet.

By advertising through Google Ads you will enlarge the scope of your business and bring in more customers.

Google Ads advantages:

  • Effective for business promotion
  • Using the PPC system means that you only need to pay based on the ads that are clicked
  • Easy ad management and full features available
  • Equipped with supporting information for advertising

Disadvantages of Google Ads:

  • Only for business owners
  • Requires capital for advertising costs

Google My Business

In this digital era, a business really needs a digital presence so that business products can be widely known.

This is evident from the behavior of people who now rely on the internet to find something.

Through Google My Business, you can create your own business profile to increase your business exposure and reputation.

Google My Business advantages:

  • Very easy to use
  • Help bring your business online
  • There are free features and complete insights for business support
  • Building a business reputation practically

Disadvantages of Google My Business:

  • Complete features may be difficult for ordinary people to understand
  • Business reputation can be bad When misrepresented
  • You must be responsive to respond to customer questions

Google Playstore

This way of making money from Google requires you to create an application.

Even though it seems heavy, currently making applications and including them on the Google Playstore is an easy opportunity to make money.

You can earn money through app sales, in-app purchases, in-app advertising, and subscriptions.

Google Playstore advantages:

  • There are many monetization schemes
  • Not as many competitors on other Google platforms

Disadvantages of Google Playstore:

  • Limited to app developers only
  • Making apps takes a long time
  • It takes time and promotional capital to attract users

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Google Maps

Google Maps can’t really be called a way to get money from Google, but you will be given an incentive.

This geo-location platform opens up opportunities for anyone to contribute to its development.

The contribution can be in the form of a review, rating, or adding a photo of the location.

Google Maps advantages:

  • Try out new features and get incentives from Google
  • It works like a game, you will get an incentive for each setpoint
  • There are many options to earn points
  • Points earned will not be forfeited

Disadvantages of Google Maps:

  • Incentives are not in the form of money
  • Incentives will stop when you don’t leave a review on Google Maps

Organic Google Traffic

google analytics

Organic Google traffic is one type of traffic that is known to be the biggest monetization gainer.

Even this type of traffic is said to be 6x more effective than using paid advertising.

Unfortunately, to get this type of traffic, you need search engine optimization (SEO) skills.

Advantages of Organic Google Traffic:

  • SEO optimization skills are high demand and paid handsomely
  • Many advantages
  • SEO-related monetization is broad and diverse,

Disadvantages of Organic Google Traffic:

  • Learning SEO takes quite a long time
  • Google’s algorithm is always changing


how to make money with google adsense on facebook

You must be familiar with YouTube, a popular platform that people of all ages are interested in.

How to earn money through YouTube is very easy, you only need to create interesting video-based content.

YouTube advantages:

  • Very wide monetization opportunities such as AdSense, affiliates, paid promote, brand ambassadors, and so on
  • Can increase relationships with fellow content creators
  • Have a wide exposure

Disadvantages of YouTube:

  • Requires skill and capital to produce quality videos
  • It takes a long time to get a lot of subscribers
  • Competition between content creators is getting higher


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