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14 Things To Sell to Make Extra Money Easier

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How to Make Money Selling Step by Step Guide

How to Make Money Selling Step by Step Guide

Well, making money often feels much harder than before. Many people rely on pawnshops or ads to get a bit of extra money when the situation is harder. The good news is that you do not need to hock your PC or anything to fill your ends meet. So, why don’t you start to turn on your computer and check on how to make money selling things easier.

14 Things to Sell to Make Extra Money Easily

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Making handmade stuff or goods

If you were handy with kinds of crafts and arts, then you can sell them to several sites such as Artfire, Etsy, Handmade and much more. It may not make you rich, but it can generate a handsome sideline income as well.

Old goods

If you do not use them, why don’t you make a little money? You can sell old old house stuff and even clothes that you do not use again as a great way to clean up your storage area and make a bit extra money at the same time.

Providing car ads space

If you ever seen vehicles wrapped by ads for the company, then the logical conclusion that people ride or drive it works for the company. But, it is actually not the case. The company will pay more than $400 to $900 per month or even higher for you to transform your car into the mobile billboard for their services and products which is the same way by covering your rent and maybe other things as well. So, you can consider it as well.

Your opinions

We all know that every person has their own opinions on something. Why don’t you get paid for yours? So, several websites and companies are willing to pay your ideas and inputs to make their products and services better and better. For example, you can write reviews about the places that you visit. There are many ways to do it if you never do it.

Share a room in your house

Renting a room in your home may not be a great idea. But, if you can find a reliable and solid tenant, then renting your room can be a good way to make extra money while helping others to get their feet. However, it’s all depending on your rental market surrounding your area, you can rent a room starting from $150 to $1000 per month or even higher. You can check some websites and you can rent your room just within days as well.

Selling your old books

If you have many old books that you do not read anymore. Others may want them. Used bookstores may pay you a credit around 50% of what the books you can sell, or at least around 35% from its value in cash as well. So, this is also another great way to clean up your homes at the same time. You can try to visit nearby local bookstores. Or selling them through social media platforms.

Throw out your gold jewelry

With the gold in high record price per troy ounce, then it is the right time to filter your jewelry box or drawer and removing some of the inherited or hideous jewelry that you may be clueless relatives or friends. You should know that Gold’s value can fluctuate, but you can make enough per ounce that you can sit on the treasure trove for the spare cash as well. This is one of the best ways on how to make money selling your gold jewelry.

Unique photos

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How can you transform your amateur hobby into a money-making part-time job? There are several sites that are always looking for new photos to be licensed. The best part of doing this is that posting your photos can transform it into the lasting revenue stream which pays your photos over and over that you thought that no one even wants them.

Recyclable items

So, you can think about cans, bags, bottles, newspapers and more – the list of things that can be recycled keeps growing every day. You can check local recycling sites or centers and start the collection bin for the things that they want to take. Recycling is not only good for the environment but also great for your wallet as well.

Creative Ideas

Your ideas are maybe worth of money. The journalists, writers, and people in any profession will be always looking for new and innovative ideas. Many of them were willing to pay a lot of money for your ideas and thoughts as well. For example, you can check on Leonardo League and other websites as well.

Your video gaming skill

So, you can believe or not, people really get paid to help online video game players navigate the puzzles, solving the problems, beating bosses and other things. Becoming a video game consultant is a great way for games to make money while helping beginners pass the level that they had so much trouble with. It pays a lot more actually.

Selling services

Whether you love pets, kids or even seniors – you can sell your time to take care and keeping them. This is also a great way to get socialized and take your spending money. You can check opportunities through several websites such as Petsitters, more.

Shopping sense

Sometimes, companies want to find out what the customer experience is in their shops or sites. At this point, you can try to be a mystery shopper. The mystery shopper will help you to get full-time income by working around three to four hours in a day only. This can be a great solution for stay-at-home mothers and people who want to get extra money without a commitment to full-time work.

Editing services

Maybe you are not a writer but you know good writing when you see it and know how to make it better as well. You can be a freelance editor. A freelance author is always looking for editorial input with a reasonable price tag. Over time, your clients will grow and make great money. This article shows you how to make money selling things or services.

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